Make Contact with the Hill Street Blues Fan Site

We are always very keen to hear from those who were lucky enough to have been involved in the making of Hill Street Blues, including actors, writers, technicians, and the man that ironed Joe’s Bow Ties.

Please don’t be worried about ‘Fan Frenzy’ nothing anyone tells us is put on the website until it has been vetted and cleared by the person when submitted it and if it is told in confidence it stays that way (don’t want Belker paying us a visit).

We are also keen to have help with research I effectively run this Hill Street Blues' Fans Website on my own (along with a number of other websites, see some below) and being in my seventies it can sometime be hard going. So if you want to do some research, or write an article, let me have it and I will add it to 'our' website, with credit if wanted. You can contact me on the email address shown right on my card:-