Press and Publicity Photos from Hill Street Blues

Over the years a number of photos were taken of the cast to publicize up and coming episodes of Hill Street Blues. These were used by magazines and newspapers as free editorial. Most have long since been destroyed, but here are a few fans have rescued. The majority of those shown here are copyright the National Broadcasting Co. Inc. and are reproduced here as Editorial Use Relative to NBC-TV's Network Broadcast.
All copyright is acknowledged and viewers are instructed not to repost them without first obtaining permission from the owners.

Lieutenant Ray Calletano having a one to one moment with a Robot pressed into Police Service, from the episode Spotlight on Rico first aired early 1983.

One of a number of images from publicity shoot in 1983

Jesus Martinez (played by the late Trinidad Silva) pleads his case while his Defence Attorney (played by Richard Daugherty) looks on in disbelieve. He had been arrested for the hijacking of a police payroll in episode A Hill of Beans, broadcast in 1983

Office Renko having just rescued a fancy socialite (played by Helen Shaver) from a street thug, strikes up a relationship with her. This photo still, is from Officer of the Year in 1983.

Renko basks in the TV spotlight as he is interviewed by a TV reporter (plated by Susan Walden) about a cattle-rustling caper in episode Domestic Beef from 1983.

This press release was to advertise Michael Warren's role as a Social Worker in 'Just a Little More Love' another NBC-TV production, that was broadcast in September 1984.

Officer Hill tries to impress a new and attractive female Cop (played by Lynne Moody), at a Police Party in the tacky Club Como. This is from the episode A Hair of the Dog broadcast in late 1982

Officer Bobby Hill displays more than a professional interest in a young woman (played by Freddy Chapman) he meets in the course of his work. From Rites of Spring broadcast in 1981.

Bobby Hill in deep discussion with Vernon Lee (played by Kene Holiday) about his reasons for resigning as Vice-President of the BOC (Black Officers Coalition). From episode The Young, the Beautiful and the Degraded first broadcast early 1982.

Bobby on a Roll! supported by Washington and Renko at an off duty Stag Party at Club Como. From episode Stan the Man, late 1982.

Renko and Coffey taking a little too much pleasure in arresting a disagreeable Pimp (played by Mike Gomez), having found an illegal substance on him, after breaking up a fight. From Ratman and Bobbin broadcast early 1984

Lucy Bates now promoted to Sargent as a result of Sgt. Esterhaus death, finds herself doing Roll Call, on a day she would like to forget. From the sad episode Parting is Such Sweep Sorrow in which Furillo breaks the law by honouring Esterhaus' last wishes and scatting his ashes on the Hill.

Another publicity photo from the episode Parting is Such Sweep Sorrow, showing Sgt. Bates annoyed because pranksters had stolen her podium.

Officers Bates and Coffey pose for a cosy picture during the making of Jungle Madness in 1981

An Interesting photo taken to publicize NBC-TV's 'Police Woman Centerfold', in which Ed Marinaro plays an officer Nick Velano opposite Melody Anderson (who also played Dale Arden in the 1980 film Flash Gordon) who plays the role of officer Jennifer Oaks. This made-for-television film broadcast in 1984 was partially based on the true story of patrol-woman Barbara Schantz, who was fired from the force after posing nude in Playboy during the eighties.

Lieutenant Calletano some what disbelieving holds a basket of Fruit and Crackers given to him by the Police Department who are Honouring him as Hispanic Officer of the Year. From episode Office of the year broadcast late 1982.

Lieutenant Goldblume finds himself inexplicably drawn to an apparently vulnerable Call Girl (played by Kay Lenz), while she is being questioned about the slaying of a client. From episode The other Side of Oneness, broadcast in early 1984.

Henry Goldblume on a Saturday night? No he is undercover working with a couple of Prostitutes (Charlene Jones left and July Pioli Right). When I sent this image to Mr Spano he said "The photographer did not capture my best side!" From Freedoms Last Stand broadcast 1982.

Awkward moment when Henry and Fay meet at a single bar in the catchily named Invasion of the Third World Mutant Body Snatchers, broadcast in 1982

A Working Girl (played by Alexandra Johnson) in conversation with Sgt. Goldblume in the city's under-belly. From a episode called Some Like it Hot-Wired broadcast in 1982.

A frustrated and angry Henry tries to deal with his ex-wife Rachel played by Rosanna Huffman) who partially blames him for here recent sexual assault by a known suspect. From Watt a Way to Go broadcast in 1984

Henry and Neal get their heads together in trying to trace a murder weapon in the episode entitled Shooter broadcast in 1982

One of the most surreal and funny episodes from the whole series, was when Washington and LaRue launch a life -size replica of an Alligator into the city's sewer system, while their fellow cops are carrying out an inspection for Amphibians living in the drains. It was called Gatorbait and was broadcast in 1981.

Washington and LaRue undercover as a couple of bums during an assignment in episode Cranky Streets from 1982.

'Booted and Suited' LaRue and Washington take their turn in Night Court as they try to nail a suspect, only to discover that their evidence is inadmissible! From Fruits of the Poisonous Tree, broadcast in 1981.

The character Mike Belker was one of the most photographed of all the HSB characters. In the Press Photo he is staked out a bank while disguised as a Hassidic Rabbi. from Chipped Beef broadcast in 1981.

This was a publicity photo for Death of a Centerfold: The Dorothy Stratten Story. Bruce Weitz in contrast to his role as Belker, plays Paul Snider Dorothy's (played by Jamie Lee Curtis) estranged Husband, Manager and suspected murderer. Broadcast on NBC in late 1981.

A clean shaven Belker is briefed by Prosecuting Attorney (played by Essex Smith) before he takes the stand to testify. Was he told "no biting" or just "Try not to growl", from Fruits of the Poisonous Tree broadcast 1981

A dirty Mick Belker goes to Joyce to seek her advice on what to get his mother for her Birthday, having just come back from an undercover operation, a classic moment. Broadcast in 1982 this episode was called Domestic Beef.

Belker gets ready to pounce in front of an oncoming automobile in order to fake an accident and thereby expose a phony personal-injury insurance scam. From Little Boil Blue broadcast late in 1982.

Mick undercover again about to give the command to move while staking out a Drug Store. In an episode entitled The End of Logan's Run broadcast in 1984.

Another Publicity Photo showing Det. Belker posing as a Rabbi in the episode entitled Chipped Beef from 1982.

Mick Belker finally collars a shifty quick-change artist (played by Michael O'Guinne) who had been preying on Cabbies, while disguised in a variety of outfits. From Blood Money broadcast in 1981. BTW am I (web-master) the only one who thinks it looks like Renko in drag?

There is a homicidal slasher preying on defenceless winos and bums, on the city’s Skid Row. Pity him if he tries it with an undercover Belker. From Invasion of the Third-World Mutant Body Snatchers in 1982.

Belker lays on the ground while a fellow undercover officer Virgil Brooks (played by Nathen Cook) plays it cool with two hostile gang members (Lawrence Mandley left and Mark Woods right). This haunting scene from The Last White Man on East Ferry Avenue, broadcast in 1982.

No comment needed.

Hair Bag with Old Bag! Belker again undercover posing as a Bag Lady himself is given some bizarre advice by a real one, in the episode Ratman and Robin broadcast in the summer of 1984.

During the city-wide police department bowling tournament Mick struggles too keep his mind on the game, known that his Captain has unjustly been removed from command. From the episode The Count of Monty Tasco, broadcast in 1984.

Lieutenant Hunter is flabbergasted when Belker uses a direct approach he had not seen coming, to win a game of Chess. They are watched by Coffey and new boy Detective Garibaldi. From Hair Apparent, in 1984.

"Judas H Priest"! exclaims Howard when his pure-bred pooches refuse to pick up the scent of a pack of marauding wild dogs. From the episode The Spy Who Came in from Delgado, broadcast in 1982.

Only Howard! Hunter demonstrates to all who will listen how to check on the efficiency of the cremation process by shaken the urn, containing the remains of precinct Phone Repairman, who had died recently. From I Never Promised You a Rose Marvin, broadcast in 1981.

The very short Pairing of Grace and Howard after a sexually-exhausted Esterhaus ends his relationship with Grace and Howard jumps in. Blood Money, broadcast in 1982.

Grace sensuously lays on a roll-call table as she tries to tempt Esterhaus in a hot scene from No Body's Perfect screened in 1982.

The big moment when Phil asks Grace to marry him, during episode Phantom of the Hill in 1982.

A rare still from the Pilot Episode Hill Street Station, broadcast around the 15th of January 1981 (some say this date is not correct). It is captioned HILL STREET POWOW.

Another general publicity posed photo showing Phil, Frank and Joyce in the office.

After Frank and Joyce decide to split she is seen out in public with another gentlemen (played by Michael Irving), much to Frank's annoyance. Blood Money broadcast in 1981.

From the fifth season's première episode 'Mayo Hold the Pickle' this photo shows Public Defender Joyce Davenport trying to help a convict Celestine Grey (played by Juney Smith). Sadly she is unsuccessful and he is later executed leading to that moving closing scene, showing Goldblume outside the prison preying for his sole. Broadcast 1984.

A reflective Joyce reassesses her commitment to a legal system, where she is working to free suspects she knows are guilty. This photo from the episode Shooter, broadcast in 1982.

Again from the episode Shooter, Joyce decides she cannot defend a youth (played by Michael Carmine) when she suspects is guilty.

One of the first real public clues to those not 'in the know', to Joyce and Frank's secret relationship, is this photo taken for the second episode 'Presidential Fever' 1981

Joyce tells Frank what she thinks of his coercive methods to bring one of her clients to justice. trial By Fury, broadcast in 1982.

Joyce, Frank and Assistant District Attorney Bernstein share a reflective moment before a memorial service for Sgt. Esterhaus. Episode Parting is such Sweep Sorrow, broadcast in early 1984.

Joyce and Frank enjoy a moment when lawyer Alan Wachtel is arrested for running an insurance fraud, although this would not stop him later becoming a cross dressing judge. From Requiem for a Hairbag, in 1982

Frank reacts with shock and horror, when Joyce tells him she may abandon her legal career during episode The Young screened in 1982.

A tender moment from The Last White Man on East Ferry Avenue which was broadcast in 1981.

Despite the smiles Frank is threatening his boss Chief Daniels that he will expose a politically sensitive Police cover-up in Rain of terror, broadcast in 82.

New Sargent Jablonski tries to convince Frank that he can talk a distraught female khaki officer Rhonda Kimmel (Lois Foraker) who Hunter had insulted, to come out of the stall in the men's rest room. A scene from Rookie Nookie, broadcast in late 1984.

A very happy Fay Furillo at the birth of her newborn Daughter with an exhausted Henry Goldblume who had assisted in the birth. A scene from Death by Kiki aired in 1984.

A flabbergasted Fay is arrested by an overeager cop (played by Barry Tubb) who mistakenly thought she had propositioned him, during a routine sweep for prostitutes. From Grace Under Pressure, broadcast in 1984.

To end this wonderful collection of press pictures, husband and wife Steven Bochco and Barbara Bosson proudly display the medallion and citation attesting to the programs prestigious George Poster Peabody Award in May 1982. This was of course just one of the many awards the series would achieve throughout and beyond its lifetime.