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Episode Number and Title

  1. Hill Street Station
  2. Presidential Fever
  3. Politics as Usual
  4. Can World War III Be an Attitude?
  5. Double Jeopardy (aka Dressed to Kill)
  6. Film at Eleven
  7. Choice Cut
  8. Up in Arms (aka Clap Trap)
  9. Your Kind, My Kind, Humankind
  10. Gatorbait
  11. Life, Death, Eternity
  12. I Never Promised You a Rose, Marvin
  13. Fecund Hand Rose
  14. Rites of Spring I
  15. Rites of Spring II
  16. Jungle Madness I
  17. Jungle Madness II

1. "Hill Street Station"

The series gets off to a powerful start as stalwart Hill Street Precinct Capt. Frank Furillo endures a string of personal and professional crises. Furillo tries to defuse a powder-keg hostage situation in a liquor store despite a media circus, his overzealous Emergency Action Team leader and a pair of nervous gang kids and their leader. His secret lover, public defender Joyce Davenport, hounds him about a client who has been lost. And his ex-wife, Fay, berates him after his child-support check bounces.
Det. J.D. LaRue tries to pick up Davenport after sending her on a wild goose chase and receives a lapful of hot coffee in return. Belker busts a bald-headed pickpocket, the first of several encounters to come. Sgt. Phil Esterhaus tells Fay about his teen-age sweetheart, Cindy. And, after handling a domestic situation, Hill and Renko find their police unit has been stolen and are shot when they walk into a building to call in the theft.

guest stars: Panchito Gomez (Hector Ruiz), Gary Grubbs (Earps), Gary Van Orman (Sneed), Nick Savage (bald-headed pickpocket), Jonathan Dasteel (Lamonica), Ron Godines (Contreras), Paul Michael (proprietor), Heshimu Cumbuku (pimp), Luisa Leschin (street kid), Don Cervantes (street kid), Richard Wright (killer junkie), Chris Doyle (angel dust junkie), Andy Garcia (street kid in booking), Rocky Echevarria (Fuentes), Veronica Redd (Alena), Eleanor McCoy (Jonette), Vernon Washington (William), Andy Arthur (street kid)
writer: Michael Kozoll & Steven Bochco; director: Robert Butler

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2. "Presidential Fever"

Furillo is again on the rack as Fay makes a spectacle at the station with her demands for more money. Division alerts him to prepare for a presidential visit to the Hill, a task he does not relish. The news prompts a summit with gang leaders that nearly turns sour thanks to the smug presidential press secretary. And to top it all off, he endures a personal clash with Davenport.
Emotions run high as Hill and Renko meet for the first time since they were shot. The new police decorator, Grace Gardner, tries Esterhaus' patience. A pair of transfer officers roust the wrong people and find trouble. Belker pursues rapists in the park.

guest stars: Barbara Babcock (Grace Gardner), Mark Metcalf (Harris), Charles Seaverns (Parker), David Caruso (Shamrock leader), Bobby Ellerbee (Blood leader), Danny Mora (bail bondsman Huerta), Jonathan Dasteel (Lamonica), Gary Van Orman (Sneed), George Dickerson (Divisional Cmdr. Dave Swanson), Merritt Butrick (rapist), Richard Marion (Browning), Jake Mitchell (Hingle), Sal Lopez (Puerto Rican #1), Anthony Pena (Puerto Rican #2), Guillermo San Juan (Gypsy Boy), Paul Michael (merchant), Lydia Fernandez (rape victim), Rocky Echevarria (Fuentes), Eric Helland (felon)
writer: Michael Kozoll & Steven Bochco; director: Robert Butler

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3. "Politics as Usual"

Furillo and his officers run themselves ragged preparing for the impending presidential visit to the Hill - Goldblume helps work out a secure route and Calletano and the captain bargain with Shamrock and Blood gang leaders to ensure a peaceful tour.
Frank consults Joyce after Fay - in a letter from her attorney - threatens to garnish his wages for more child support. A dirty cop involved in a drug buy offers the troubled LaRue a bribe - then frames him when he attempts to return the money. Emotional fallout from their shooting prompts Hill and Renko to briefly consider splitting up. Belker agrees to a blind date at his mother's urging, proving a source of amusement to his collar, the bald pickpocket. Phil interrupts Frank's evening with Joyce after Fay is arrested at a friend's hot tub party.

guest stars: Dan Hedaya (Ralph Macafee), David Caruso (Shamrock), Bobby Ellerbee (Blood), Art Evans (driver #2), David Moody (driver #1), Nick Savage (bald-headed pickpocket), Jonathan Dasteel (Lamonica), Gary Van Orman (Sneed), John Brandon (Lt. John Walsh), Bob Harders (Unger), Alma Beltran (tenant), Joe Rosario (Puerto Rican suspect), Julia Calderon (abused woman), Lou Joffred (Dicostanza)
writer: Michael Kozoll & Steven Bochco; director: Robert Butler

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4. "Can World War III Be an Attitude?"

Against all odds, Furillo supports LaRue in the bribery case brought against him by Macafee. The captain also petitions Davenport to help his troubled detective.
Esterhaus assuages Bates' hurt feelings after an encounter with the tactless Hunter. Hill and Renko arrest a car thief whose mechanical genius proves both valuable and troublesome at the station. Furillo scrambles to salvage credibility with the gangs after the president's tour of the Hill is canceled. When the streets erupt in violence in response to the news, anxious officers fear revenge and barricade themselves in the station house - the "crisis" causes Esterhaus to see Grace in a new light.

guest stars: Barbara Babcock (Grace Gardner), Dan Hedaya (Ralph Macafee), Louis Giambalvo (Rob Nelson), Charles Seaverns (Parker), Charles Fleischer (Malibu), David Caruso (Shamrock), Bobby Ellerbee (Blood), Jake Mitchell (Hingle), Gary Van Orman (Sneed), Jonathan Dasteel (Lamonica), Jorge Cevera Jr. (pimp), Robert Doqui (Mullenex), Mace (Pagano), Lynn Whitfield (Jill Thomas), Adam Wade (Internal Affairs officer), Lou Joffred (Dicostanza), Guillermo San Juan (Gypsy Boy), Roma Alverez (Spanish merchant)
writer: Michael Kozoll & Steven Bochco; director: Robert Butler

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5. "Double Jeopardy (a.k.a. Dressed to Kill)"

Furillo and Washington investigate Macafee in hopes of clearing LaRue - they discover more than a few interesting things. At Frank's request, Joyce tries to round up legal representation for the troubled detective.
As part of "Operation: Duckling," Belker and several others reluctantly don women's clothing to lure out a rapist. Esterhaus broods over Grace and Cindy. Goldblume is plagued by self-doubts after he loses a jumper.

guest stars: Barbara Babcock (Grace Gardner), Dan Hedaya (Ralph Macafee), Louis Giambalvo (Rob Nelson), A.C. Weary (unknown), Tony Perez (Officer Mike Perez), Jonathan Dasteel (Lamonica), Gary Van Orman (Sneed), Gela Jacobson (Debbie Kaplan), Gilmer McCormick (Maureen Macafee), Darwyn Carson (black sister), Barbara Iley (black customer), Jake Mitchell (Hingle), Patricia Gaul (thin woman), Ezekiel Moss (black youth #1), Reginald T. Dorsey (black youth #2), Marilyn Tokuda (Mrs. Macafee)
writer: Michael Kozoll & Steven Bochco; director: Robert Butler

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6. "Film at Eleven"

While busting a petty thief, LaRue and Washington find the gun used in the Hill-Renko shooting and trace it back to junkie Eddie Hoban. The discovery leads to tension between the patrolmen.
TV reporter Cynthia Chase invades the precinct to document "what the station house is all about" and joins Hill and Renko on patrol. Hunter's weapon demonstration has hilarious results. Belker busts Kevin Herman Dracula for biting a prostitute and the mental out-patient's subsequent suicide in the station's new holding cell sends Joyce to Frank for comfort.

guest stars: Andrea Marcovicci (Cynthia Chase), Mark Metcalf (Harris), Robert Bryan Berger (Eddie Hoban), Karole Selmon (Billie), Joseph R. Sicari (unknown), Tony Plana (Kevin Herman Dracula), Luisa Leschin (Rita), Donna LaBrie (Wilma), Esther Sutherland (Haitian woman), Gregory Norman Cruz (Chico), Jake Mitchell (Hingle), Kent Williams (Bernard), Jeff Seymour (Santini)
writer: Anthony Yerkovich; director: Georg Stanford Brown

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7. "Choice Cut"

It's deja vu for Furillo as he reaches out to Hector Ruiz who has again taken hostages, this time in a grocery store meat locker - Hunter wants to freeze them out and TV reporter Cynthia Chase utilizes the scene to incense the Dekker Avenue merchants. A side of beef shot up during the hostage crisis is a quickly sized up by scheming officers as more than "evidence." LaRue and Washington continue their attempts to tie the gun from the Hill-Renko shooting to Hoban.
Belker busts the bald-headed pickpocket again. Fay momentarily finds herself in the crosshairs of Furillo's officers when she pulls out a toy gun in the station house. The funding for Grace's decorating project is cut, upsetting Esterhaus, who already is having trouble getting someone to pick up the body of "Freddie the Wino" who died in a holding cell. A perceptive Fay picks up on Frank and Joyce's relationship.

guest stars: Andrea Marcovicci (Cynthia Chase), Panchito Gomez (Hector Ruiz), Dana Gladstone (Marv O. Box), Kent Williams (Bernard), Donna LaBrie (Wilma), Linda Shayne (Sherry Marie), Bob Tzudiker (Irv Kresky), Ilka Tanya Payan (Teresa), Karole Selmon (Billie), Nick Savage (bald-headed pickpocket), Kent Williams (Bernard), Charlene Jones (Lily), Al Stevenson (car owner), Keith Davis (car owner), Gene Ryals (Margot Guy), Jay Moreno (Juan)
writer: Lee David Zlotoff; director: Arnold Laven

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8. "Up in Arms (a.k.a. Clap Trap)"

Division orders Furillo to deal with the Dekker Avenue merchants, who are bent on taking law enforcement into their own hands. Frank enlists Joyce and Fay in his efforts to help Hector Ruiz.
Hunter seeks volunteer counselors for to help with "Camp Guadalcanal." Goldblume is outraged by the recruiting drive. A cleaner's fire claims Furillo's suits. Esterhaus braces himself for a showdown with an old adversary who's now back on the streets. The deadly black van spells trouble for officers Harris and Santini. Inconclusive results in Hoban's lie detector test throw a kink into the Hill-Renko shooting investigation.

guest stars: Andrea Marcovicci (Cynthia Chase), Mark Metcalf (Harris), Kent Williams (Bernard), Jeff Seymour (Santini), Gela Jacobson (Debbie Kaplan), George Dickerson (Divisional Cmdr. Dave Swanson), Ron Feinberg (unknown), Luis Avalos (Mr. Viatoro), David Byrd (Krinsky), Juliana McCarthy (Dr. Davis), Dottie Adkins (hooker), Paul Michael (Mr. Arcanian), Clayton Rohner (juvenile), Constance Caufield (Daphne), Dharvi Darrelle (Mrs. Miles)
writer: Michael Kozoll, Steven Bochco & Anthony Yerkovich; director: Georg Stanford Brown

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9. "Your Kind, My Kind, Humankind"

Renko stews after Hoban's release and makes a spectacle with two hookers at a nice restaurant, increasing the tension with Hill. Back on the street, Hoban finds himself out in the cold and eventually confesses.
A confused Santini gets some career advice from Furillo. LaRue starts drinking on the job after he invites TV reporter Cynthia Chase along on a quiet stakeout that suddenly heats up. The Dekker Avenue merchants continued "help" results in tragedy. Belker is turned off by his girlfriend's violent sexual advances. Everyone's efforts to help Hector hit a dead end and Frank and Joyce must break the news.

guest stars: Andrea Marcovicci (Cynthia Chase), Robert Bryan Berger (Eddie Hoban), Jeff Seymour (Santini), Panchito Gomez (Hector Ruiz), Kent Williams (Bernard), Luis Avalos (Mr. Viatoro), Gela Jacobson (Debbie Kaplan), Paul Michael (Mr. Arcanian), Charlene Jones (Rena), Odette Mitchell (Billy), Michael O'Guinne (Walter), Preston Hanson (escort), Mark Cassella (Marty)
writer: Michael Kozoll, Steven Bochco & Anthony Yerkovich; director: Arnold Laven

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10. "Gatorbait"

Renko pouts after a Division homicide detective belittles his attempt to find out who murdered a 15-year-old hooker. The officer later raises suspicions about the investigation and Furillo begins to take notice. Speculations buzz around the station house after Furillo finds out he's in the running for a promotion to commander.
Hunter gets a surprise - courtesy of LaRue and Washington - while on the annual search of the city sewers for alligators. His hunt is complicated by an animal activist. A persistent obscene phone caller sends Fay to Furillo for help.

guest stars: Dolph Sweet (Lt. Emil Schneider), Carl Weintraub (Dewey Bromfield), George Dickerson (Divisional Cmdr. Dave Swanson), Dana Gladstone (Marv O. Box), Jordan Charney (Ed Chapel), Don Cervantes (Nemo Rodriguez), Lawrence Benedict (Frank Alexander), Jim Tartan (Metzger), Timothy Daly (Dann)
writer: E. Jack Kaplan; director: Georg Stanford Brown

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11. "Life, Death, Eternity"

Davenport's client, Nemo Rodriguez, implicates a city councilman in the slaying of a young prostitute. Furillo decides to launch his own investigation into the murder - a move which endangers his chances for promotion. Furillo is left holding the bag after evidence is found linking the councilman to the girl and his publicity machine springs into action . Fearing rumors of collusion, Joyce tells Frank they should separate for a while.
Chief Daniels chokes during breakfast meeting and Furillo saves his life. Hunter wins Police Association's Mental Health Award and unveils model of "urban tank" to Furillo. Everyone's maudlin after Bates finds officer Marv Box dead in the squad room. LaRue rounds up investors for his "saloondramat." Grace and Esterhaus plan a visit to a nudist retreat. Furillo sends Fay and Frank Jr. to his home after the obscene phone caller breaks into her house and goes through her things. An anti-semitic cop incites Belker. In anticipation of Furillo's promotion, apprehensive Hill Street officers apply for transfer in droves - 28 uniforms, 17 plain clothes and one possible retirement.

guest stars: Barbara Babcock (Grace Gardner), Dolph Sweet (Lt. Emil Schneider), Dwight Schultz (Carmichael), Dana Gladstone (Marv Box), Jordan Charney (Ed Chapel), George McDaniel (Ludwig), Dennis Holahan (unknown), George Dickerson (Divisional Cmdr. Dave Swanson), Don Cervantes (Nemo Rodriguez), Seth Allen (suspect), Barbara Worthington (reporter), Jake Mitchell (Hingle)
writer: Gregory Hoblit & Lee David Zlotoff; director: Jacob Starrett

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12. "I Never Promised You a Rose, Marvin"

Joyce feels Rodriguez is being railroaded in prostitute's murder in attempt to protect McCauley. Frank relinquishes his chances for promotion to forge ahead with his investigation of the councilman and confronts Swanson and Schneider about the cover-up.
Marv's ashes "lie in state" next to squad room coffee machine. Furillo's possible promotion leaves him buried with transfer requests, including Belker, who wants to transfer to narcotics because there's "a better chance of getting killed." Esterhaus reveals his desire to have children with Cindy. Fay's obscene phone caller is caught and revealed to be one of Harvey's patients. Furillo promptly takes Harvey to task and convinces Fay to press charges. After a test-run down "sniper alley," Hunter's "urban tank" is stolen and dumped in the river, much to Furillo's amusement. LaRue's business dream crumbles, literally. There is joy on the Hill as Furillo stays.

guest stars: Dolph Sweet (Lt. Emil Schneider), Philip G. Schultz (Harvey), Dwight Schultz (Carmichael), George McDaniel (Ludwig), Don Cervantes (Nemo Rodriguez), Dennis Holahan (unknown), Jordan Charney (Ed Chapel), George Dickerson (Divisional Cmdr. Dave Swanson), Robert Kino (Mr. O'Kino), Tom Babson (Webster), Jerry Loo (Mifune)
writer: Anthony Yerkovich; director: Robert C. Thompson

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13. "Fecund Hand Rose"

Furillo bristles at having to protect Macafee, who's turned state's witness. He becomes incensed when his men are endangered during an attempted hit that he believes was orchestrated to give Macafee's testimony more credibility.
Violence erupts in Jefferson Heights Precinct and Hill Street officers help out. Belker arrests an entertaining professional cat burglar who the cops been trying to catch for several years. Esterhaus sweats bullets as his wedding day to Cindy arrives and is compounded when Grace shows him what he will be giving up. Everyone rushes to get ready for nuptials. And Frank and Joyce make use of the intended honeymoon suite, after Esterhaus faints at the alter.

guest stars: Barbara Babcock (Grace Gardner), Lisa Lindgren (Cindy Spooner), Dan Hedaya (Ralph Macafee), Michael Tucker (cat burglar, Mr. Heidel), George Dickerson (Divisional Cmdr. Dave Swanson), Gela Jacobson (Debbie Kaplan), Thomas Callaway (Skip Fitzgerald), Allen Case (Mr. Spooner), Peter White (minister), Irene Du Barry (Rosa Calletano), Lynn Whitfield (Jill Thomas), John Brandon (Det. John Walsh), Philip G. Schultz (Harvey)
writer: Alan Rachins; director: Gregory Hoblit

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14. "Rites of Spring I"

After several junkies are found dead from tainted drugs, Goldblume clashes with obnoxious, racist narcotics detective Charlie Weeks over procedure. Weeks is angered when Midtown solves his case and a brutalizes a witness.
Bates gets a new partner, Joe Coffey. Hunter and Esterhaus discuss the women in their lives. LaRue's drinking gets out of hand, endangering Belker who goes undercover to catch a robber hitting city buses. Frank and Joyce clash when she assumes his officers brutalized her rapist client. Goldblume's son, Josh, undergoes medical tests for a mysterious ailment. Hill and Renko take pains to aid a young black mother who is accused of neglecting her kids. Weeks shoots a black man in an alley.

guest stars: Charles Hallahan (Charlie Weeks), James Remar (Beau Gregory), Van Nessa L. Clarke (Shirrett Anders), Mimi Rogers (Sandra Pauley), Freddye Chapman (Denise Thompson), Starletta Du Pois (2nd neighbor), Myrna White (1st neighbor), Marc Casella (Jay Driver), Tony Perez (Mike Perez)
writer: Michael Kozoll & Steven Bochco; director: Gregory Hoblit

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15. "Rites of Spring II"

A gut feeling leads Furillo and Washington to go out of their way to help clear Weeks who is accused of shooting an unarmed black man. Washington lambastes an ungrateful Weeks about his attitude.
Furillo confronts a harried LaRue about his drinking and money problems. Hill and Renko check on Shirrett Anders and her children. Belker and Leo donate blood. Hill, Renko, Coffey and Bates arrest a woman who's beating her husband. Belker joins a DEA fencing operation, which nets a surprise. Renko begins a relationship with his night school teacher. Frank and Joyce take a long lunch and make plans for a vacation. Fay gets mugged and Goldblume's ill son gets better.

guest stars: Charles Hallahan (Charlie Weeks), James Remar (Beau Gregory), Van Nessa L. Clarke (Shirrett Anders), Mimi Rogers (Sandra Pauley), Freddye Chapman (Denise Thompson), Sam Scarber (Dr. Otis Redman), Frantz Turner (Ralph Prentiss), Jim Tartan (Metzger), Neil Brooks Cunningham (John Harley), Jan Stratton (Dr. Rogatz), Jack Andreozzi (John Amico), Rony Clanton (main seller), Terry Alexander (Theo Monroe), Charles Weldon (unknown), Tony Perez (Mike Perez), Vincent Luchessi (Jerry Fuchs)
writer: Michael Kozoll, Steven Bochco & Anthony Yerkovich; director: Gregory Hoblit

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16. "Jungle Madness I"

Furillo and Washington push the Weeks investigation despite pressure from Chief Daniels to back off because of bad publicity and rising tensions on the street.
Esterhaus gets a birthday surprise during roll call. Fay considers a weekend jaunt with her black orthopedist. LaRue desperately tries to raise money to get himself out of a jam. Furillo later tells him to get help for his drinking problem or quit the force after he ruins a drug bust. A disappointed Hill discovers Shirrett Anders has left her children again. Bates' new partner, Joe Coffey, expresses feelings for her. Another vending machine falls prey to Hill Street mayhem. And Frank and Joyce's covert relationship is nearly exposed when they schedule dinner at a restaurant where Hill and Renko are dining.

guest stars: Charles Hallahan (Charlie Weeks), Van Nessa L. Clarke (Shirrett Anders), Mimi Rogers (Sandra Pauley), Eddie Barth (unknown), Tom Bower (unknown), Lenny Bari (unknown), Ray Oliver (Leon), Vincent Luchessi (Jerry Fuchs), Jack Andreozzi (Amico), Frantz Turner (Prentiss), Reginald Dorsey (1st black), Laurie Rose (belly dancer), Sarina C. Grant (1st woman), Luke Andreas (Busy Baker man), Chip Lucia (Lt. Digby), Starletta Du Pois (2nd woman), Ezekiel Moss (2nd black)
writer: Michael Kozoll, Steven Bochco & Anthony Yerkovich; director: Corey Allen

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17. "Jungle Madness II"

Washington and Goldblume take the Weeks investigation down to the wire. Meanwhile,  Chief Daniels continues pressuring Furillo to drop the probe and tells him the department's "hanging Weeks out to dry."
After everyone declines to help him, LaRue hits bottom. After Furillo tells him to put in for a transfer, he makes a scene in the squad room. Shirrett Anders loses her kids. Hill breaks the ice with social worker Denise Thompson. A frightened Fay asks Furillo's advice after her black orthopedist's wife threatens to kill her. Renko's girlfriend deals a blow to his ego by terminating their relationship. LaRue takes the first step toward recovery and finds a familiar face in the crowd. Coffey is shot when he and Bates make a traffic stop.

guest stars: Charles Hallahan (Charlie Weeks), Van Nessa L. Clarke (Shirrett Anders), Freddye Chapman (Denise Thompson), Mimi Rogers (Sandra Pauley), Tony Carbone (George "Pinky" Reiner), Eddie Barth (Tanner), Jeanneta Arnette (Jennifer Cross), Lionel Smith (unknown), Susan Harney (Bee Gee), Eddie Ryder (wheelchair salesman), Terry Alexander (Monroe), Frantz Turner (Prentiss), Cliff Carnell (bartender), Opelene Bartley (Montel's mother)
writer: Michael Kozoll, Steven Bochco & Anthony Yerkovich; director: Corey Allen

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Episode Number and Title

  1. Hearts and Minds
  2. Blood Money
  3. The Last White Man on East Ferry Avenue
  4. The Second Oldest Profession
  5. Fruits of the Poisonous Tree
  6. Cranky Streets
  7. Chipped Beef
  8. The World According to Freedom
  9. Pestolozzi's Revenge
  10. The Spy Who Came in From Delgado
  11. Freedom's Last Stand
  12. Of Mouse and Man
  13. Zen and the Art of Law Enforcement
  14. The Young, the Beautiful and the Degraded
  15. Some Like it Hot-Wired
  16. Personal Foul
  17. Shooter
  18. Invasion of the Third World Body Snatchers

18. "Hearts and Minds"

The second season gets off to an explosive start when a domestic situation turns violent in the squad room. Furillo is skeptical of an ex-Black Arrow gang leader, Jesse John Hudson, who returns to the Hill as a social reformer. Belker makes contact with a rookie undercover officer planted inside the Black Arrows who tells a much different story than Hudson. The cops' skeptism is increased when two rival warlords of the gang turn up dead.
Calletano and Goldblume search for a missing boy. Fay descends on the Hill with a birthday cake for Furillo, who turns 40. Joyce represents a topless waitress who accuses a detective of blackmailing her for sex. Belker nabs a purse-snatching orangutan. Esterhaus questions his involvement with Grace. Frank and Joyce split up after he demands their relationship move forward.

guest stars: Barbara Babcock (Grace Gardner), Danny Glover (Jesse John Hudson), Teddi Siddall (Susan Downing), Nathan Cook (Virgil Brooks), Charles Guardino (Det. Ben Lambert), Sandy McPeak (Mac Macallister), Trinidad Silva (Jesus Martinez), Helen Rubio (Mrs. Castillo), Martin Azarow (Dr. Sackheim), Ron Joseph (Jorge), Doug Toby (Luis Castillo), Gloria Lynn Deyer (screaming woman), Jim Staskel (robber), Martin Ferrero (robber), Tony Perez (Mike Perez), Nick Savage (bald-headed pickpocket), Leonard Lightfoot (Ellis), Charles Picerni (suspect), Barbara Worthington (reporter), Jinaki (black woman)
writers: Michael Kozoll, Steven Bochco & Anthony Yerkovich; director: Gregory Hoblit

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19. "Blood Money"

Virgil reports to Belker on Hudson's takeover of the Black Arrows. Still hurting, Frank and Joyce needle each other when they meet socially for the first time after splitting up. While driving a cab in an undercover operation, Goldblume meets a lonely woman - and later returns to her apartment for a little extramarital activity. On the same operation, Belker nabs a cross-dressing robber. A desperate snitch offers to help LaRue and Washington solve a prostitute murder - but his story doesn't quite add up. Belker helps seize weapons that were stolen from a National Guard armory. Hunter swoops in after a sexually-exhausted Esterhaus ends his relationship with Grace. Fay tells Furillo she's engaged.

guest stars: Barbara Babcock (Grace Gardner), Danny Glover (Jesse John Hudson), Nathan Cook (Virgil Brooks), Sandra McCabe (Adrianna Furth), Charles Guardino (Det. Lambert), John Dennis Johnson (Freddy), Karen Austin (lonely woman), Sandy McPeak (Mac Macallister), Jim Tartan (Calloway), M.E. Loree (Samantha McBride), Lew Hopson (Billy the Monk), J.D. Hall (1st man), Charles Walker (reporter #1), Victoria Thatcher (reporter #2), Faith Minton (large hooker), Eugene Robert Glazer (art show suitor)
story: Michael Kozoll, Steven Bochco & Anthony Yerkovich; teleplay: Steven Bochco & Anthony Yerkovich; director: Gregory Hoblit

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20. "The Last White Man on East Ferry Avenue"

The police's seizure of the stolen weapons and efforts to tie them to the Black Arrows prompt Hudson to look for an informant inside his gang. When Brooks turns up dead, a furious Furillo virtually declares war on the gang leader.
Joyce asks Frank for advice in the Downing case and both confess to missing each other. Hill and Renko respond to a domestic call where an old man - bitter over the influx if minorities in his community - is threatening his neighbors with a gun. Hunter is testy after his date with Grace. Esterhaus' new friend, Mac, pays visit to the station house. Fay delivers wedding invitations to Esterhaus and Furillo. Goldblume and his wife, Rachel, separate after his affair.

guest stars: Danny Glover (Jesse John Hudson), Jose Flores (Arturo), Nathan Cook (Virgil Brooks), Sandy McPeak (Mac Macallister), Reuven Bar-Yotam (Mr. Popovich), Charles Guardino (Det. Ben Lambert), Frank Dent (maintenance man), Lupe Ontiveros (Mrs. Uribe), M.E. Loree (Samantha McBride), Kaaren Ragland (Verlynne), Lawrence A. Mandley (1st Black Arrow), Mark Woods (2nd Black Arrow), Fritz Turner (Dragon), Rob Kim (paramedic)
story: Steven Bochco, Michael Kozoll & Anthony Yerkovich; teleplay: Steven Bochco, Anthony Yerkovich & Robert Crais; director: David Anspagh

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21. "The Second Oldest Profession"

Chief Daniels urges Furillo to back off on Hudson until he has more concrete evidence. Frank and Joyce have it out on a racquetball court. Hudson beats up his lawyer and Furillo tries to get her to testify against him, but she has other plans for the gang leader.
After a junkie prostitute nearly dies due to her mistake, Bates lashes out at everyone and walks out of the small arms competition in which she and Coffey are favored. Mac confesses his sexual attraction to Esterhaus, sending a stunned Phil back into Grace's arms. Furillo counsels Bates. Goldblume and his wife, Rachel, reconcile. A miserable Joyce pays an evening visit to the Hill and brings her relationship with Frank out into the open with a kiss.

guest stars: Barbara Babcock (Grace Gardner), Danny Glover (Jesse John Hudson), Rosanna Huffman (Rachel Goldblume), M.E. Loree (Samantha), CCH Pounder (hooker Jasmine), Sandy McPeak (Mac Macallister), Cindy Fisher (Samantha McBride), Barbara Jane Edelman (Vera), Odette Mitchell (Tamara), Steven Kavner (Dobbs), Billy Gentry (Obradovitch), Charlene Jones (Buffy)
story: Steven Bochco, Anthony Yerkovich & Robert Crais; teleplay: Steven Bochco, Anthony Yerkovich & Michael Kozoll; director: Robert Butler

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22. "Fruits of the Poisonous Tree"

Night court and the shooting of a 10-year-old promise to ruin everyone's evening.
Joyce outmaneuvers Frank, Washington and LaRue after they are accused of entrapping her client, a mugger, by singling him out and luring him into a criminal act. Wachtel tries to persuade Joyce to use her now-public relationship with Frank to help his client, a professional "kneebuster," who was arrested by Belker. Fay's concerned after Frank Jr. shoplifts and Furillo promises to talk to him. Washington worries the department will force him to retire after he re-injures his knee during a bust. Renko's plans to watch Monday night football are sidelined after he and Hill bust the vending machine bandit. Esterhaus' elation turns into disappointment when Grace's "pregnancy" turns out to be a false alarm. While in pursuit of gang members involved in the drive-by shooting of a 10-year-old girl, Bates is forced to return fire at a 14-year-old boy, killing him.

guest stars: Barbara Babcock (Grace Gardner), Jeffrey Tambor (Alan Wachtel), Allan Rich (Judge Maurice Schiller), Mickey Morton (Stanley Felt), Ralph Manza (Morris Wine), Essex Smith (Jenkins), Gene Bua (Costa), East Carlo (coin thief), Perla Walter (mother), Claudio Martinez (brother), Fran Tarkenton (sportscaster), Tony Perez (Mike Perez), Robin Coleman (Coley), Sumi Haru (public defender), Michael Leon (kid), Lydia Nicole (girl), Marcelino Sanchez (tall kid), Dean Wein (court officer)
writer: Jeffrey Lewis; director: Rod Holcomb

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23. "Cranky Streets"

After saving two people from a burning car, Officer Gerald Nash later uses excessive force during an arrest and Hill, who feels compelled to cover for his old friend, enlists Renko and a reluctant Bates and Coffey in the cover-up.
Renko's prank on a female transfer officer causes problems. After solving a domestic situation in his old neighborhood, Coffey arrests an old family friend who he mistakenly believes is connected to the mob. Fay introduces her fiance, Hal Massey, to Furillo. And everyone's testy after negotiations between the police union and the city break down.

guest stars: Livia Genise (Officer Estella Sanchez), Robert Sampson (Hal Massey), Stephen McHattie (Officer Gerald Nash), Eddie Zammit (Vito), Steven Apostle'Pec (Guido Barbari), Eddie Zammit (Vito), Anne Sebastian (Vito's wife), A.C. Alleque (fat man), Tony Perez (Mike Perez), Leonard Lightfoot (Ellis), Vanna Salviati (Mrs. Amico), Jan Stratton (waitress), Richard Marcus (blind man), Church Ortiz (vigilante #1), Luis Manuel (vigilante #2), Clayton Rohner (gawker)
story: Michael Kozoll & Steven Bochco; teleplay: Robert Crais; director: Randa Haines

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24. "Chipped Beef"

Dubious reports from Hill, Renko, Bates and Coffey compel Furillo to question the four-some about their protecting of Nash, who decides to resign when reports are changed to reflect the truth.
Joyce pushes Frank to short circuit "pent ante" busts brought on by the cold weather. Belker busts the bald-headed pickpocket again and then goes undercover as a rabbi to catch a gang targeting ATM customers. A good samaritan saves Renko, LaRue and Washington and then faces arrest on an old out-of-town felony warrant. Belker's parents refuse to go on a scheduled cruise, prompting a visit from his sister. Furillo and Hunter attend a luncheon where Fay's engagement to Hal Massey comes to an sudden end. Washington is angered when he discovers his girlfriend, Jill, has deceived him. Frank looks on as Joyce reaches out to a distraught Fay.

guest stars: Stephen McHattie (Officer Gerald Nash), Robert Sampson (Hal Massey), Lynn Whitfield (Jill Thomas), Art Evans (William Teacher), Daphne Maxwell (Sheila Roberts), Dori Brenner (Luana Belker), Nick Savage (bald-headed pickpocket), Ella Raines Edwards (William Teacher's wife), John Diehl (Tom), Fred Pinkard (toastmaster), Pat Benson (lady driver), Jessie Lawrence Ferguson (panhandler), Hal Hawkins (stoned driver), Louis Rivera (onlooker)
story: Jeffrey Lewis; teleplay: Steven Bochco & Michael Kozoll; director: Georg Stanford Brown

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25. "The World According to Freedom"

Frank lashes out at everyone, including Joyce, after a savage massacre at a shady bar on the Hill, and when evidence suggests gang connection, he uncharacteristically threatens gang leaders with hard times unless they help him catch the offenders. An anonymous caller - speculation points to Jesus Martinez - gives the culprits over to Furillo.
The eccentric "Captain Freedom" foils Belker's bust of a robber. LaRue goes undercover in the Hill Street jail and gets more than he bargained when he is helpless to stop a tragedy in the next cell.

guest stars: Dennis Dugan ("Captain Freedom"), Victor Campos (Lt. Garcia), Andy Winner (Wallace Parks), Julia Calderon (Alice), Jesse D. Goins (Cookie), Fritz Turner (Monroe), Leonard Lightfoot (Ellis), Richard Foronjy (unknown), Trinidad Silva (Jesus Martinez), Mace (Street Lord), Bobby Ellerbee (Blood), Guillermo San Juan (Gypsy Boy), Stephen Liska (robber), Tony Perez (Mike Perez), Troy Curvey (Dudley), Fritz Turner (Monroe), John Dewey-Carter (unknown), Dan Chambers (investigator), Mary Armstrong (reporter), Dan Gilvezan (reporter), Garret Pearson (photographer), Jason Ross (medic)
writer: Michael Wagner; director: Jeff Bleckner

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26. "Pestolozzi's Revenge"

Chief Daniels orders Furillo to initiate a scam saloon in the South Ferry Precinct in a pre-emptive move against the corruption-seeking Sullivan Commission, which subpoenas Furillo, Calletano and Hunter. Furillo storms out during his testimony when the prosecutor suggests he has committed perjury. He later consults Joyce.
After standing up Bates for breakfast, Coffey comes to work with a black eye. An upset Bates throws the book at some poor guy during a routine traffic stop. Renko enlists Hill, Bates and Coffey in a futile search for his gun that was stolen by an armed robber who burst in on a late-night card game. Another vending machine falls in the line of duty and Esterhaus must stop Lou from removing all of them from the station house. "Captain Freedom" is arrested by LaRue and Washington after he turns up at their stakeout. Grace and Esterhaus plan a trip to France. Fay brings her fatalist views to the Hill. Hill and Renko's bad luck with patrol cars continues, losing two in one day. They unfortunate duo are rearended by a wedding party, thrusting them between a young man and his work supervisor.

guest stars: Dennis Dugan ("Captain Freedom"), James O'Sullivan (Donald Peck), Charlie Robinson (Roy), Marcelino Sanchez (Jimmy Aguirrez), Luke Andreas (Lou), Bob Basso (garage owner), Peter Iacangelo (husband), Nancy Lenehan (Katy Moore), Vincent Luchessi (Jerry Fuchs), Bernadette Cologne (Trina), Marius Mazmanian (felon), Robin Coleman (Coley), Barry Michlin (process server), David Carlile (butcher), Pamela Hayden (Ms. Jackson), Jerry Prell (driver)
writers: Anthony Yerkovich, Jeffrey Lewis & Michael Wagner; director: Randa Haines

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27. "The Spy Who Came in From Delgado"

Joyce rounds up Douglas Comstock to represent Frank before the Sullivan Commission, but Furillo declines to retain the lawyer after he insinuates the captain has something to hide.
Hill Street officers mount "Operation: Fido," in which Hunter attempts to use pedigreed Bassett Hounds to track wild city dogs. The EATer leader is injured when he enters an abandoned building alone and nearly falls prey to the "wino-eating mutts." In yet another odd visit to Furillo's office, Fay shows up for lunch and wants to discuss cemetery plots. Furillo and the gang search frantically for officer Art Delgado. Belker, Hill and Renko's scam saloon operation to sniff out corrupt cops in South Ferry proves profitable despite "Captain Freedom's" help. Furillo blasts Chief Daniels - who's recovering from hemorrhoid surgery - after a suspicious Calletano learns a beautiful new khaki officer is acutally a spy//detective sent by Daniels to gauge corruption on the Hill. Furillo visits Hunter at the hospital where a process server delivers more subpoenas from the Sullivan Commission.

guest stars: Dennis Dugan ("Captain Freedom"), Robin Gammell (Douglas Comstock), John Karlen (corrupt officer), Janet Demay (Det. Emily Williams), Wayne Heffly (Gerson), Jerome Thor (Art Delgado), Harry Moses (Reagan), Milt Oberman (delivery boy), Gary Miller (Ballantine), Dwayne McGee (Webster), James Parkes (customer), Arnold Johnson (drunk), Mark Miyama (orderly), Roxanne Reese (nurse)
story: Michael Kozoll & Steven Bochco; teleplay: Steven Bochco, Anthony Yerkovich, Jeffrey Lewis & Michael Wagner; director: Georg Stanford Brown

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28. "Freedom's Last Stand"

After a lunch-time rendezvous with Joyce at the Hotel Francois, Frank testifies before the Sullivan Commission for the second time. He offers Daniels his gun and badge afterwards.
Fay storms the Hill and confronts Furillo after she discovers one of Davenport's negligees amongst Frank Jr.'s toys. After competing in the interdepartmental poker finals, Bates must carefully fend off a sexual advance from Coffey. Narcotics Capt. Jerry Fuchs refuses to help one of his own detectives after LaRue and Washington catch him forging prescriptions. Goldblume dons a dress as a part of "Operation: Smash & Snatch," designed to stop vehicular purse snatchings and he gets a little roughed up while arresting a perp. Belker, Hill and Renko continue successful scam saloon until an attempted robbery forces them to blow their cover. "Captain Freedom" meets a tragic end when a shootout erupts.

guest stars: Dennis Dugan ("Captain Freedom"), James O'Sullivan (Donald Peck), Scott Paulin (Dan Cleary), Jerome Thor (Delgado), Harry Moses (Reagan), Pamela Hayden (Ms. Jackson), John Karlen (corrupt officer), Howard George (Grebey), Troy Evans (Dunello), Vincent Luchessi (Jerry Fuchs), Ron Vernan (druggist), Robin Coleman (Coley), Elise Gaitlin (shoplifter), Peter Lempert (maitre'D), Nyles Harris (boy)
story: Michael Kozoll & Steven Bochco; teleplay: Steven Bochco, Anthony Yerkovich, Jeffrey Lewis & Michael Wagner; director: Gregory Hoblit

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29. "Of Mouse and Man"

Furillo is summoned to a crime scene and discovers public defender Pam Gilliam has been gunned down in a robbery. A devastated Joyce comes to Frank's office for comfort after identifying Gilliam's body at the morgue and later seriously questions her line of work. Royal Blood gang colors were reportedly spotted at the scene and a sweep of a nearby playground nets the gun and, ultimately, the killer of Gilliam.
After being nominated by Cleveland, Hill is elected vice president of the Black Officers' Coalition, causing friction with Renko. Fay questions Furillo about the lack of ranking black officers on the Hill after attending a WAD (Women Against Discrimination) meeting. Goldblume sets his sights on taking down an abusive landlord. Belker's pet mouse - which he carries in his shirt pocket - meets an unfortunate end after a congratulatory pat. The rodent's funeral in the station house men's room comes at an inopportune moment. LaRue and Washington bust a cocaine dealer, who cuts a deal to give them a PCP lab. LaRue starts drinking again.

guest stars: Edward James Olmos (Joe Gustimonti), J.A. Preston (Ozzie Cleveland), Kene Holliday (Vernon Lee), Al Ruscio (Sosa), Jonathan Frakes (Eddie Simms), Kaaren Ragland (Pam Gilliam), Eric Laneuville (Wilbur Harmon), Howard Witt (unknown), Jeffrey Tambor (Alan Wachtel), Michael Collins (Zeiger), Ricco Ross (Tyler Bragg), Jim Tartan (coroner), Gary Miller (Webster), Dan Gilvezan (reporter), Mark Jordan (Wasserman), Mickey Cherney (Green), Jackie Millines (gang member), Glenn Mitchell Jones (gang member), Ezekiel Moss (gang member)
story: Michael Kozoll & Steven Bochco; teleplay: Steven Bochco, Anthony Yerkovich, Jeffrey Lewis & Michael Wagner; director: Thomas Carter

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30. "Zen and the Art of Law Enforcement"

Frank meets with ADA Bernstein on the Gilliam-Harmon case and Joyce tags along. And after learning a technicality will force the gun to be tossed as evidence, Furillo tries in vain to get Bragg to testify against Harmon.
Esterhaus is exposed to details of Grace's sexual past after she asks him for help with her neighbor and his barking dog. Belker gives Hunter and his EATers tips on venting rage. After a tenant is beat up, Goldblume reluctantly resorts to force to deal with an abusive landlord -  he gets a little help from Belker and two large officers from the nightshift. Renko is injured when he rides with pushy officer Grebey and later confronts his disapproving father, who's in the hospital. Fay tries to identify with Hill, who is irritating everyone with his recruiting efforts for the BOC. LaRue, suffering a crisis of confidence, shows up drunk minutes before the PCP lab bust, forcing Washington to talk his way into a very dangerous situation. Fuchs and Washington cover for LaRue, but a knowing Furillo senses the truth.

guest stars: Barbara Babcock (Grace Gardner), Edward James Olmos (Joe Gustimonte), Alley Mills (Tracy), Morgan Woodward (Renko's dad), Al Ruscio (Sosa), Kene Holliday (Vernon Lee), Eric Laneuville (Wilbur Harmon), Ricco Ross (Tyler Bragg), Hamilton Camp (Buck Mullins), William Schilling (unknown), Howard Witt (unknown), Vincent Luchessi (Jerry Fuchs), Howard George (Grebey), Nance Lenehan (Katy), Leonard Lightfoot (Tibbs), Amanda Harley (Mrs. Malkin), Jason Ross (black officer)
story: Thom Thomas, Michael Kozoll & Steven Bochco; teleplay: Anthony Yerkovich, Jeffrey Lewis & Michael Wagner; director: Arnold Laven

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31. "The Young, the Beautiful and the Degraded"

Fallout from Pam Gilliam's murder continues to besiege the Hill. After a reward is offered for information in her slaying, Goldblume checks out a witness who seems too good to be true.A subsequent interrogation by Furillo confirms their suspicions, forcing the release of Bragg and Harmon.
Coffey gets another black eye when he and Bates respond to a domestic call. Belker laments growing older after he goes undercover as a hot dog vendor and loses a drug dealer during a foot chase. Furillo busts LaRue down to the motorpool, prompting the troubled detective to seek help. Hill gets his fill of BOC pressures and resigns. Esterhaus still stews over Grace's involving him in her problem with a former lover. Frank and Joyce's plans are detoured after Fay is arrested at a sit-in at Chief Daniels office and are derailed entirely after Harmon is arrested for killing Bragg. Joyce grows more bitter as Harmon rubs Frank's nose in the fact he still walks on Gilliam's murder

guest stars: Barbara Babcock (Grace Gardner), Dennis Lipscomb (Mr. Vosca), J.A. Preston (Ozzie Cleveland), Kene Holliday (Vernon Lee), Eric Laneuville (Wilbur Harmon), Ricco Ross (Tyler Bragg), Peter Iacangelo (Bruno Heverman), Barbara Brownell (Heather Heverman), Richard Marion (public defender), John Brandon (Lt. John Walsh), Howard Witt (unknown), Jed Mills (dealer), John Witherspoon (businessman), Norman Alexander Gibbs (businessman), Kenneth Men'Ard (businessman), Milt Tarver (Duncan), Claudio Martinez (gang member), Luis Manuel (gang member), Hugo L. Stanger (senior citizen)
story: Michael Kozoll & Steven Bochco; teleplay: Anthony Yerkovich, Jeffrey Lewis & Michael Wagner; director: Lawrence Laven

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32. "Some Like it Hot-Wired"

Frank watches as Joyce, still angry over the injustice in the Gilliam case, storms out of court while defending a repeat offender. At a subsequent lunch, Frank offers little support - for which he later apologizes - when she tells him she's quitting PD's office.
After losing a promotion to Chesley, a bitter Goldblume goes undercover to help catch a con team shaking down johns and is shot. Callentano threatens to quit due to money troubles and Esterhaus threatens to retire after his prize car is stolen. Chief Daniels narrowly misses a verbal backlash from Fay when she witnesses him telling Furillo to "muzzle the little woman." Fay, who's quit WAD, asks Furillo about her sexual identity after a lesbian makes a pass at her. Belker and Washington find pieces of Esterhaus' car when they raid a chop shop. Renko learns his father is dying of cancer.

guest stars: Talia Balsam (Sally), Meg Tilly (hooker), Allan Rich (Judge Maurice Schiller), Morgan Woodward (Renko's dad), Rosanna Huffman (Rachel Goldblume), Debi Richter (hooker), John Ratzenberger (phoney cop #1), Eric Server (phoney cop #2), William Bogert (Carillo), William Bronder (Rusco), Mace (Pagano), Mike Finneran (transient), Michael Carmine (car thief), Robin Coleman (Coley), Ken Hill (doctor), Dean Wein (court officer)
story: Michael Kozoll & Steven Bochco; teleplay: Steven Bochco, Anthony Yerkovich, Jeffrey Lewis & Michael Wagner; director: Thomas Carter

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33. "Personal Foul"

Full-scale negotiations are required before a benefit basketball game between the police and the gangs can take place. The cops victory ultimately is foiled by the Gypsy Boys.
Belker and Washington go undercover to catch a robber hitting patrons in a porno theater's bathroom. Tragedy strikes when Hill and Renko respond to a domestic call where a suicidal man is holding his girlfriend and their child hostage. Furillo offers emotional support and advice to Goldblume, who has informed the captain of his impending divorce. Renko's family troubles persist as he briefly resists his dying father's request to go home.

guest stars: Trinidad Silva (Jesus Martinez), Hope Clarke (Mrs. Reese), Alley Mills (Tracy), Morgan Woodward (Renko's dad), Felton Perry (Carter Reese), David Caruso (Shamrock); Bobby Ellerbee (Blood), Guillermo San Juan (Gypsy Boy), Troy Curvey (Dudley Hicks), David Haid (Tommy Renko), Judith Marie Bergan (Nancy), Lee Kessler (Rosanna Morgenstern), Jesse D. Goins (Cookie Marcel), Wolfe Perry (Pearl), Wayne Dvorak (suited man), Darwyn Carson (girlfriend), B.J. Lewis (William)
writers: Steven Bochco, Anthony Yerkovich, Jeffrey Lewis & Michael Wagner; director: David Anspaugh

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34. "Shooter"

Coffey and Bates discover two officers - one dead, the other seriously wounded - who were shot during a burglary. The deceased officer's wife lashes out at Furillo after he breaks the grim news, an all-too-frequent task. In an effort to find the killer, everyone follows the bizarre trail of the gun used to shoot the officers.
Hunter tries to sell First Strike Estates to Goldblume and Fay. While taking his driver's test Belker chases down a robber. Furillo can't help but laugh when a panicked Fay tells him she found Frank Jr. "playing doctor" with a girl and that the girl's mother is threatening to bring charges. A distraught Renko is forced to put his father back in the hospital after his condition worsens. Joyce tells Frank she's been carrying a gun since Pam Gilliam's death.

guest stars: Tracey Walter (Sammy), Alley Mills (Tracy), Morgan Woodward (Renko's dad), Alan North (unknown), J.J. Barry (brother-in-law), Karen Kondazian (saleswoman), Chip Fields (Mrs. Halloran), Laurence Haddon (public defender), George Murdock (Lt. Remington), Robert Phalen (unknown), Nick Savage (bald-headed pickpocket), Ben Slack (Wallins), Richard Beauchamp (Santos), Lee Weaver (bartender), Susan Krebs (saleswoman), Barry Pearl (salesman), Robert Denison (Braverman), Lupe Onteveros (screaming woman), Michael Carmine (screaming youth), Arnold Johnson (drunk), Judy Sardo (eye tester), Wesley Thompson (Brunswick), Ken Hill (doctor)
writers: Steven Bochco, Anthony Yerkovich, Jeffrey Lewis & Michael Wagner; director: Thomas Carter

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35. "Invasion of the Third World Body Snatchers"

Shortly after his father succumbs to cancer, a distraught Renko learns that the hearse bearing his father's remains has been seized without regard for its cargo. Hunter's morbid analysis of the situation repulses the other officers. Belker unknowingly finds Renko's dad while he is undercover, trying to find out who's been knifing winos.
Coffey runs interference for Bates with her recently dumped lover, a Michigan Avenue commander. Davenport finds her faith renewed when she pulls out all the stops to defend a nice young man who is accused of rape. Goldblume attempts to coax the young man's reluctant alibi to come forward, and Furillo also lends a hand when a big-gun prosecutor gets the case. Washington confronts Furillo on his hardline stance against LaRue and asks him to consider letting his partner return. Fay and Goldblume cross paths at a singles bar.

guest stars: Thomas Carter (Donald Lily), Gail Strickland (Kennedy), Alley Mills (Tracy), Morgan Woodward (Renko's dad), Hector Elias (Maria's father), J. Patrick McNamara (Cmdr. Lakeland), Joanelle Nadine Romero (Maria), Michael C. Gwynne (unknown), Richard Roat (unknown), Eleanor McCoy (Coretta), Terry Wills (medical examiner), Angus Duncan (Marshall), Lynn Chaplin (Vivian), Nathan Adler (standing wino), Arnold Turner (boyfriend), James Hardie (apprentice), Melanie Massey (clerk), Dan Chambers (flower man), Heshimu Cumbuka (pimp)
writers: Steven Bochco, Anthony Yerkovich, Jeffrey Lewis & Michael Wagner; director: Gregory Hoblit

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Episode Number and Title

  1. Trial by Fury
  2. Domestic Beef
  3. Heat Rash
  4. Rain of Terror
  5. Officer of the Year
  6. Stan the Man
  7. Little Boil Blue
  8. Requiem For a Hairbag
  9. A Hair of the Dog
  10. Phantom of the Hill
  11. No Body's Perfect
  12. Santaclaustraphobia
  13. Gung Ho
  14. Moon Over Uranus
  15. Moon Over Uranus: the Sequel
  16. Moon Over Uranus: the Final Legacy
  17. The Belles of St. Marys
  18. Life in the Minors
  19. Eugene's Comedy Empire Strikes Back
  20. Spotlight on Rico
  21. Buddy, Can You Spare a Heart?
  22. A Hill of Beans

36. "Trial by Fury"

The Hill is on the verge of going up in flames after a Roman Catholic nun is raped and killed during a church robbery. Frank plays fast and loose with the rule book to capture and hold two young men accused of the crime. And Joyce, who is assigned to defend one of the men, Celestine Gray, feels helpless as public opinion works to destroy her client. Joyce later confronts Frank about his zealous bending of the rules.
A robbery/shooting at a grocery store takes a back seat to the heinous crime against the church. Belker befriends a gay prostitute, Eddie Gregg, after arresting him. Calletano juggles work and a tax audit.

gs: Charles Levin (Eddie Gregg), Silvana Gallardo (Mrs. Rodriguez), Allan Rich (Judge Maurice Schiller), Alex Colon (unknown), Ruth Silvera (Sister Agnes), Gloria LeRoy (Rena), Paul Wilson (Murphy), Maurice Sneed (Gerald), Juney Smith (Celestine), John O'Connell (Mancuso), Martin Garner (pawn broker), Allan Lurie (Carl), Michael Cunningham (paramedic), Richard Warwick (paramedic), Dean Wein (court officer), Charlene Jones (hooker)
writer: David Milch; director: Gregory Hoblit

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37. "Domestic Beef"

Hot weather has tempers flaring on the Hill. Furillo's in the hot seat when he sits on a board of rights for fellow captain Lou Hogan, who is accused of neglecting his duties, and finds himself arguing against his old friend. Goldblume and Belker go undercover to catch a man robbing ice cream vendors. Belker forgets his mother's birthday and Davenport helps him with a gift. Bates, Coffey, Hill and Renko investigate urban cattle rustling. LaRue and Washington interview for jobs at a posh resort in the Bahamas. Chief Daniels drops off movie star who will be filming a movie on the Hill. Furillo and Fay clash over her all-too-frequent visits to the Hill to heap her problems on the beleaguered precinct captain. A roast for Chief Daniels goes from bad to worse when a drunk Lou Hogan crashes the event and alleges indiscretions by officers on the Hill and other precincts. Frank tells Joyce he will follow up on Hogan's accusations, but his plans to talk to Hogan are foiled by the disgraced captain's suicide.

gs: Robert Hogan (Lou Hogan), Andy Romano (Capt. MacPherson), Leo Rossi (John Gennaro), Arnold Johnson (Tubbs), Arthur Taxier (Briles), Vincent Luchessi (Jerry Fuchs), Stephanie Braxton (Fowler), Larry B. Scott (robber), Esther Sutherland (landlady), Jan Stratton (waitress), Robert Moloney (M.C.), Robin Coleman (Coley), Dain C. Turner (kid), Earl Billings (Stephens), Rusdi Lane (Schiffman)
writers: Anthony Yerkovich, Jeffrey Lewis & Michael Wagner; director: Jeff Bleckner

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38. "Heat Rash"

Furillo begins checking out charges made against his men and laments Hogan's death over lunch with Joyce at a hotel. The couple later decides to "murder" a half-hour upstairs.
On Chief Daniel's order, Furillo releases city councilman Detweiler after Hill and Renko arrest him for drunken driving, but not without a verbal chastening. Hunter announces he is to undergo a biopsy on a tumor in his leg. LaRue continues to sulk over not getting the job in the Bahamas and he and Washington spend day serving subpoenas. Gennaro shadows Belker and helps him make an arrest. A movie production manager and the city's film liason meet with gang leaders. Fay gets a job as a crime reporter for an less than reputable publication. Goldblume turns in his badge after Furillo - who was tipped off by Daniels - asks him about his involvement with a 15-year-old prostitute. And Frank and Joyce's attempts to beat the heat have humorous results.

gs: Trinidad Silva (Jesus Martinez), Floyd Levine (Petowski), Leo Rossi (Gennaro), Robert Gray (Mr. Smith), Margot Rose (Katy Bambridge), Michael Fairman (Arnold Detweiler), Armin Shimerman (phone company guy), Mario Gallow (superintendent), Mace (Street Lord), Jesse D. Goins (Cookie Marcel), David Caruso (Shamrock), Guillermo San Juan (Gypsy Boy), Sumant (doctor), Michael Lamont (waiter), Gary Miller (Ballantine), Sam Ingraffia (medic), Robin Coleman (Coley), Phil Peters (Lyle)
writers: Anthony Yerkovich, Jeffrey Lewis & Michael Wagner; director: David Anspaugh

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39. "Rain of Terror"

When it rains it pours. Furillo tracks down the prostitute who Goldblume helped and then trades his silence on Detweiler's arrest/release for his friend's career. In a followup to another of Hogan's charges, LaRue and Washington bust two patrolmen for stealing from burglary victims.
Renko's birthday turns out to be a not so happy occasion. Hunter receives good news after his biopsy and meets a nice nurse. Washington turns down Bahama's job. Fay interviews Gennaro, who later shows up at Belker's drug buy and finds himself in the line of fire. A drenched Joyce lays out plans for a quiet evening which are torpedoed by yet another phone call bearing bad news.

gs: Leo Rossi (Gennaro), Kathleen Lloyd (nurse Linda Wulfawitz), Lori Lethin (Diane Koslow), Francine Lembi (Cheryl Bradford), Michael Fairman (Arnold Detweiler), Phil Peters (Lyle), Robin Coleman (Coley), J.D. Hall (Woodley), David Wiley (store owner), Milt Tarver (Internal Affairs man), Robert Darnell (doctor)
writers: Anthony Yerkovich, Jeffrey Lewis & Michael Wagner; director: Thomas Carter

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40. "Officer of the Year"

Furillo faces a parent's worse fear when a distraught Fay tells him Frank Jr. is missing.
Ever the legal eagle, Davenport crushes a nervous and unprepared Bates on the witness stand. After he and Hill stop an assault, Renko pressures the victim to press charges. Calletano is named Hispanic Officer of the Year, but things get a little sticky after he airs his true feelings at a luncheon in his honor. (Afterwards, he tenders his resignation which Furillo promptly refuses.) Belker works undercover at a massage parlor. LaRue and Washington's response to a liquor store robbery has tragic results. And Frank Jr. finally turns up, much to everyone's relief.

gs: Helen Shaver (Teresa), Jesse John Bochco (Frank Jr.), Charles Weldon (unknown), Royce D. Applegate (unknown), Anna Mathias (Jennie), Malcolm Groome (David Bittan), Tony Perez (Mike Perez), J.W. Smith (citizen), Ralph Mauro (man with crabs), Micole Mercurio (Ernie's wife), Gary Miller (Ballantine), Marty Zagon (Hermie), Bob Tzudiker (Max)
writer: Karen Hall; director: David Anspaugh

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41. "Stan the Man"

Joyce is injured when a suspect scuffles with officers in the squad room, prompting Frank to clean her assailant's clock when the man attempts to take her hostage.
While trying to strike a deal with a cocaine peddler, LaRue and Washington encounter special narcotics undercover cop Stan Mizell. Furillo warns Fuchs to pull the reckless Mizell off the streets, but his efforts prove in vain. Hill has the unforunate task of trying to persuade an elderly black woman that she has to move from her condemned building. Meanwhile, Goldblume tries to keep one of her neighbors who's afraid of the change of venue from jumping off the roof of the building. Fay and Furillo clash after she sells her Gennaro story and he hints she repay the loan he made her. Belker foils a heist while applying for a bank loan to help pay for his father's medical care. The fast-moving nurse Wulfawitz and Hunter meet again.

gs: Robert Davi (Stan Mizell), Jeffrey Tambor (Alan Wachtel), Kathleen Lloyd (nurse Linda Wulfawitz), Michael Fairman (Arnold Detweiler), Louis Giambalvo (Rob Nelson), Peter Jurasik (Sid the snitch), Meshach Taylor (officer Sloan), Frances E. Williams (grandmother), Peter Hobbs (unkown), Bernard Behrens (unknown), Peter Brocco (Mr. Seligman), Bob Larkin (Marshall), Vincent Luchessi (Jerry Fuchs), Tony Schultz (Geraci), Henry G. Sanders (Jerome), Marco Rodriguez (Rico/addict), Robert Darnell (doctor), Don Hanmer (store owner), Eve McVeagh (tenant), Eda Reiss Merin (Mrs. Kramer), Judy Baldwin (Arlene), James Edgcomb (IAD man)
writer: David Milch; director: Thomas Carter

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42. "Little Boil Blue"

Once again, Furillo finds himself in a political whirlpool when the Mizell homicide probe thrusts him between mayoral candidates Daniels and Detweiler. Furillo warns Fuchs of the power play and urges his friend to play by the numbers. On the bright side, LaRue and Washington bust a suspect in the Mizell slaying.
A still bruised Joyce returns to work. Fay agrees to go out with Wachtel after her Gennaro article is misconstrued by the rag she sold it to. Belker doggedly investigates a clever scam using bums to file injury insurance claims. Coffey tries to help a fellow Vietnam veteran who's suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. After taking a robbery victim and suspect to the hospital, Hill narrowly misses having his boil lanced by a mental patient posing as a doctor, and Renko's hasty words to a young doctor land him in trouble with Furillo.

gs: Michael Fairman (Arnold Detweiler), Larry Riley (Vernon Tucker), Rae Allen (Gloria Curran), John Hancock (Ray Saunders), CCH Pounder (Mrs. Wilma Tucker), Jeffrey Tambor (Alan Wachtel), Vincent Luchessi (Jerry Fuchs), Martin Ferrero (Mr. Sybert), Michael O'Guinne (con man), Cotter Smith (intern), Sumant (Dr. Singh), Gary Miller (Ballantine), Charles Parks (doctor), Joseph Chapman (Freed), D.J. Sydney (nurse), Sandra J. Bertelle (nurse), Bob Maroff (Fenny), Jackie DeRouen (hostage), Tony Perez (Mike Perez), Robert Beecher (wino), Paul Larson (sneezing drunk)
writer: Robert Earll; director: David Anspaugh

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43. "Requiem For a Hairbag"

While Mizell is laid to rest, LaRue and Washington inventory the contents of his safety deposit box and find hard proof of his corruption. Chief Daniels pushes Furillo to remain silent about how dirty Mizell was, but later takes the stalwart captain's advice to come clean on the whole affair. Daniels' actions torpedo Detweiler's plans to bring him down and the angry councilman gets drunk and runs over an old lady.
Fay tells Furillo her home was burglarized and that the culprits made off with her belongings, including all their home movies. Bates and Coffey stumble into a sad family situation when they try to help an abused young girl with her baby. Belker wraps up his insurance scam probe with a visit to the doctor - much to Hill's embarrassment - and the arrest of Wachtel. Hunter pops the question to nurse Wulfawitz. Joyce bolsters Frank after he expresses his dislike of Daniels and the political game he was forced to play.

gs: Michael Fairman (Arnold Detweiler), Charles Levin (Eddie Gregg), Kathleen Lloyd (nurse Linda Wulfawitz), Lynne Moody (Marty Nichols), Dominique Dunne (Cindy), Sumant (Dr. Singh), Jeffrey Tambor (Alan Wachtel), Vincent Luchessi (Jerry Fuchs), Sandy martin (Abigail Mizell), Sierra Fecheur (Cindy's mother), John Brandon (Det. Walsh), Sheldon Feldner (Wisniewski), Lee Kessler (Mrs. Morgenstern), David Milton (IAD man), Melissa Bochco (Melissa Mizell), Brandon Goldstein (Brandon Mizell), Pat Benson (woman tenant), David McKnight (sergeant at arms), Jeff Silverman (superintendent), Sandra Bertelle (nurse)
writer: Mark Frost; director: Robert Kelljan

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44. "A Hair of the Dog"

While touring the Hill, the governor's dog is stolen and Daniels launches a massive search operation much to Furillo's disdain. After a ransom demand is made, Furillo enlists the gangs in their search for the pooch.
Academy graduates arrive on the Hill. Rookie Robin Tattaglia helps LaRue and Washington arrest a murder suspect - the two detectives then try to chase down an autopsy report. Belker busts the bald-headed pickpocket again and enlists Eddie Gregg as his snitch. Furillo confronts Nydorf over a missing autopsy report. After a quarrel with Renko, Teresa makes a pass at Coffey. Fay is jailed for contempt in traffic court, but her persistence pays off. A rookie officer freezes and his partner is nearly stabbed. Hill launches his relationship with officer Marty Nichols, and dog metaphors are the order of the evening for Frank and Joyce.

gs: Trinidad Silva (Jesus Martinez), Charles Levin (Eddie Gregg), Helen Shaver (Teresa), Donnelly Rhodes (Paul Grogin), Franklyn Seales (Crawford), Pat Corley (Chief Coroner Wally Nydorf), Lynne Moody (Marty Nichols), Nick Savage (pickpocket), David Caruso (Shamrock), Marco Rodriguez (Rico/addict), Troy Curvey (Dudley Hicks), Kenneth Kimmins (unknown), Lisa Sutton (Robin Tattaglia), Fausto Bara (Tom Hernandez), Ken Force (Bubba Edwards), Betty McGuire (Trudy Sandler), Martin Garner (pawn broker), Peter Lownds (Pete Dorsey), Charles Lanyer (man with guitar), Mace (Pagano), Eric Whitman (Doug), Will Gill Jr. (car owner), Pat Benson (woman onlooker), Julius J. Carry III (customer), Barry Cutler (Kosich), Andy Goldberg (Gradsky), Donald Carter (Governor Sandler), Mimi Seton (prisoner)
writers: Steven Bochco, Anthony Yerkovich & Michael Wagner; director: Gregory Hoblit

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45. "Phantom of the Hill"

Furillo and Bernstein try to make a murder case minus the victim's body or an autopsy report. As they depart their room following a lunch-time tryst at the Embassy Hotel, Frank and Joyce have an awkward and somewhat humorous encounter with Fay and Judge Grogin.
Esterhaus' best-laid plans to propose to Grace are temporarily sidetracked when his engagement ring is stolen in a jewelry store robbery - Belker arrests one of the culprits, paving the way for a riotous interrogation. Teresa dumps Renko and then goes out with Coffey. The Phantom makes one last appearance. A fear-stricken Eddie Gregg implicates his lover in the savage murders of a group of Peruvian drug dealers - LaRue, Washington and Belker go after him by way of Sid. Jesus Martinez has the governor's staff jumping through the hoops when he brings in some information about the missing dog.

gs: Barbara Babcock (Grace Gardner), Pat Corley (Chief Coroner Wally Nydorf), Helen Shaver (Teresa), Charles Levin (Eddie Gregg), Franklyn Seales (Crawford), Lynne Moody (Marty Nichols), Donnelly Rhodes (Paul Grogin), Kenneth Kimmins (unknown), Peter Jurasik (Sid the snitch), Trinidad Silva (Jesus Martinez), Lisa Sutton (Robin Tattaglia), Peter Lownds (Pete Dorsey), Betty McGuire (Trudy Sandler), John O'Leary (jewelry salesman), Derek Barton (felon), Roy London (coroner's assistant), Andy Goldberg (Gradsky), Charlene Jones (hooker)
story: Steven Bochco, Anthony Yerkovich & Jeffrey Lewis; teleplay: Michael Wagner & David Milch ; director: David Anspaugh

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46. "No Body's Perfect"

An overconfident Nydorf refuses to heed Furillo's warning not to testify at a preliminary hearing and, consequently, Joyce skillfully shreds his credibility on the stand.
It's a heat wave - at least in the station house where the furnace, "Big Bertha," won't shut off. After a failed attempt by Calletano and his wife to set up Esterhaus with a lady, Grace pays a visit to the Hill. The governor's dog is returned, but tragicomedy strikes when the pooch is left in Hunter's keeping. A jealous Renko confronts Coffey, then Teresa. Eddie is exposed as a police informant after LaRue, Washington and Belker bust Sid. A rookie officer reconsiders his career as a policeman.

gs: Barbara Babcock (Grace Gardner), Pat Corley (Chief Coroner Wally Nydorf), Helen Shaver (Teresa), Charles Levin (Eddie Gregg), Franklyn Seales (Crawford), Lynne Moody (Marty Nichols), Irene DeBari (Rosa Calletano), Peter Jurasik (Sid the snitch), Kenneth Kimmins (unknown), Trinidad Silva (Jesus Martinez), Lisa Sutton (Robin Tattaglia), Peter Lownds (Pete Dorsey), Gary Cervantes (Jose), Roy London (coroner's assistant), Betty McGuire (Trudy Sandler), Ron Pinkard (judge), Bette Raya (Esperanza), Steven Kavner (reporter), Walter Janowitz (old man)
story: Steven Bochco & Anthony Yerkovich; teleplay: Michael Wagner & David Milch; director: Randa Haines

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47. "Santaclaustraphobia"

There's no place like the Hill for the holidays. Yuletide cheer is in short supply as Furillo concentrates on finding four marauding youths who have already claimed several victims.
Washington's guilt over shooting an innocent store owner surfaces. Hill's vagabond father, Reggie, drops by the station house. Hunter clashes with a waitress suffering from the holiday blues. Buck Naked flashes Fay. While undercover as Santa, Belker busts a youngster interfering with his operation. After taking toys to kids in the hospital, Hunter and several other officers - wearing seasonal costumes - chase robbery suspects. Bates is hurt during the pursuit and is forced to spend the holiday in the hospital. Frank, Joyce and Frank Jr. embark on a holiday ski trip.

gs: James McEachin (Reggie Hill), Earl Billings (Harv), Gina Gallego (Carmen), Micole Mercurio (Mrs. Moldonaldo), Royce Wallace (grandmother), Jan Stratton (waitress), Khalif Bobatoon (unknown), Jan Stratton (waitress), Lee Weaver (Buck Naked), Julia Calderon (Mrs. Grady), Nick Savage (bald-headed pickpocket), Perla Walter (victime), Gary Miller (Ballantine), Greg Lewis (cook), Bill Jenkins (Hurley)
writers: Steven Bochco, Anthony Yerkovich & Jeffrey Lewis; director: Jeff Bleckner

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48. "Gung Ho"

An armored car robbery nets a 1960-70s political radical and has far-reaching effects. Joyce lands the political militant as a client. An overconfident FBI agent noses into the investigation, but his information proves to be slightly out of date. Belker's stakeout of an arcade turns deadly when officer Dorsey goes across the street for some coffee and is shot by one of the robbery suspects. And Furillo deals with the captured suspects to get the one who shot his officer.
Bates gets an embarrassing birthday surprise, but later gets even with Coffey. Fay storms the Hill in a fit of jealousy over Frank Jr.'s constant praise of Joyce. Hunter has a toothache. Tattaglia and Belker bond after Dorsey's death. And everyone tries a new takeout Chinese restaurant with unsettling effects.

gs: Peter Donat (Ronald Schuster), Jeanetta Arnette (Jennifer Cross), Elayne Heilveil (Christina Beck), Peter Lownds (Pete Dorsey), Ed Grover (Special Agent Davis), Myrna White (Lynn Croyden), Lisa Sutton (Robin Tattaglia), Ellen Blake (arcade manager), Frank Doubleday (shooter), Dave Turner (proprieter), Yung Sun (delivery man), Gary Miller (Ballantine), Mark Hearn (disco stripper)
writers: David Milch, Jeffrey Lewis & Michael Wagner; director: David Anspaugh

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49. "Moon Over Uranus"

After his daughter is raped, a veteran cop tries to interfere in Furillo's search for the rapist.
A terrified young woman seeks help with her malevolent ex-boyfriend from the newly-promoted Lt. Goldblume. Chief Daniels takes a walking tour of Dekker Avenue and is bitten by a rat, and Hunter mobilizes a search for the wounded rodent. Fay seeks Furillo's help and advice after Frank Jr. came home early and caught her in a compromising situation with Judge Grogin. Bates and Coffey arrest a survivalist and Davenport is assigned as his counsel. The survivalist meets a tragic end when Donleavy mistakes him for the man who raped his daughter. Renko's arrest for indecent exposure at a bachelor party gets him busted down to traffic ticket duty where he tangles with Det. Sal Benedetto. Joyce tells Frank she has a job interview with the Justice Department.

gs: Bruce Kirby (Jack Donleavy), Dennis Franz (Det. Sal Benedetto), Karen Carlson (Nancy McCoy), Alexandra Johnson (Mary Hicks), Sandra J. Bertrelle (Kathleen Donleavy), Jack Starrett (Farley), Patrick Collins (Mr. Patrakis), Bill Forsythe (Richard Brady), Norman Alexander Gibbs (Smitty), Edwin Owens (Toby), Ed Hooks (superintendent), Lisa Sutton (Robin Tattglia), Sandra J. Bertelle (Kathleen Donleavy), Gary Miller (Ballantine)
story: Steven Bochco & Joseph Gunn; teleplay: Anthony Yerkovich, Jeffrey Lewis, Michael Wagner & David Milch; director: Christian Nyby II

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50. "Moon Over Uranus: the Sequel"

Joyce leaves for her interview with the Justice Department and Frank wrestles with his fears of losing her while trying to run his precinct.
Hunter launches "Operation: Big Broom," a sweep aimed at cleaning up one block of Dekker Avenue and the courts are flooded as a result. Furillo calls off the operation because he feels citizens' rights are being trampled, leading to a confrontation with Chief Daniels. Renko is restored to motor patrol after he saves several people from a burning building. After Frank Jr. is strong-armed by a schoolmate, Fay and Furillo meet with the principal and the bully's parents. Esterhaus offers to teach Frank Jr. boxing. Goldblume is unsuccessful in his efforts to help a terrified young woman being stalked by her ex-boyfriend. Hill lets his fists do the talking and knocks the brutal Benedetto down a peg or two. After having dinner with parole officer Nancy McCoy, Frank's fears of losing Joyce are compounded when his attempt to call her at her hotel proves unsuccessful.

gs: Dennis Franz (Det. Sal Benedetto), Alexandra Johnson (Mary Hicks), Karen Carlson (Nancy McCoy), David Downing (Chester Davis), Bill Forsythe (Richard Brady), Richard Beauchamps (Rodriguez), Phil Rubinstein (Ben), Marco Rodriguez (Rico/addict), Marlene Warfield (Ada Baxter), Henry G. Sanders (store owner), Ivan Saric (waiter), Erick Ornelas (Miguel), Irene Olga Lopez (mother), Helen Martin (woman onlooker), Charles Lyles (man onlooker), Rebecca Forstadt (girl onlooker), Philip Bruns (unknown), Lisa Sutton (Robin Tattaglia), Tony Perez (Mike Perez)
story: Mark Frost, Steven Bochco & Jeffrey Lewis; teleplay: Mark Frost; director: Oz Scott

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51. "Moon Over Uranus: the Final Legacy"

LaRue gets his hands on a surplus military tank to use in "Operation: Big Broom." The courts later put the brakes on the questionable operation after the ACLU and Public Defenders office seek an injunction.
Calletano tries out a toupee. While in court for another traffic ticket, Fay confronts Judge Grogin about their doomed relationship. Goldblume harasses some gang members who are threatening a young man who killed one of their members in self defense. Belker and Tattaglia express feelings for each other. A jealous and anxious Frank grills Joyce about her job interview and expresses his fears of losing her.

gs: Lincoln Kilpatrick (Mr. Ray Hawkins), Donnelly Rhodes (Judge Paul Grogin), Gregory Sierra (ADA Alvarez), Steven Williams (Sonny Freeman), Richard Beauchamp (Marty Rodriguez), Mykel T. Williamson (Raymond Hawkins Jr.), DeVoreaux White (kid), Lawrence Cook (Det. Dibble), Ernie Sabella (Paulie), John O'Connell (Mancuso), Martin West (attorney), David Wiley (shop teacher), Jim Tartan (forensics), Reginald T. Dorsey (Oofus), Mark Woods (Tweetybird), Byron O'Dell (gang member), Lawrence A. Mandley (gang member), Lisa Sutton (Robin Tattaglia), Gary Miller (Ballantine)
story: Philip Combest & Steven Bochco; teleplay: Anthony Yerkovich, Michael Wagner, David Milch & Jeffrey Lewis; director: David Anspaugh

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52. "The Belles of St. Mary's"

The senior criminology class of St. Mary's visits the Hill.
Furillo confronts Jesus Martinez over using him as a credit reference and an illegal investment of grant money. Belker's dad is sick. Coffey has to deal roughly with a man high on PCP, and when the man later dies in custody, the officer is accused of killing him. Davenport snags a savage kneebuster for a client. Fay tells Furillo she's pregnant with Judge Grogin's child. Belker protectiveness of Tattalia nearly endangers their relationship. Belker busts two old guys for armed robbery. A testy Furillo mediates a clash over seniority and rank between Goldblume and Callentano. LaRue sees dollar signs after Hill and Renko arrest stand-up comic Vic Hitler on a bunch of unpaid traffic tickets. The Justice Department offers Joyce a job, and she and Frank take very different views on what if could mean for them.

gs: Terry Kiser (Vic Hitler), Pat Corley (Chief Coroner Wally Nydorf), Ally Sheedy (Kristen), Harry Caesar (Fred), Whitman Mayo (Barney), Gregory Sierra (ADA Alvarez), Dennis Burkley (Sonny Crockett), John O'Connell (Mancuso), Larry D. Mann (Judge Lee Oberman), Willard E. Pugh (Lynn Tatum), Marco Rodriguez (Rico/addict), James Edgcomb (IAD officer), Alan Blumenfeld (maitre'd), Martin Azarow (cigar smoker), Dean Wein (bailiff), Trinidad Silva (Jesus Martinez), Lisa Sutton (Robin Tattaglia), Tony Perez (Mike Perez)
writers: Anthony Yerkovich, Jeffrey Lewis, Michael Wagner & David Milch; director: David Rosenbloom

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53. "Life in the Minors"

IAD grills Coffey on the death of Lynn Tatum, and Tatum's mother makes a scene in the squad room. Furillo is convinced of his officer's innocence and goes after the man who was in the cell next to Tatum, a kneebuster named Sonny Crockett. Crockett tells a story which delights the internal affairs investigators.
Belker's dad dies and Furillo breaks the bad news. Calletano still sulks over Furillo's honest evaluation of his captaincy potential. LaRue makes a fool of himself with a schoolgirl and devises a plan to make money off comic Vic Hitler. Fay tries to get Judge Grogin to admit his paternity of her baby. Joyce turns down the Justice Department job, and after a emotional, honest encounter Frank proposes.

gs: Terry Kiser (Vic Hitler), Gregory Sierra (ADA Alvarez), Ketty Lester (Mrs. Tatum), Stack Pierce (Rev. Banks), Ron Silver (Sam Weiser), Robin Gammell (Douglas Comstock), Ally Sheedy (Kristen), Pat Corley (Chief Coroner Wally Nydorf), Peggy Blow (Justine), Arthur Taxier (IAD Shipman), Dennis Burkely (Sonny Crockett), Lionel Smith (Mario Dundee), Lisa Sutton (Robin Tattaglia), Bob DeLegall (IAD Munson), Marco Rodriguez (Rico/addict), Bill Randolph (Dennis Kinney), Pucci Jhones (hooker), Doug Rowe (blind con man)
story: Steven Bochco & Anthony Yerkovich; teleplay: Michael Wagner, David Milch & Karen Hall; director: Jeff Bleckner

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54. "Eugene's Comedy Empire Strikes Back"

Fallout from Lynn Tatum's death continues to rain on the Hill. Coffey takes a polygraph and Furillo and Goldblume attend a town meeting to soothe the outrage over Tatum's death. Davenport withdraws from Crockett's case when he says he plans to commit perjury.
Bates goes undercover as a bus driver and gets a little backup from Hill and Renko. LaRue preps Vic Hitler for his comic debut, which turns out to be a bust. Tattaglia transfers to another precinct. Fay decides to have her baby. Frank and Joyce get married in a lunchtime ceremony, and Fay freaks out when Furillo breaks the news. After his father's funeral, Belker drives around and helps catch a robber who shot a cop. Newlyweds Frank and Joyce embark on a night of bliss.

gs: Ron Silver (Sam Weiser), Terry Kiser (Vic Hitler), Ally Sheedy (Kristen), Dennis Burkley (Sonny Crockett), Gregory Sierra (ADA Alvarez), Ketty Lester (Mrs. Tatum), Stack Pierce (Rev. Banks), Marco Rodriquez (Rico/addict), Arthur Taxier (IAD Shipman), Ted Markland (Haggerty), George O. Petrie (judge), Madelyn Cates (singer), Paula Victor (old lady), Vahan Moosekian (polygraph tech), Jane Alden (Myrna Schnitz), Reginald T. Dorsey (bus robber #1), Ezekiel Moss (bus robber #2), Joseph Reisman (punk), Peggy Blow (Justine), Lisa Sutton (Robin Tattaglia)
story: Steven Bochco, Anthony Yerkovich & Jeffrey Lewis; teleplay: Anthony Yerkovich, David Milch & Karen Hall; director: David Anspaugh

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55. "Spotlight on Rico"

The brutal narcotics Det. Benedetto temporarily transfers to the Hill and partners with Washington to investigate a loan shark. The operation results in the death of kneebuster Sonny Crockett and Benedetto's true colors are revealed.
Leo helps drug addict Rico go cold turkey. While investigating the murder of a man in a homeless shelter, Joyce, Frank and Goldblume question a suspect who appears to have multiple personalities. Fay's upset when Frank Jr. tells her he wants to move in with his new mother. After nurse Wulfawitz dumps Hunter, he meets a nice Vietnamese girl at a massage parlor.

gs: Marco Rodriguez (Rico/addict), Michael Lerner (Rollie Simone), Marion Yue (Colette), Dennis Burkley (Sonny Crockett), Leonard Stone (Mo "Mouse" Feldstein), Kathleen Lloyd (nurse Linda Wulfawitz), George Innes (James Willett Frame), Dennis Franz (Det. Sal Benedetto), Jonathan Banks (Reggie Orson), William Bronder (impound attendant), Mike Finneran (shelter manager), Marion Kodama Yue (Colette), Gary Miller (Ballantine)
story: Steven Bochco, Jeffrey Lewis & Michael Wagner; teleplay: Jeffrey Lewis, Michael Wagner, David Milch & Karen Hall; director: Rick Wallace

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56. "Buddy, Can You Spare a Heart?"

While undercover on Benedetto's loan-sharking operation, Washington is shot.
Officers have a little fun with the robot TK460. Goldblume tries to catch the man with multiple personalities after he escapes from county psych and sets off a bomb at the station house. A cash-strapped Hill and Renko find a bag full of temptation, but it loses it's appeal when their patrol car is stolen with the unreported cash inside. Leo puts Rico to work on the COP-TIPS hotline. LaRue tries to stack the deck in his favor in the Buddy Genett body parts pool.

gs: Dennis Franz (Det. Sal Benedetto), Marco Rodriguez (Rico/addict), Michael Lerner (Rollie Simone), Marion Yue (Colette), George Innes (James Willett Frame), Zerondick Hubbard (Speedboat), David Fresco (Iggie), Richard Roat (Mr. Farnsworth), John LaMotta (bar patron), William Benedict (old man), Aston S. Young (bar patron), Hal Bokar (bartender), Jonathan Banks (Reggie Orson), Marion Kodama Yue (Colette), John La Motta (bar patron), Gary Miller (Ballantine)
story: Steven Bochco, Anthony Yerkovich & Jeffrey Lewis; teleplay: Michael Wagner, David Milch & Karen Hall; director: Thomas Carter

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57. "A Hill of Beans"

Furillo hauls in loan shark Simone at Daniels insistance. Belker and LaRue go on a rampage to find out what ruined a police drug transaction that almost cost Washington's life. Benedetto feels their investigation closing in on him and tries to make a run for it, but things don't turn out quite like he planned.
Fay learns her baby's a girl and asks Esterhaus to be godfather. Frank and Joyce's lunchtime tryst is derailed by an eldery, out-of-breath hotel attendant. Crockett's death allows Joyce to clear Coffey in the Tatum death. Joyce represents a charming and polite purse snatcher. The cash payroll is hijacked and fingers point to Jesus Martinez after the hijackers are arrested. Rico gets high again.

gs: Trinidad Silva (Jesus Martinez), Dennis Franz (Det. Sal Benedetto), Marco Rodriguez (Rico/addict), Michael Lerner (Rollie Simone), George Innes (James Willett Frame), David Fresco (Iggie), Allan Rich (Judge Maurice Schiller), Stanley Kamel (Agent Ramsey), Thomas Ryan (courier), Arnie Moore (bodyguard), Kale Williamson (Mrs. Dobson), Robert Pastorelli (Jimmy Frumento), Peter Frechette (unknown), Kate Williamson (Mrs. Dobson), Ernie Brown (waiter), Luis Manuel (gang kid), Carlos Lacamara (gang kid), Dan Chambers (window washer), Dean Wein (bailiff)
story: Steven Bochco, Jeffrey Lewis & David Milch; teleplay: Anthony Yerkovich, David Milch & Karen Hall; director: Rick Wallace

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Episode Number and Title

  1. Here's Adventure, Here's Romance
  2. Ba-bing, Ba-bing
  3. The Long Law of the Arm
  4. Death by Kiki
  5. Doris in Wonderland
  6. Praise Dilaudid
  7. Goodbye, Mr. Scripps
  8. Midway to What?
  9. Honk if You're a Goose
  10. The Russians are Coming
  11. Ratman and Bobbin
  12. Nichols From Heaven
  13. Fuchs Me? Fuchs You!
  14. Grace Under Pressure
  15. The Other Side of Oneness
  16. Parting is Such Sweep Sorrow
  17. The End of Logan's Run
  18. The Count of Monty Tasco
  19. Nutcracker Suite
  20. Hair Apparent
  21. Lucky Ducks
  22. Eva's Brawn

58. "Here's Adventure, Here's Romance"

The only witness to a massacre at a gay bar is an off-duty cop, Det. Art Bradley, who is reluctant to come forward for fear of losing his job and family. LaRue and Washington antics to catch the killer endanger the case. And Furillo forces Bradley to make a difficult choice.
A major power outage strikes the Hill during hot weather and officers are overburdened with problems resulting from the blackout. Calletano has a kidney stone. The Cisco Kid creates trouble on the Hill and Davenport has the honor of defending him. Goldblume offers to be Fay's natural childbirth coach.

guest stars: Martin Ferrero (Alan "Cisco Kid" Branford), Lawrence Pressman (Art Bradley), Eugene Butler (Vincent Kirby), Tracey Walter (Willie Laporter), George D. Wallace (Judge Milton Cole), Nick Savage (pickpocket), Lee Weaver (William "Buck Naked" Tully), Bill Watson (Comstock), Rudy Ramos (night lieutenant)
story: Steven Bochco, Jeffrey Lewis & David Milch; teleplay: Michael Wagner, David Milch, Karen Hall & Mark Frost; director: Christian I. Nyby II

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59. "Ba-bing, Ba-bing"

The mayoral campaign is in full swing: candidate Chief Daniels is duking it out in the public opinion polls with his opponent, Benjamin Fisk. Fisk moves into a crime-ridden housing project despite Furillo's warnings of a gang power struggle. In efforts to curb the escalating gang violence and keep Fisk safe, the precinct captain lays down "Furillo's Law" with the gang leaders and plays an ace, angering Goldblume and Hector Ruiz in the process.
Belker goes undercover in a fish market that's being harassed to sign a protection contract. Hill's gambling problem surfaces after he wins $100,000 in the lottery. Belker has a run-in with Deputy Chief Mahoney, who's trying to ride herd on Furillo's precinct. Coffey and Bates bust a couple of lady mud wrestlers. Esterhaus fusses over Fay, who's in her final days of pregnancy. Joyce and Frank's evening is interrupted when a 9-year-old kid is killed in a drive-by shooting.

guest stars: Ron Parady (Dennis Mahoney), George Coe (Benjamin Fisk), Kale Browne (Byron Whitcamp), Panchito Gomez (Hector Ruiz), Harrison Page (John Fox), Diane Gallup (Bunny Babing), Denise Gallup (Babette Babing), William Schilling (Andrew Lane), Larry D. Mann (Judge Lee Oberman), John Medici (Feinstein)
writer: Karen Hall; director: David Anspaugh

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60. "The Long Law of the Arm"

Furillo is forced to make a difficult decision after Hector Ruiz takes Fisk hostage.
A Midtown vice cop warns Furillo of Hill's gambling problem. LaRue and Washington salvage a man's severed arm. Still on desk duty, Belker makes a food run and ends up capturing a robber. Davenport defends a frantic West Indian cabbie who shot a man he thought was a robber. Hill's gambling habit gets worse and his attitude alienates many of his friends. A joke involving an obscene gesture lands Furillo on Mahoney's list with Belker, Renko, Washington and LaRue. Goldblume and Fay grow closer as her due date nears.

guest stars: George Coe (Benjamin Fisk), Clinton Derricks-Carroll (Kiki Chabundi), Panchito Gomez (Hector Ruiz), William Schilling (Andrew Lane), Harrison Page (John Fox), Kale Browne (Byron Whitcamp), Larry D. Mann (Judge Lee Oberman), Ron Parady (Dennis Mahoney), Peter Fox (Jay Eldridge)
writer: Michael Wagner; director: Alexander Savage

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61. "Death by Kiki"

Fisk's return to the housing project ends in disaster - much to Daniels morbid delight.
Kiki finds the knife and tries to persuade Eldridge to change his story with tragic results. Put on desk duty, Belker lectures merchants recently victimized by crime and loses his temper when the attendees voice their complaints about the police. Hill's behavior gets worse and Renko tries to stop his partner's downward spiral. Furillo and Goldblume talk things out. Shooter of 9-year-old kid becomes victim of gang violence. Coffey sulks after Bates scores higher on the sergeant's exam. Daniels has Mahoney drop the charges against Furillo and his officers. Fay has her baby.

guest stars: George Coe (Benjamin Fisk), Clinton Derricks-Carroll (Kiki Chabundi), Larry D. Mann (Judge Lee Oberman), William Schilling (Andrew Lane), Ron Parady (Dennis Mahoney), Kale Browne (Byron Whitcamp), Peter Fox (Jay Eldridge)
writers: David Milch & Mark Frost; director:Bill Duke

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62. "Doris in Wonderland"

The shooting of a little boy by officer Perez becomes political fodder when Mahoney tries to make capital for Chief Daniels out of the tragedy by forcing Furillo to arrest the boy's mother on child-endangerment charges. Frank and Joyce (and Bernstein) seem the only ones aware that two lives are being destroyed for political gain.
Police Cmdr. Ozzie Cleveland enters the mayoral race - much to Daniels displeasure. On Daniels' order, LaRue, Washington, Belker and Hunter launch "Operation Tenderloin" out of Murray's Wonderland, a sexual cafeteria in Cleveland's precinct. Bates scuffles with a junkie and ends up in the hospital where she meets a nice doctor.

guest stars: Alfre Woodard (Doris Robson), Sam Groom (Dr. Stuart), Milton Seltzer (Murray Kaplan), Larry D. Mann (Judge Lee Oberman), Ron Parady (Dennis Mahoney), J.A. Preston (Ozzie Cleveland)
story: Steven Bochco, Jeffrey Lewis & David Milch; teleplay: Peter Silvaman; director: Arthur Alan Seidelman

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63. "Praise Dilaudid"

Hill and Renko nab the "Emily Post bandit" - with the help of his junkie girlfriend - and the dye packs leave Renko a little green. The bandit escapees and takes a hostage and Goldblume must negotiate a peaceful surrender.
Fay's timely arrival at the station house puts the shaft to Chief Daniels in front of press corps. Judge dismisses charges against Mrs. Robson and Davenport advises her to file a civil suit. Ozzie Cleveland filets Daniels on TV over the Robson arrest. Wachtel shows up - in drag - at Murray's Wonderland just before the owner, his client, is killed in a shootout.

guest stars: Michael Horton (Nicky Kasner), Sam Groom (Dr. Stuart), Alfre Woodard (Doris Robson), Larry D. Mann (Judge Lee Oberman), George D. Wallace (Judge Milton Cole), Kale Browne (Byron Whitcamp), Marilyn Jones (Desiree Handel), J.A. Preston (Ozzie Cleveland), Ron Parady (Dennis Mahoney), Milton Seltzer (Murray Kaplan)
story: Steven Bochco, Jeffrey Lewis & David Milch; teleplay: Michael Wagner; director: Gabrielle Beaumont

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64. "Goodbye, Mr. Scripps"

Election day proves trying for everyone: Frank and Joyce are among those who attend the Robson boy's funeral; Mahoney turns on Daniels and tries to burn Furillo in the process; Hunter meets a nice lady who steals his wallet; Goldblume tries to keep a last-minute candidate clear of the polling places and later must foil the man's attempt to injure the mayoral-race victor, Ozzie Cleveland.
Funeral plots up for bid arouse morbid thoughts for Coffey, but Bates and Hunter seize the opportunity to invest in their futures, so to speak. Wachtel returns to the Hill - his attire proves a major source of amusement for Frank and Joyce - to report gangsters threatening to torch Murray's Wonderland. Hill and Renko deliver money collected from Hill Street officers to Mrs. Robson. Furillo tries to help Perez' family and Joyce tags along when Frank goes to visit his troubled officer.

guest stars: Kenneth Tigar (Randolph Scripps), Ron Parady (Dennis Mahoney), Alfre Woodard (Doris Robson), J.A. Preston (Ozzie Cleveland), Stack Pierce (Rev. Banks)
story: Steven Bochco, Jeffrey Lewis & David Milch; teleplay: Mark Frost; director: Corey Allen

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65. "Midway to What?"

The vice squad ignores Furillo's report on a bookie joint operating out of a candy story and the captain decides to take it down with his men. The busted bookie, Seltzer, turns over several tapes incriminating cops on the take, including a rookie Hunter, and the EATer leader later attempts suicide.
Bates and Coffey clean up "Buck Naked" for a court appearance at the trial of cab company owner and driver - the judge vacates the guilty verdict and Joyce confesses suspicions to Frank. Belker pursues a paraplegic who spray painted his car, which was parked in a handicapped zone. Hill boxes for the precinct against Al Simmons. Fay and Goldblume take their relationship in a more intimate direction.

guest stars: Gary Frank (Gerry Gaffney), Guy Boyd ("Irish" Bobby Shields), Michael Durrell (Irv Luboff), Barney Martin (Ben Seltzer), Al Ruscio (Bernard Heiser), George D. Wallace (Judge Milton Cole), Lee Weaver (William "Buck Naked" Tully), Jack Murdock (Mr. Gilbert), Michael Ironside (Schrader), Debi Richter (Daryl Ann), Jane Alden (Myrna Schnitz), Biff Yeager (referee), Bruno Ragnucci (man), Milt Jamin (jury foreman)
story: Jeffrey Lewis & David Milch (based in part on an unpublished story by Darrell Ray and Alan Toy); teleplay: Jeffrey Lewis, Michael Wagner, Karen Hall & Mark Frost; director: Thomas Carter

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66. "Honk if You're a Goose"

The frightened bookie Ben Seltzer gives up a payoff drop point which nets a corrupt judge. Furillo tells chief of corruption at Midtown vice and ADA Bernstein unites with precinct captain to launch a covert investigation.
Belker gets some unexpected help when he goes undercover in a wheelchair - but tragedy is just around the corner. Fay and Goldblume plan a weekend getaway. Bates and Coffey apprehend Honky the Goose and is literally choked up by his reunion with his owner. Furillo pulls favor from Daniels to spare Hunter, who refuses to admit he attempted suicide or needs any help, an IAD hearing. Hill gets his bell rung in his last fight for the precinct. Frank expresses his fears about the possiblity of corruption in the ranks to Joyce.

guest stars: Gary Frank (Gerry Gaffney), Guy Boyd ("Irish" Bobby Shields), Michael Durrell (Irv Luboff), Barney Martin (Ben Seltzer), George D. Wallace (Judge Milton Cole), Crispin Glover (space cadet), T.J. Castronova (Morrisey), Ralph Drischell (Shorter), Debi Richter (Daryl Ann), Jane Alden (Myrna Schnitz), Alan Blumenfled (driver), Biff Yeager (cop referee), Will Gill Jr. (store owner #1), Dean Wein (bailiff), Rick Goldman (cop), Larry Marko (store owner #2), Richard Warwick (paramedic), Gus Corrado (civilian)
story: Jeffrey Lewis & David Milch (based in part on an unpublished story by Darrell Ray and Alan Toy); teleplay: Michael Wagner, David Milch & Karen Hall; director: Arthur Alan Seidelman

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67. "The Russians are Coming"

Three visiting Russians bring their personal problems to the Hill.
Marty Nichols returns to the Hill. Joyce's mother is coming for a holiday visit, putting the Furillos in a lodging quandary. Belker finds a glut of action while working undercover as an ambulance attendant to stop a recent rash of pharmaceutical robberies. After his brother-in-law is busted for soliciting a police officer, LaRue uses situation to help his transportation woes. Joyce seeks comfort from Frank after her efforts to keep a mentally troubled young man out of jail result in tragedy. Fay and Goldblume worry about how to tell Furillo about their relationship, but the observant police captain figures it out for himself.

guest stars: Bruno Kirby (Louis), Lynne Moody (Marty Nichols), Louis Giambalvo (Rob Nelson), Allan Kolman (Mischa Cherchenko), Natasha Schneider (Ludmilla Moros), Larry D. Mann (Judge Lee Oberman), Richard Brooks (Tyrone Crane), Stanley Kamel (Agent Ramsey), Bill Henderson (Maynard), Janet Caroll (Peggy LaRue Nelson), Charles Penland (Curtis), Betty Cole (Mrs. Randolph), Martin West (ADA), Adam Gregor (Konstantin), Dorothy Meyer (cook), Ezekiel Moss (street kid), Ron Recanser (bailiff), Charles Lyles (old man), Tony O'Neil (Bolino), Richard Chaves (doctor)
story: Jeffrey Lewis & Dennis Cooper (based in part on an unpublished story by Stanley N. Wellborn); teleplay: Dennis Cooper; director: Randa Haines

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68. "Ratman and Bobbin"

The cop killer raises his tally to four by gunning down two officers on patrol.
Daniels tries to short circuit Cleveland's corruption task force by exposing a network within the special vice detail - Furillo and Bernstein's six-week-old investigation leads them to three men. Belker goes undercover as a bag lady to catch a slasher. Bates and Coffey take over a storefront police/ommunity relations project and encounter a double-parking pimp and a volatile domestic situation. Daryl Ann buys the wrong motorcycle for Renko at a police auction. Leo employs an odd exterminator after rats invade the station house. Henry and Fay separately confront Furillo about his behavior toward them. Hunter helps keep suicidal woman from jumping off building with her son. Joyce behaves oddly about buying a house and later reveals the source of her demeanor to Frank - she's unable to have children. While on the way home, Frank encounters an armed robbery and is forced to shoot the perpetrator while Joyce watches from the car.

guest stars: Vincent Baggetta (Dave Marino), Lynne Moody (Marty Nichols), Ron Rifkin (Monty DiMair), Harrison Page (Fox), Dana Gladstone (Goldblum), Fred McCarren (Stuart Casey), Debi Richter (Daryl Ann), Ted Gehring (Eddie Bobbin), Joe Pantoliano (Sonny Orsini), Richard Kuss (Lou), Barbara Alston (Mrs. Rutledge), Don Blakely (Mr. Rutledge), Bumper Robinson (kid), Mike Gomez (pimp), Arthur Taxier (IAD Shipman), Zero Hubbard (Rutledge kid), James Avery (Tolliver), Connie Sawyer (bag lady), Ronald Carter (deaf child), Nick de Mauro (man), Rick Goldman (cop), Paco Vek (man), Judith Weston (waitress), Jeff Silverman (landlord)
story: Steven Bochco, Jeffrey Lewis & David Milch; teleplay: Jeffrey Lewis, Michael Wagner, Karen Hall & Mark Frost; director: Richard Compton

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69. "Nichols From Heaven"

Furillo struggles through what he is believes it the worst 24 hours ever on the Hill: A cop killer roams the precinct; the corruption investigation into the vice squad strikes close to home when officer Marty Nichols is gunned down; and the emotional fallout from the knowledge Joyce can't have children and the fact he killed a man weigh heavily on the precinct captain.
Joyce rebuffs Fay's attempt to reach out to her. The rats return to the station house and the exterminator tries bagpipes this time. Esterhaus is hospitalized for tests. Goldblume and Davenport try to protect a woman and her children from her abusive husband, but tragedy strikes. Double-parking pimp gets just desserts in an encounter with Fay. Joyce and Frank have a heart-to-heart after a trying couple of days.

guest stars: Lynne Moody (Marty Nichols), Vincent Baggetta (Dave Marino), Dana Gladstone (Goldblum), Joe Pantoliano (Sonny Orsini), Fred McCarren (Stuart Casey), Richard Stahl (James Thaddeus), Harrison Page (Fox), Larry D. Mann (Judge Lee Oberman)
story: Steven Bochco, Jeffrey Lewis & David Milch; teleplay: Dennis Cooper; director: Thomas Carter

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70. "Fuchs Me? Fuchs You!"

Furillo and Bernstein take down corrupt vice cops and reveals that Marty Nichols was corrupt. And Furillo loses his old friend Jerry Fuchs as the corruption investigation winds down.
A romantic triangle transfers to the Hill and comes to a boil. Belker goes undercover as a rabbi to catch guys robbing synagogue. Coffey meets a nice paralegal and later is shot by the cop killer. Fay and Davenport mend fences. The cop killer turns himself in, but not before he has Hunter in his sights. Still upset over not being able to have children, Davenport refuses to represent Jose the pimp. Frank promises Joyce they won't let the marriage kill their love affair.

guest stars: Linda Hamilton (Sandy Valpariso), Caroline McWilliams (Ann Schwitzer), J.A. Preston (Ozzie Cleveland), Fred McCarren (Stuart Casey), Dennis Lipscomb (unknown), Barry Tubb (Archie Peyser Jr.)
story: David Milch, Steven Bochco & Jeffrey Lewis; teleplay: David Milch, Michael Wagner, Karen Hall & Mark Frost; director: Arthur Alan Seidelman

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71. "Grace Under Pressure"

With his own emotions barely under wrap, Furillo makes an unusual appearance during roll call to inform his officers of Sgt. Esterhaus' death and cautions the devastated lot "to be careful out there." The officers struggle to do their jobs while dealing with their grief. Furillo learns he is executor of Esterhaus' estate, comforts Grace and asks Bates to take over as roll-call sergeant.
Perez returns to duty. Coffey's girlfriend is raped. Overcrowding at the Michigan Avenue Complex prompts a judge to release a large number of criminals. Bates and Pilsky take part in "Operation: Pussycat" designed to catch early-morning johns. Jesus tries to help police catch guys robbing meat delivery trucks. Leo finds out his wife is having an affair. An unaware rookie officer busts Fay for solicitation - much to her amusement.

guest stars: Linda Hamilton (Sandy Valpariso), Jane Kaczmarek (Off. Clara Pilsky), Barry Tubb (Archie Peyser Jr.), John Hancock (unknown)
story: Jeffrey Lewis, Steven Bochco & David Milch; teleplay: Jeffrey Lewis, Michael Wagner, Karen Hall & Mark Frost; director: Rick Wallace

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72. "The Other Side of Oneness"

With emotion filling his voice, Furillo reads a letter from Esterhaus at roll call turning out the day shift one last time. Furillo tries to find way around the legal restrictions on scattering Esterhaus' remains on the Hill. Officers still struggle with grief over sergeant's death.
Goldblume is fascinated by a high-end call girl held on murder charges whose elite clientele has newspapers bidding for her story and her fearful clients threatening her life; his fascination puts Fay off and they are robbed as the leave a restaurant. Downtown bean-counter looks for office supply thief on the Hill. Coffey and his girlfriend continue to have problems. Bates impending assignment as roll call sergeant upsets Coffey. Belker has run-in with a religious nut while trying to catch pickpockets. Rodriguez brothers arrested again - this time for murder. Fuchs returns to Hill trying to drum up business for his private security firm.

guest stars: Kay Lenz (Whitney Barnes), Gail Strickland (Kennedy), Jane Kaczmarek (Off. Clara Pilsky), Larry D. Mann (Judge Lee Oberman), Barry Tubb (Archie Peyser Jr.)
story: Steven Bochco, Jeffrey Lewis & David Milch; teleplay: Michael Wagner, David Milch, Mark Frost & Roger Director; director: Alexander Singer

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73. "Parting is Such Sweep Sorrow"

A judge intent on elevating jail conditions threatens to release more of the court's overflow back into the streets, and Furillo and Bernstein team up in an effort to stop him.
Bates gets off to a rough start as roll call sergeant. Renko pulls a hernia when he and Hill help an obese woman stuck in a bathtub. New khaki officer, Natalie DeRoy, arrives on the Hill. LaRue and Washington investigate the death of a street kid. Hill Street officers, Frank and Joyce attend Esterhaus' memorial service. Coffey and Sandy agree to make another go at it. Buck Naked is arrested again. After Whitney Barnes' pimp turns himself, a professional hitman guns him down in the station house. Fay and Goldblume split. Furillo honors Esterhaus' last wishes and scatters his ashes on the Hill, despite the fact it's illegal.

guest stars: Linda Hamilton (Sandy Valpariso), Edward James Olmos (Judge Cruz), Jane Kaczmarek (Off. Clara Pilsky), Clarence Williams III (unknown), Barry Tubb (Archie Peyser Jr.)
story: Steven Bochco, Jeffrey Lewis & David Milch; teleplay: Jeffrey Lewis, Michael Wagner, David Milch & Mark Frost; director: Gregory Hoblit

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74. "The End of Logan's Run"

As "Operation: Stop 'N' Cop" begins, Furillo gets himself into hot water by criticizing the project, which was began at the mayor's urging.
Davenport finds herself looking down a gun barrel when the brother of the man she's defending silences the prosecution witness, and she ultimately is torn between her fears and her duty. Belker has a final run in with his bald-headed pickpocket with many names. Bates' new promotion leaves her feeling a little left out. Fay and Goldblume agree to remain friends.

guest stars: Nick Savage (pickpocket James Logan), Scatman Crothers (Lionel "Train" Talbot), Jane Kaczmarek (Pilsky), Jesse D. Goins (William Mullins), Andy Romano (Dept. Chief Warren Briscoe), Fritz Turner (Timothy Mullins)
story: Steven Bochco, Jeffrey Lewis & David Milch; teleplay: Jeffrey Lewis, David Milch, Karen Hall & Mark Frost; director: Christian I. Nyby II

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75. "The Count of Monty Tasco"

As the pressure mounts on her to identify Timothy Mullins as Talbot's shooter, Joyce swallows her fear and comes forward. William Mullins promises Frank that Joyce will die if she testifies and Frank makes Mullins a promise of his own.
While attempting to limit the damage from his criticism of the mayor and "Operation: Stop 'N' Cop," an angry Furillo makes matters worse with the press and Chief Daniels later relieves him of command. Hunter takes Fay to lunch. A census taker disappears while working on the Hill. A pregnant Daryl Ann asks Renko to marry her. LaRue is out sick and Det. Harry Garibaldi joins Washington and Belker on stakeout. Officer Pilsky guns down a suspect while working backup on "Stop 'N' Cop." Joyce blames Frank for not being there to protect her, prompting her to start carrying a gun and he pays a visit to the liquor store.

guest stars: Barry Corbin (Monty Tasco), Jesse D. Goins (William Mullins), Jane Kaczmarek (Pilsky), Larry D. Mann (Judge Lee Oberman), Debi Richter (Daryl Ann), Jonelle Allen (Linda Talbot), Alex Hyde-White (Sawyer), Alan North (unknown "Earl in The Long Kiss Goodnight")
story: Steven Bochco, Jeffrey Lewis & David Milch; teleplay: Jeffrey Lewis, Michael Wagner, Mark Frost & Roger Director; director: Rick Wallace

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76. "Nutcracker Suite"

Division and the mayor's office order all Hill Street cops to back up "Operation: Stop 'n' Cop" with both tragic (Pilsky freezes and is shot and killed) and impressive (a raid nets a heroin factory) results.
Goldblume and Calletano struggle to run the station command. Furillo tries to resist taking a drink and gets moral support from Fay. Davenport represents a man involved in a whirlpool accident/assault. Goldblume has Belker, Washington and a timid Garibaldi dog William Mullins to protect Davenport. Davenport and Fay counsel Jesus Martinez' pregnant girlfriend. Armed with a videotape of the chief with prostitute Whitney Barnes, Calletano goes to bat for Furillo. Renko pops the question to Daryl Ann. And Frank and Joyce make a trade: his bottle of booze for her gun.

guest stars: Jesse D. Goins (William Mullins), Andy Romano (Warren Briscoe), Jane Kaczmarek (Pilsky) J.A. Preston (Ozzie Cleveland), Debi Richter (Daryl Ann)
story: Steven Bochco, Jeffrey Lewis & David Milch; teleplay: Michael Wagner, David Milch, Karen Hall & Mark Frost; director: Arthur Alan Seidelman

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77. "Hair Apparent"

Expiring treaties result in gang violence on the Hill. The mayor's gang appointee to the Youth Corps Summer Job Program comes, a former Blood, under fire for favoritism and a Diablos member threatens to kill him.
Garibaldi tries to save himself some money by doing some unofficial police work for a guy whose car he rearended. Hunter and Fay battle over city money for his equestrian unit and her unwed mother counseling program. Belker, with Hill and Renko as backup, goes undercover in "Operation: Straight Flush" to nab video poker vendors and is nearly exposed by agents from another agency. Joyce stuns Frank when she disappears for a day and then reluctantly asks for a few weeks to herself to sort out her feelings.

guest stars: J.A. Preston (Ozzie Cleveland), Randy Brooks (Marcus Peabody), Robert Costanzo (Lester Franco), Joanna Kerns (State Liquor Authority officer), Joe Santos (Jimmy LaStarza), Beau Starr (Joey DeSoto), Harold Sylvester (Officer Rudy Davis), Andy Garcia (Ernesto), Art Evans (Floyd Joyner), Michael Alldredge (unknown)
story: Steven Bochco, Jeffrey Lewis, David Milch & Mark Frost; teleplay: Jeffrey Lewis, Michael Wagner, Karen Hall & Roger Director; director: Corey Allen

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78. "Lucky Ducks"

Gang violence rips through the Hill and Furillo puts pressure on the Bloods and Diablos for a truce after he learns Jesus Martinez is no longer running Diablos. An angry Peabody rejoins the Bloods and goes to the loan sharks - sharks being the operative word - Belker has infiltrated to trade drugs from money to finance a gang war with the Diablos.
Coffey and Davis arrest a man eating his car. Fay makes a pass at Furillo. Hunter's horse takes ill. Davenport represents a gigolo who wants to rush his case to court to avoid out-of-state warrants. Calletano prepares for a game show appearance on "Lucky Ducks." A brawl erupts as Renko tries to organize his wedding attendants and his rehearsal dinners has a few glitches. Frank and Joyce have dinner and discuss their future.

guest stars: Debi Richter (Daryl Ann), Randy Brooks (Marcus Peabody), Robert Costanzo (Lester Franco), Joe Santos (Jimmy LaStarza), Beau Starr (Joey DeSoto), Harold Sylvester (Officer Rudy Davis), Hunt Block (unknown), John McCook (unknown)
story: Steven Bochco, Jeffrey Lewis, David Milch & Karen Hall; teleplay: Michael Wagner, David Milch, Karen Hall & Mark Frost; director: Rick Wallace

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79. "Eva's Brawn"

Furillo taps Jesus Martinez to negotiate a cease fire and treaties between the gangs.
Coffey bets money for Renko's wedding present on a horse that will mean instant cash or crash. Renko and Hill test drive patrol car with new computer and it is stolen. Belker's loan sharks commandeer a prison bus and demand him in exchange for their hostages. Fay apologizes to Furillo for making a pass at him. Garabaldi talks Goldblume into trying an unusual video dating service - he hooks a dominatrix. Hunter's horse takes a turn for the worse. Renko has second thoughts as his wedding approaches. LaRue returns for the nuptials Frank and Joyce spend the night together before she leaves on her Paris vacation.

guest stars: Andy Romano (Warren Briscoe), Debi Richter (Daryl Ann), Susan Kellerman (Eva), Robert Costanzo (Lester Franco), Joe Santos (Jimmy LaStarza), Beau Starr (Joey DeSoto), Harold Sylvester (Officer Rudy Davis), Don Calfa (unknown "Howard Buckley in The Presidio")
story: Steven Bochco, Jeffrey Lewis & David Milch; teleplay: Jeffrey Lewis, David Milch, Mark Frost & Roger Director; director: Gregory Hoblit

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Episode Number and Title

  1. Mayo, Hold the Pickle
  2. Watt a Way to Go
  3. Rookie Nookie
  4. Fowl Play
  5. Bangladesh Slowly
  6. Ewe and Me, Babe
  7. Blues for Mr. Green
  8. Fuched Again
  9. Low Blow
  10. The Rise and Fall of Paul the Wall
  11. Last Chance Salon
  12. Intestinal Fortitude
  13. Of Human Garbage
  14. Dr. Hoof and Mouth
  15. Davenport in a Storm
  16. Washington Deceased
  17. Passage to Libya
  18. El Capitan
  19. The Life & Time of Dominic Florio Jr.
  20. G.Q.
  21. Queen for a Day
  22. You're in Alice's
  23. Grin and Bear It

80. "Mayo, Hold the Pickle"

The fifth season gets off to a tense start as the impending execution of Celestine Gray for the rape and murder of a Roman Catholic nun upsets many on the Hill. Goldblume takes some flack for his views on capital punishment. Frank is infuriated by a news article on the execution which infers his separation from Joyce, now in the fourth month, was a result of the case. Davenport works down to the wire for her client. And Jerry Fuchs, now a private investigator, conducts a last-minute investigation in hopes of staying the execution.
The new roll call sergeant, Stanislaus Jablonski, is called out by a woman. Belker, LaRue and Washington launch "Operation: Flea Bag" at a flop house in an attempt to catch junkies, hookers, fences, etc. Sgt. Bates, who returns to patrol, and Coffey catch a man stealing ice from a small store and later chase him down in a stolen ice cream truck with the body of his mother in the back. Mayo and Garibaldi handle a messy robbery/assault case against an elderly couple. While working for the Victims' Aid pilot program, Fay tries to help an out of town couple who've lost everything to thieves. Laura Ann Renko is born. Mayo and Furillo have dinner and he must politely refuse her advances.

guest stars: Tim Thomerson (Nat Rikers), Jill Eikenberry (Sarah Fimpel), Michael Tucker (Gabe Fimpel), Todd Susman (Ice Man), Tony Plana (Roland Maxwell), Sharon Barr (Vera Horvath), Liz Torres (Suprette owner), Juney Smith (Celestine Grey), Hank Rolike (wino), Richard Brestoff (Stu Handley), Gertrude Flynn (Mrs. Parsons), Michael Pniewski (Braden), Cheryl Carter (attorney), Norman Alexander Gibbs (transvestite), Nick Eldridge (SID)
story: Steven Bochco, Jeffrey Lewis & David Milch; teleplay: Jeffrey Lewis & Mark Frost; director: Rick Wallace

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81. "Watt a Way to Go"

Goldblume takes the law into his own hands when his ex-wife Rachel is raped and she refuses to press charges.
Renko's new role as a father has him considering a career change. Goldblume's position on capital punishment continues to cause friction. The Fimples are robbed again, this time at the telegraph office. Belker's undercover at the Stratford Hotel ends with Calletano and the Fimples taken hostage. A domestic situation turns into a hostage crisis and Hunter tries to defend an EATer's callous remarks after the gunman is killed. Davenport tries in vain to get the man who fingered Celestine in nun's slaying, Gerald Champan, to change his dubious story. Joyce and Frank attend the execution. LaRue picks up woman in bar after telling her he's Goldblume and against capital punishment.

guest stars: Tim Thomerson (Nat Rikers), Jill Eikenberry (Sarah Fimpel), Michael Tucker (Gabe Fimpel), Jere Burns (James Fitzsimmons/rapist), Ralph Seymour (Ed Foster), Rosanna Huffman (Rachel Goldblume), Juney Smith (Celestine Grey), Richard Bestoff (Stu Handley), Martha Ferris (Cathleen McConnell), Al White (Turner), Hank Rolike (wino), Arthur Taxier (IAD Shipman), Lionel Decker (hotel director), Ritch Brinkley (prison doctor), Christopher Templeton (newscaster), Norman Alexander Gibbs (transvestite), Ted Noose (warden), Logan Clarke (Teddy), Jim Staskel (Archie), Charles Stavola (Sig), Shashawnee Hall (pounding guy), Jennifer Ursitti (Annie Goldblume), Robert Prescott (unknown)
story: Steven Bochco, Jeffrey Lewis & David Milch; teleplay: David Milch & Roger Director; director: Rick Wallace

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82. "Rookie Nookie"

Furillo reprimands Goldblume for brutalizing Rachel's rapist and later takes the him off a murder case when the victim turns out to be the rapist's common-law wife.
Two new rookies arrive on the Hill - Lawrence Swann, a nervous kid with a stammer, and the obnoxious Randall Buttman. A prostitute killer continues to terrorize the city. LaRue gets a slap in the face when his conquest visits the station to return his wallet. Belker is plagued by a mime when he dons a chicken suit to catch robbers hitting fast food places. LaRue puts moves on woman who's car radio was stolen, but she's moves faster than he does. Hunter insults a female khaki officer, who barricades herself in the men's room. Buttman earns a lecture from Furillo after he ruffles feathers of veteran officers. In "Operation: Airwave," Mayo and Garibaldi bust a bogus cable TV installer whose client list contains some interesting names, including Davenport. Frank utilizes Joyce's predicament to negotiate his return home. At a party for rookies, Buttman turns loose a hooker on the timid Swann while the others watch.

guest stars: Michael Biehn (Off. Randall Buttman), Kristen Meadows (Caroline Reynolds), Tim Robbins (Off. Lawrence Swann), Jere Burns (James Fitzsimmons/rapist), Mykel T. Williamson (Off. Ron Garfield)
story: Steven Bochco, Jeffrey Lewis, David Milch & Mark Frost; teleplay: Steven Bochco, Jeffrey Lewis, David Milch & Roger Director; director: Gregory Hoblit

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83. "Fowl Play"

Patrolman Swann kills himself after an initiation party at the Kubiak Lodge and leaves behind two letters. The hooker from the rookie party turns up dead and the investigators are unsure who killed her - Buttman in a copycat murder or the prostitute killer who's still on the loose. Washington pressures Garfield to tell the truth about party.
Lts. Calletano, Goldblume and Hunter quarrel over a government study grant. LaRue tells Furillo about his night with a murder victim's wife, but Mayo is suspicious of woman. Renko eats his way across the precinct unaware he's being followed by an investigative TV reporter. Hill tries to stop the embarrassing footage from airing with a plea to the reporter, Lynn Williams. "Operation: Drumstick" goes into second day: Belker stumbles into a heroin-dealing operation and nabs a junkie with box of drugs. Thinking about a down payment on a house, Joyce talks Frank into taking the study grant. Against his captain's counsel, LaRue returns to Caroline Reynold's house and kills a "robber."

guest stars: Michael Biehn (Off. Randall Buttman), Mykel T. Williamson (Off. Ron Garfield), Kristen Meadows (Caroline Reynolds), Anne-Marie Johnson (Lynn Williams), John Di Santi (unknown)
story: Steven Bochco, Jeffrey Lewis & David Milch; teleplay: Mark Frost; director: Gregory Hoblit

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84. "Bangladesh Slowly"

LaRue looks very bad to IAD after shooting Caroline Reynold's former lover. He suspects she set him up and sets out to prove it.
In the wake of Buttman's arrest, all the rookies who attended the Kubiak party are canned - including Garfield. Washington fumes and Furillo talks to Chief Daniels in an effort to keep his detective from quitting. Goldblume pushes to tie Buttman to the hooker killing. Jablonski deals with a woman who reports her cat stolen. Everyone tries a new Bengali restaurant, whose cuisine is of questionable origin. Renko loses his apetite after a TV newswoman exposes his fondness for doughnuts and when he later witnesses an obese man taking the "all you can eat" salad bar to the extreme. The prostitute killer strikes again and takes shots at Hill and Renko. DeRoy asks Schnitz over for a home-cooked meal. LaRue licks his wounds with Washington. Joyce and Frank agree not to bring their work home.

guest stars: Michael Biehn (Off. Randall Buttman), Kristen Meadows (Caroline Reynolds), Mykel T. Williamson (Off. Ron Garfield), Andy Romano (Warren Briscoe), Anne-Marie Johnson (Lynn Williams), Maxine Stuart (unknown), Phil Rubinstein (unknown)
story: Steven Bochco, Jeffrey Lewis & David Milch; teleplay: unknown; director: Rick Wallace

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85. "Ewe and Me, Babe"

Furillo and his officers are under pressure to catch the killer of the Rev. Booker Simons, who was shot while trying to dissuade a thief from stealing his car. The investigation endangers Belker, who's undercover in a chop shop. And Fay damages their investigation by revealing information to Booker's wife within earshot of Davenport. Narcotics Inspector Joe Keenan ruffles feathers on the Hill as he investigates 18 heroin-overdose deaths brought on by the Columbian wars. The pressure mounts on Furillo when an impound lot officer is shot, linking the Simons killing to the heroin epidemic.
Hill and Renko find a dead animal lover in his bed and a sheep in the bathroom. A hooker busted in a sweep shows Hunter her assets. Jesus rises again - this time he's a law student with questionable academic credentials. Davenport tries to help a very young hooker straighten out and receives a brief scare when she's urgently summoned to the station house. Joyce reminds Frank that she doesn't like her clients to be questioned without counsel present.

guest stars: Hector Elizondo (Inspector Joe Keenan), Lois De Banzie (Mrs. Crandall), Janet MacLachlan (Mrs. Simons), David Spielberg (Judge Lucas Fitzroy), Louis Giambalvo (Rob Nelson), Fred Coffin (Tony Yankovich), Roxanne Roll (Lotta Gue), Holly Lauren (Carla Walicki), James Arone (Louis Cray), Miguel Ferrer (Carlos), Renny Roker (attorney Byron Brown), Ken Lerner (Robert Silver)
story: Floyd Byars; teleplay: David Stenn; director: Jeff Bleckner

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86. "Blues for Mr. Green"

The imminent release of an 18-year-old convicted murderer, Floyd Green, who's made threats against witnesses, creates tension and counter-threats from some angry citizens. After he is busted for possession, Judge Wachtel orders the cops to stay 100 yards away from the young killer - a decision he later regrets. Green kills a bus driver, shoots it out with an angry citizen and later threatens Davenport when her legal counsel is not to his liking, but justice is ultimately served.
Khaki officer DeRoy's assets are revealed when her shirt is ripped in a squad room brawl. A court-appointed attorney brings his cynical attitude to the Hill. LaRue and Washington launch "Operation: Bummer" to catch robbers preying on bums and stumble across some stolen airline tickets. Belker is assigned to escort a prisoner from Las Vegas back to the Hill - he gets a little company when several officers catch the "blue flu" after acquiring some discount airline tickets. Hill faces an IRS audit. Bates and Coffey bust a young black boy for shoplifting. Moved by the youngster's family situation, Bates later offers to take him in.

guest stars: Reni Santoni (John Pescator), Forest Whitaker (Floyd Green), Zitto Kazan (Escobedo), Zero Hubbard (Fabian DeWitt), Penny Johnson (Jackie DeWitt), Anne-Marie Johnson (Lynn Williams), Liz Torres (Suprette owner), Lee Kessler (Mrs. Morgenstern)
story: Steven Bochco, Jeffrey Lewis & David Milch; teleplay: Elia Katz; director: Bill Duke

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87. "Fuched Again"

An assassination attempt is made on Mayor Cleveland following a ceremony rededicating the restored Monarch Theater. The Hill's finest nab the gunman who fears for his life and tells Davenport about a conspiracy involving a high-ranking police official (Joe Keenan), an ex-cop (Jerry Fuchs) and two construction magnates (Barletta brothers). When the would-be assassin is killed, Joyce reveals the details to Frank and Goldblume.
Jablonski gets some revealing mail from his old nemesis, Vera Horvath, who's on psychiatric leave. Fabian ditches classes after Bates enrolls him in school. Lady luck smiles on Belker but not on the "blue flue" sufferers who run into Myrna Schnitz. Coffey's gambling problem surfaces at a Vegas craps table. Hill and Renko's attempts to settle a dispute involving a stolen lottery ticket end tragically, and they get a scolding from Jablonski.

guest stars: Saul Rubinek (Armand Bittar), J.A. Preston (Ozzie Cleveland), Alberta Watson (prostitute), Jack Kruschen (Isadore Fagenbaum), Paul Gleason (Thomas "Biff" Lowe), Ron Karabatsos (Hector Lupa), Christopher Mahar (Kasim), Zero Hubbard (Fabian DeWitt), Dick Bakalyan (Joe Flaherty), Jane Alden (Myrna Schnitz), Jeffrey Alan Chandler (Terry Springer), Carl Strano (Phillip Barletta), Felice Orlandi (Tony Barletta)
story: Jeffrey Lewis, Jacob Epstein & David Milch; teleplay: Jeffrey Lewis, David Milch, Steven Bochco & Mark Frost; director: Scott Brazil

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88. "Low Blow"

Thanksgiving cheer is in short supply on the Hill. Fuchs dies and Furillo uses Biff Lowe to bag the Barlettas in the assassination attempt on Mayor Cleveland. After helping the police, Lowe tries to kill himself by eating his shirt. Joyce and Frank breathe a sigh of relief as the Barlettas are put away and her informant status remains a secret.
LaRue's bounced check briefly leaves the "blue flu" sufferers stranded in Vegas until Coffey's luck turns. A seething Furillo rebukes the bunch upon their return. Schnitz welcomes home his wife, Myrna, even though she's pregnant with another man's child. Jablonski's female nemesis comes to the station for a final bloody showdown. Out on a day pass, the Cisco Kid again terrorizes the Hill, this time as an Indian. He is arrested for shooting arrows at a school bus and, after he is released, takes Fay hostage - she promptly belts him. Fabian's addict mother, Vivian DeWitt, is arrested and requests a detox program. Tattaglia and Belker split up.

guest stars: Martin Ferrero (Alan "Cisco Kid" Branford), J.A. Preston (Ozzie Cleveland), Paul Gleason (Thomas "Biff" Lowe), Larry D. Mann (Judge Lee Oberman), Zero Hubbard (Fabian DeWitt), Beverly Hope Atkinson (Vivian DeWitt), Sharon Barr (Vera Horvath), Jane Alden (Myrna Schnitz)
story: Steven Bochco, Jeffrey Lewis & David Milch; teleplay: Jeffrey Lewis, David Milch, Mark Frost & Jacob Epstein; director: Rick Wallace

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89. "The Rise and Fall of Paul the Wall"

Mayo and Garibaldi investigate when Councilman Detweiler's mother shoots a young man. Furillo must deal with the boy's grieving father as Daniels and others pressure him not to pursue charges. The captain is further outraged when it appears she'll only get a slap on the wrist despite evidence pointing to premeditation on her part.
Hill and Renko catch the notorious, obese loan shark Paul "The Wall" Srignoli with over $300 in outstanding parking fines. He has a heart attack in a garden-level holding cell and the various attempts to maneuver the large man upstairs ends in defeat with breaking gurneys, Renko's hernia and a final, ghoulish rise of "The Wall." Garibaldi and LaRue drool over Srignoli's young, beautiful wife. Davenport tries in vain to get a mental evaluation for a distraught man who threatened to set his wife and child on fire. An angry, hurt child gives Fay a shiner. While undercover, Belker is kidnapped and abused by a group of bums.

guest stars: Dan Hedaya (bum), Fran Ryan (Mary Minot), Jennifer Tilly (Gina Srignoli), Michael Fairman (Arnold Detweiler), Paul Lieber (Mr. Flowers), Larry D. Mann (Judge Lee Oberman), Pepe Serna (Raymond Cassiano), Basil Hoffman (Mr. Greenglass), George Memmoli (Paul "The Wall" Srignoli), Leaf Phoenix (Daniel), Jack Murdoch (unknown), Jed Mills (unknown)
story: Michael Wagner; teleplay: Jacob Epstein; director: Thomas Carter

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90. "Last Chance Salon"

Furillo finds himself dealing with renewed conflict between the Bloods and Shamrocks. Davenport is harassed by her clients, three Bloods who are arrested after a grocery store owner is beaten and a Shamrock killed. After Chief Daniels refuses to authorize overtime to thwart an impending strike on the Shamrocks' headquarters, Furillo appeals to his officers' sense of duty to stop the attack.
Hunters bad luck with equipment arises when new handdryers are installed in the men's room. While undercover at a beauty parlor, Belker takes out his anger about Tattaglia's decision to stop seeing him on his frightened informant. Garibaldi busts the young hooker Carla Walicki again and tries to help her get off drugs. Furillo and Fay clash at lunch over dental expenditures for Frank Jr. - a dentist at a nearby table overhears their argument and later asks Fay out. Furillo and Judge Oberman admonish Belker over a weak bust. Garibaldi considers cutting corners in his night law school class.

guest stars: Mark Keyloun (Terry Shaughnessy), Sandy McPeak (Dr. Ted Rose), Larry D. Mann (Judge Lee Oberman), Carmen Argenziano (Leon DeGualle), Sam Anderson (Kenny Sterling), Robert Viharo (Oswald Rincon), David Harris (Bumphus), Anne Haney (Dorie Fitzgerald), Holly Lauren (Carla Walicki), Macon McCalman (unknown)
writer: Roger Director; director: Christian I. Nyby II

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91. "Intestinal Fortitude"

The investigation into the rape of an elderly woman takes on a linguistic note: The police arrest a suspect who claims he can't speak English and didn't understand his Miranda rights - but not before he names his partner in the crime. Fay desperately tries to help the victim identify her assailants. The language issue allows the duo to be released on bail, but Mayo gets proof the man can speak English and effects a little poetic justice in the process.
A born-again grand jury witness preaches to the Blues while he is stashed in a garden-level holding cell. He is kidnapped later after being moved to another location. Hill stumbles into a bust when his financial counselor makes him an interesting proposition. Humor and tragedy abound when Belker, LaRue and Washington pose as garbagemen in "Operation: Wretched Refuse" to investigate a trash kingpin for extortion. Fay tells Furillo she's getting braces, too. Renko, Goldblume and Hunter run for PBA representative. Frank and Joyce discuss her new career opportunity after ADA Bernstein courts her to join the District Attorney's office.

guest stars: John Quade (Sal Intestinali), Anne Pitoniak (Mrs. Louise Tripp), Vic Polizos (Jimmy Fisher), Dann Florek (Bowers), Domingo Ambriz (Santiago), Sal Lopez (Cordera)
story: Steven Bochco, Jeffrey Lewis & David Milch; teleplay: Elias Katz & David Stenn; director: Scott Brazil

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92. "Of Human Garbage"

Officer Perez rescues a family from a burning building and Chief Daniels quickly announces that the officer will receive the department's highest honor. Perez' moment in the sun is cut short after an investigation into the fire reveals a disheartening truth.
A frantic Fay brings into question the chairside technique of her dentist, Dr. Ted Rose, prompting Furillo to launch an investigation after she shows him the evidence. Davenport agrees to join the District Attorney's office. Hunter leads a junkie sweep on Jefferson and Dekker avenues. The kidnapped grand jury witness turns up dead and Belker, LaRue and Washington tie his untimely demise to the Intestinali brothers. Mayo takes some ribbing over her marksmanship. Renko wins the PBA representative runoff with Hunter. Furillo later laments not seeing Perez' problem sooner.

guest stars: Larry Hankin (Earl Schuester), John Quade (Sal Intestinali), Sandy McPeak (Dr. Ted Rose), Carmine Caridi (Joey Intestinali)
story: Steven Bochco, Jeffrey Lewis & David Milch; teleplay: Jeffrey Lewis, David Milch, Mark Frost & Jacob Epstein; director: Christian I. Nyby II

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93. "Dr. Hoof and Mouth"

Mayo's trip to the dentist's office uncovers Dr. Rose's chairside techniques - he gives his gassed victims breast examinations and has a bizzare shoe-biting fetish. LaRue gloats over the revealing evidence, causing friction with Mayo and Garibaldi. Chief Daniels views the evidence then asks Mayo out on a date.
A man loses his entire family in a hit-and-run accident and the blues must arrest him on outstanding warrants. The survivor ID's the owner of the "stolen" vehicle but later reneges, infuriating Hill. Furillo wants to prosecute the owner, who has a history of drunk driving, but finds his hands tied without the survivor's testimony. Belker works undercover on a string of arson fires. Hunter buys an RV. Davenport introduces a new public defender to the Hill before leaving for the District Attorney's office. The Hill Street officers surprise Davenport with a cake on her last day as a PD. A heartbroken Bates must cope with the fact Fabian's mother wants him back.

guest stars: Sandy McPeak (Dr. Ted Rose), Frank McRae (Jerome Simmons), Garrett Morris (derelict/street guy), Frances McDormand (PD Connie Chapman), Beverly Hope Atkinson (Vivian DeWitt), Zero Hubbard (Fabian DeWitt), Richard Venture (Carl Barnett), Richard Roat (unknown), Patricia Elliot (unknown)
story: Steven Bochco, Jeffrey Lewis & David Milch; teleplay: David Stenn & Elia Katz; director: John Patterson

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94. "Davenport in a Storm"

Davenport's first day as an ADA takes its toll. She faces some resistance when she decides to prosecute three white teens for the brutal assault of a young black athlete despite a weak case.
Furillo accidentally rear-ends a gun smuggler and arrests him, prompting an investigation into illegal gun sales by Al DiPiano. Garibaldi recruits Gina Srignoli as an informant against DiPiano after she blows his cover. Mayo has a date with Chief Daniels. The melon felon - a perpetrator cutting off the heads of prostitutes - roams the city. Belker looks for a place to live and Hunter offers him lodging in his new RV. Haunted by the image of the victim being in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, Joyce seeks comfort from Frank.

guest stars: Paula Kelly (Mrs. Eagleton), Jennifer Tilly (Gina Srignoli)Garrett Morris (derelict/street guy), Charles Tyner (Al DiPiano), Jesse John Bochco (Frank Jr.), Gerry Gibson (unknown), Richard Roat (unknown),
story: Steven Bochco, Jeffrey Lewis & David Milch; teleplay: Jeffrey Lewis, David Milch, Mark Frost & Roger Director; director: Gabrielle Beaumont

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95. "Washington Deceased"

LaRue, Washington and Belker team up with an obnoxious detective, Lt. Mel Tabor, to catch corrupt city inspectors. Tabor's mouth gets him into hot water with Furillo. LaRue, who's been moonlighting on a low-budget horror flick, decides to get even and "borrows" a prop to play a joke on Tabor - with hilarious and near tragic results. LaRue later targets Coffey but finds the tables turned, courtesy of his partner.
Another head is found, courtesy of the melon felon, and the blues launch "Operation: Decap." Furillo locks horns with a division accountant over new rules. Hill and Renko's bad luck with patrol cars returns. Chief Daniels uses his position to punish Mayo for refusing his advances the night before. Furillo scrambles to keep her on the force and is caught off guard when Daniels makes a tearful confession about his behavior. Tattaglia helps Belker celebrate his birthday.

guest stars: Dana Elcar (Lt. Mel Taber), Frances McDormand (PD Connie Chapman), Taylor Negron (Tommy Rodriguez), Patrick Cronin (unknown)
writer: Frank South; director: Mark Frost

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96. "Passage to Libya"

Goldblume and Coffey go undercover as waiters at Al DiPiano's lounge in "Operation: Dirty Disco." DiPiano shoots and kills his disgruntled nephew, adding a murder charge in the blues quest to nab him on illegal weapons sales. Furillo pressures the IRS to release $10,000 to Gina Srignoli in return for her help in the investigation. When the bust goes down, Goldblume saves Gina's life and she later expresses her gratitude by taking him to dinner, then bed.
Belker keeps crossing paths with a bitter one-man band. Hunter tries to sell his RV only to have it stolen by the first interested party. Fay is devasted after her attempts to help a welfare mother, who was assaulted and robbed by her abusive boyfriend, result in tragedy.

guest stars: Hamilton Camp (one man band Muzel), Jennifer Tilly (Gina Srignoli), Charles Tyner (Al DiPiano), Stanley Kamel (Agent Ramsey), Garrett Morris (derelict/street guy), Michael MacRae (Lawrence McKeever), Frances McDormand (PD Connie Chapman), Vernee Watson-Johnson (Ruby Brown), Otis Young (Louis Jessup), Basil Hoffman (Greenglass); Cecile Callan (Jane Buzhardt)
story: Steven Bochco, Jeffrey Lewis, David Milch & Michael Wagner; teleplay: David Milch, Jacob Epstein & Elia Katz; director: Christian I. Nyby II

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97. "El Capitan"

Calletano takes over station command while Furillo attends an retreat for precinct captains and their superiors. Frank maintains control in the face of taunting from his fellow captains (St. Francis Furillo and his alter boy manners; Mr Perfect, etc.), but comes close to pummelling Deputy Chief Briscoe over a comment about Joyce.
Goldblume is bemused by his new relationship with Gina Srignoli. Bates and Buzhardt find Hunter's stolen RV and a hostage situation develops. Hill, Renko, Fay and other consume some suspicious tea brought to work by Calletano. Jablonski still giving Belker and Tattaglia the cold shoulder and Belker confronts him. Coffey learns to handle dogs in a lesson with the K-9 corps.
Calletano receives compliments from Furillo on his handling of the day's events. Frank later discusses his experience at the encounter session with Joyce, who also was a victim of Calletano's marijuana-laced tea.

guest stars: Lane Smith (Mike), Jennifer Tilly (Gina Srignoli), Ron O'Neal (Pete), Andy Romano (Warren Briscoe), Marc Alaimo (Gene Scapizi), Stephen Kahan (Joe Daley), Cecile Callan (Jane Buzhardt), Michael MacRae (Lonny Stone/Lawrence McKeever), Charles Cyphers (Capt. Leder)
story: Steven Bochco, Jeffrey Lewis & David Milch; teleplay: Jeffrey Lewis, David Milch, Robert Director & Elia Katz; director: Georg Stanford Brown

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98. "The Life and Time of Dominic Florio Jr."

On the anniversary of legalized abortion, an pro-life activist accidentally sends a 5-month pregnant woman into premature labor. The incident strikes a raw nerve with Joyce and Frank, who disagree with Bernstein on how to charge the man. The man is represented by PD Chapmond, who informs Davenport of her intentions to use a defense which doesn't conform with the protester's beliefs. After the baby dies, the protester tells Davenport he'll plead guilty to keep his ideals intact. Joyce lectures the flippant Chapmond about her ethics and seeks Frank's advice.
Tensions are high at the O'Neill housing project, as the first of four black families move in. Furillo puts out word that the projects are DMZ after skirmish among gang members. Fay and Garibaldi resent Goldblume's relationship with Gina. Jablonski is upset when he can't get his 300 game sanctioned by the Bowling Federation, which claims there was too much oil on the lane. LaRue and Washington tape a home security video and the director wants to spice things up after a bad first cut.

guest stars: Nicholas Pryor (Mr. Ardrey), Patricia Wettig (Annie Florio), Jennifer Tilly (Gina Srignoli), Frances McDormand (PD Connie Chapman), Brent Spiner (Larry Stein), Robert Miranda (Dominic Florio Sr.), John Finnegan (Tommy Leland), Tate Donovan (Shamrock-Dean Johnson), Robert Thaler (unknown)
story: Steven Bochco, Jeffrey Lewis & David Milch; teleplay: Jeffrey Lewis, David Milch, Mark Frost & Jacob Epstein; director: John Patterson

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99. "G.Q."

Davenport risks all when she refuses to accept the housing cops' version of an alleged window-smashing incident at the O'Neill projects. While she's in court on another case, the DA cuts a deal with PD Champond, who represents the young man accused in the incident. Davenport then launches her own investigation and locates and locates a witness who clears the young man. Bernstein chastises her for opening the city up to a civil suit and embarrasing him and she promptly resigns. Davenport clashes with Chapmond in the squad room. Frank later offers support to Joyce for dogged pursuit of the truth and tells her he suspects Chapmond is using drugs.
Jablonski is questioned by the arson squad after BowlMor Lanes burns to the ground and Belker investigates. Coffey and Bates clean up a bum to testify, who turns out to be a dream witness. Hill still stews over Renko's hesitation under pressure and Furillo separates the pair. Jablonski offers to ride with Renko after no one else will. LaRue has some explaining to do after Furillo gets a copy of his slightly altered home security video. Fay and Garibaldi have dinner.

guest stars: Jeffrey DeMunn (Jeffrey Goff), Peggy Pope (Mrs. McCray), Frances McDormand (PD Connie Chapman), Richard Cummings Jr. (Timothy Weres), Bernie White (Gomez), Will Nye (Schnell), Don Dolan (Bob Moss), Jimmie Skaggs (Patterson), Joe Restivo (Reiser)
story: Steven Bochco, Jeffrey Lewis, David Milch & Michael Wagner; teleplay: Jeffrey Lewis, Roger Director, Jacob Epstein & Elia Katz; director: Gabrielle Beaumont

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100. "Queen for a Day"

Davenport faces another career choice when the Public Defender's office courts her to rejoin and Bernstein tries to persuade her to stay with the District Attorney's office. Joyce learns that Frank's suspicions about PD Chapmond's substance abuse problem are correct and that the troubled lawyer is going to be fired. Davenport's decision to rejoin the PD's office doesn't sit well with the newly-fired Chapmond. Furillo confronts Chapmond about her drug habit and urges her to get help.
Frank rushes to plan a romantic evening (including flowers, a night away from home and diamond earrings) after Joyce remembers their anniversary and he doesn't. Coffey faces a tough decision when a hooker sweep for gays and straights attracts his former high school football coach. Hunter does an end-run on Furillo to acquire an assault tank - Furillo seethes when the tank's maiden run interrupts Renko and Belker's undercover. Hill finds himself identifying with Renko and mends fences with his partner. Goldblume's happiness with Gina Srignoli comes to an abrupt end.

guest stars: James Tolkan (Coach Beasley), Jennifer Tilly (Gina Srignoli), Frances McDormand (PD Connie Chapman), Felton Perry (Alonzo), Richard Yniguez (Off. Rivera), Ernie Sabella (Pauli), Steve Franken (Arnold Solomon), J.E. Freeman (Teddy), Brent Jennings (unknown)
story: Steven Bochco, David Milch & Jeffrey Lewis; teleplay: David Milch, Mark Frost, Jacob Epstein & Elia Katz; director: Gregory Hoblit

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101. "You're in Alice's"

Unhappy with the progress of the investigation into Gina's death, Goldblume lashes out at everyone and conducts his own probe. He is furious when he learns the department has made a deal with the shooter to catch bigger fish and that Furillo kept it from him. Goldblume gets a lecture from Bates about his attitude.
The Hill day shift is selected for random drug screeninguest stars: Coffey has trouble filling his cup, and three of the blues - Garibaldi (marijuana), Washington (codeine) and Furillo (alcohol) - sweat the results. Belker goes undercover at a drycleaners to investigate the stolen garments market, but the operation evolves after corrupt Midtown cops stop by for a pin-striped flannel payoff. Furillo warily eyes newly transferred Det. Phil Dugan after Bernstein tells him the officer's name came up during the Joe Keenan investigation. The innovative Dugan helps LaRue and Washington nab an elusive shylock, then later quizzes Mayo about Belker's operation. The insecure Calletano places fourth in the captaincy test/interview results while the overconfident Hunter brings up the rear. An exciting day on patrol with Coffey that included a foot pursuit and high-speed car chase lands Jablonski in the hospital. Hill, Renko and Davenport try to help a down-on-his-luck man and his recently evicted family after he is arrested for stealing $3 worth of newspapers.

guest stars: Stephen Macht (Det. Phil Dugan), Andy Romano (Warren Briscoe), Leonard Stone (Hal Berman), Kene Holliday (Pablo Jackson), Juanita Mahoney (Mrs. Jackson), Anne-Marie Johnson (Lynn Williams), Pierrino Mascarion (Al Biomonte), Joseph Ruskin (Toriello), Charles Cyphers (Capt. Leder)
story: Steven Bochco, Jeffrey Lewis & David Milch; teleplay: Jeffrey Lewis, David Milch, Roger Director & Jacob Epstein; director: Scott Brazil

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102. "Grin and Bear It"

The fifth season wraps up with a bang and preview of things to come. Washington is wounded during a bust at Belker's drycleaners undercover. The arrest of two cops on the take leads them to Dugan, who offers them Joe Keenan and a major ring of police corruption.
Garibaldi's legal actions stop the department from using the drug screen results to dismiss officers in violation, but they decide to notify their commanding officers: Garibaldi threatens a suit after he gets an informal reprimand, while Washington takes the matter in stride; and Briscoe tries to use Furillo's test results, which were trace positive for alcohol, as leverage for a deal with Dugan. Calletano inches his way up the captaincy list as others die or retire. Goldblume wrestles with Gina's estate, mends fences with Furillo and gets a some moral support from Fay. What starts out as a tour of area schools turns into a media circus when Hill and Renko spend the day escorting Officer McBear. Jablonski leaves the hospital against his doctor's advice and Furillo urges him to take it easy. Frank tells Joyce that he's fallen off the wagon and she encourages him to return to AA.

guest stars: Stephen Macht (Det. Phil Dugan), James Cromwell (Lowen/bear handler), Andy Romano (Warren Briscoe), Basil Hoffman (Greenglass), Arthur Taxier (IAD Shipman), Wortham Krimmer (Dr. Heath)
story: Steven Bochco, Jeffrey Lewis & David Milch; teleplay: Jeffrey Lewis, David Milch, Mark Frost & Elia Katz; director: Gregory Hoblit

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Episode Number and Title

  1. Blues in the Night
  2. Hacked to Pieces
  3. Seoul on Ice
  4. In the Belly of the Bus
  5. Somewhere Over the Rambo
  6. Oh, You Kid
  7. An Oy For an Oy
  8. Fathers and Huns
  9. What Are Friends For?
  10. The Virgin and the Turkey
  11. Two Easy Pieces
  12. Say It as It Plays
  13. Das Blues
  14. Scales of Justice
  15. I Want My Hill Street Blues
  16. Remembrance of Hits Past
  17. Larry of Arabia
  18. Iced Coffey
  19. Jagga the Hunk
  20. Look Homeward, Ninja
  21. Slum Enchanted Evening
  22. Come and Get It

103. "Blues in the Night"

The sixth season gets under way with a look at the night life of the Hill Street day shift. Goldblume goes to check out a noise disturbance at S.O.I.L. House and gets taken hostage by a militant leader on the edge of sanity. Furillo is called in to negotiate - fortunately for he, Joyce and Bernstein who were dinning with a one of Joyce's fellow PDs whose wife began airing the kinky details of his liasons with a prostitute. As the hostage situation deteriorates, Furillo is forced to give in to Chief Daniels and Hunter's pressures to take the delusional leader out.
The other blues must handle a dispute between two men which escalates into a stabbing, and also watch the hostage situation unfold from their local hangout. Renko schemes to see his favorite singer but is heartbroken when he has to bust his hero for drug possession. Jablonski spends an evening at home with his three-legged dog, Blackie. Bates meets a nice pottery instructor. Belker hangs out in a dumpster to catch a burglar, and later is informed of his mother's death. After the hostage situation is resolved, Furillo offers condolences to Belker then goes home where Joyce lightens his mood with news of a dinner invitation. After making a bet, LaRue and Renko take pains to prove who has the fastest route to work.

guest stars: Yaphet Kotto (Calvin Matthias), Eric Pierpoint (Tom Hopper), Billy Green Bush (Bobby Angel), Debi Richter (Daryl Ann), Dan Lauria (Jim), Rita Taggart (Rosie), Lawrence Tierney (Sgt. Jenkins), Anne Ramsay (Mrs. Scalisi), Sue Giosa (Unknown), Lynn Tufeld (Unknown), Alan Blumenfeld (Unknown), Joe Higgins (Unknown)
story: Steven Bochco, David Milch & Barry Jay Kaplan; teleplay: David Milch, Walon Green & Jacob Epstein; director: Ben Bolt

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104. "Hacked to Pieces"

Furillo agrees to lead a crusade against police corruption by investigating the death of Joe Keenan.
Lt. Norman Buntz arrives on the Hill. The ambitious Capt. Calletano has a few moments of terror as he prepares to take over at Polk Avenue when the current captain reconsiders his retirement. Goldblume goes on special assignment with the state lottery office. Bates and Coffey stumble into the mayor's private life when they bust his son for car theft and drug possession. Joyce and Frank find themselves caught between Cleveland and his wife, Leona, who disagree on how to handle the situation. Tragedy isn't far behind as Garibaldi gets in deep with shylocks and considers an illegal act to get out from under the debt. Belker learns that Tattaglia is pregnant. Belker, LaRue and Washington go undercover in a very volatile cab war. Hill and Renko try to cool down the resentment between a Korean grocer and his black neighbours. Hunter meets an attractive woman at the Kubiak.

guest stars: Stuart Margolin (Andy Sedita), Rosalind Cash (Leona Cleveland), Stan Shaw (Louis Russ), Hilly Hicks (Lee Cleveland), Soon-Teck Oh (Pak), Norm Alden (Art Eastland), J.A. Preston (Ozzie Cleveland), Lee Garlington (Maura), Lance Slaughter (Trenton Moore), Charles Bouvier (Unknown)
story: Jeffrey Lewis & David Milch; teleplay: David Milch; director: Rick Wallace

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105. "Seoul on Ice"

Garibaldi's stabbing stuns the blues and Mayo lends emotional support her former partner's father. Sid gives LaRue and Washington's investigation into the assault a nudge in the right direction and Goldblume and Division detectives lend a hand.
After being at the hospital all night, Furillo begins forming his police corruption commission and enlists Capts. Calletano and Scapizi and ADA Bernstein. Fay pesters Chief Daniels to reinstate the Victims' Aid program. Belker anxiously awaits confirmation of Tattaglia's pregnancy. Jablonski is left in lurch after khaki officers Schnitz and DeRoy elope and move to New Zealand. Howard gets a shock from his latest love - she used to be a man. Coffey and Bates are forced to gun down the mayor's son, Lee Cleveland, after he turns a gun on them. A one-legged runner trying to raise money for cancer research is victimized by his manager. After a stressful day, Frank and Joyce arrive at the hospital in time to hear tragic news about Garibaldi.

guest stars: Stuart Margolin (Andy Sedita), Greg Mullavey (Jerry McDonoghue), J.A. Preston (Ozzie Cleveland), Joe Dorsey (Anthony Garibaldi), Marc Alaimo (Gene Scapizzi), Hilly Hicks (Lee Cleveland), Lee Garlington (Maura), Lance Slaughter (Trenton Moore)
writers: Jeffrey Lewis & David Milch; director: John Patterson

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106. "In the Belly of the Bus"

Furillo's investigation into Keenan's death and police corruption hits pay dirt when Sid turns over Louis Russ who demands full immunity in exchange for what he knows. Russ' testimony not only unravels the details of Keenan's death, including who killed him, but also contains a surprise confession to the brutal stabbing of Garibaldi. Although Russ' deal throws a wrench into prosecuting him for Garibaldi's death, the detective's father ultimately effects a little justice of his own.
Belker takes an unexpected bus ride to Springfield. Jablonski tries to deal with an incompetent khaki officer. Hunter makes a canine investment. Hill continues to counsel a young black youth, Trenton Moore, who's now employed by the Korean grocer he used to harass.

guest stars: Soon-Teck Oh (Pak), Stan Shaw (Louis Russ), Marc Alaimo (Gene Scapizzi), Joe Dorsey (Anthony Garibaldi), Joan Sweeney (Maureen Dolan), Lance Slaughter (Trenton Moore)
story: Jeffrey Lewis, David Milch & Walon Green; teleplay: Jeffrey Lewis, David Milch, Walon Green & Jacob Epstein; director: Alexander Singer

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107. "Somewhere Over the Rambo"

Furillo's corruption commission delivers its findings which cast Chief Daniels in a somewhat favorable light. The spiteful chief sets his sights on getting even with Furillo by sacrificing a Hill Street night shift cop, David Bauer, who shot a young black man under questionable circumstances. Furillo watches helplessly as Daniels pushes the troubled officer over the edge, precipitating a somber visit to Bauer's estranged wife.
As the khaki officer crisis continues, Buntz explores his duties as personnel officer and gets more than he bargained for. Rambo, a k a Alan Branford, creates much mayhem when he storms the Hill. Hunter finds out the true nature of his canine investment and also meets an ardent dog lover, Prunella Ashton-Wilkes, who shares his passion for firearms. LaRue fixes dinner for Washington and his girlfriend, Lynette.

guest stars: Frank McCarthy (Off. David Bauer), Martin Ferrero (Alan "Rambo" Branford), Elizabeth Huddle (Prunella Ashton-Wilkes), Shirley Jo Finney (Lynnetta), Larry D. Mann (Judge Lee Oberman), Arthur Taxier (IAD Shipman), Joan Sweeney (Maureen Dolan), Judith Hansen (Celeste Patterson), Marco Rodriguez (Rico), Todd Hollowell (Derrick Yarborough), Robert Riesel (Fred Pearson)
writers: Jacob Epstein, Walon Green & Dick Wolf; director: Stan Lathan

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108. "Oh, You Kid"

On the way back from the dentist, Buntz stops an assault on a bakery truck driver and roughs up the assailant who resists arrest. He later locks horns with Davenport when her obnoxious client wants to press a brutality complaint. Legal wrangling and a victim reluctant to press charges let the jerk walk, but he soons finds trouble and Buntz is waiting in the wings. The lieutenant's attitude and actions put him in hot water with Furillo.
Goldblume deals with the IRS to keep some of the money Gina left him. Renko visits a hypnotherapist to find out about his past lives. Coffey and Bates must contend with an eccentric scupltor who refuses to let his obscene work, a phallic symbol, be removed. Belker goes undercover to investigate an increase in vagrant "suicides." Lynnetta pushes Washington about commitment to her and her son with tragic results.

guest stars: Felton Perry (Bobby Castro), Alex MacArthur (Brent), Shirley Jo Finney (Lynnetta), Paul Drake (Wendell Morrison), Basil Hoffman (Ed Greenglass), Larry D. Mann (Judge Lee Oberman), Tegan West (Teddy), Ken Letner (Unknown), Peter Van Norden (Unknown)
writer: Robert Ward; director: John Hancock

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109. "An Oy For an Oy"

Capt. Calletano doesn't react well when Furillo tells him Buntz saw a Polk Avenue officer dumping vagrants on the Hill instead of ferrying them to the assigned shelter. Hill and Renko later confront the lazy officer at a diner and again as he passes through the precinct and stops to unload the bums. Renko, Hill and Coffey try to help a slow-witted bum, finding him a place to stay for the night - it doesn't have a pleasant smell but its warm and free.
Hunter's bad luck with the station house plumbing resurfaces much to Renko's displeasure. Bates has her first encounter with Sal the plumber. Things go badly when Jablonski risks his own money to catch a pair of con men targeting senior citizens, but Sid comes to the rescue. Hunter enrolls his dog in Prunella's obedience school. Belker is caught in the middle of a family squabble when he acts as a courier for a pair of devious Hasidic jewelry merchants. Furillo bolsters Calletano's command confidence. Belker asks Tattaglia to marry him.

guest stars: Michael Lerner (Meyer Rabinowitz), Alex Henteloff (Israel Rabinowitz), Jeffrey Alan Chandler (Toby), Judith Hansen (Celeste Patterson), Michael Richards (Special Agent Dupre), Shirley Jo Finney (Lynnetta), Matthew Faison (Whitsun), Elizabeth Huddle (Prunella Ashton-Wilkes), Jack Andreozzi (Sal Benaci), Duke Stroud (Earl Garrity)
story: Elia Katz; teleplay: Jacob Epstein; director: Ben Bolt

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110. "Fathers and Huns"

Furillo's relentless pursuit of a senile drug kingpin angers his superiors (they won't return his calls and pressure him to deal), his wife (whose client is caught in the middle), and the kingpin's syndicate (who are keeping drugs off the street). The resulting drug drought has the blues swamped with crimes by desperate junkies, but the captain stands his ground against all his foes and, with some help from Buntz and Sid, it pays off. Frank and Joyce cut a deal for her client after he gets what he wanted.
Goldblume must protect a group of neo-Nazis determined to march through minority neighborhoods. Belker's undercover at a bookie joint gets him involved in a protest against the neo-Nazis. Hill's father drifts into town and claims to be dying. Jablonski mediates a dispute between a priest and a scrap metal dealer. Tattaglia suffers a slight injury while trying to make an arrest.

guest stars: James McEachin (Reggie Hill), Michael Alldredge (Edsel), Richard Kuss (Glen), Andy Romano (Warren Briscoe), Larry Gelman (Corso), Robert Pastorelli (Bobby Stellin), David Froman (O'Dwyer), Judith Hansen (Celeste Patterson), Peter Maclean (Unknown), Ray Reinhardt (Unknown)
writer: Walon Green; director: Stan Lathan

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111. "What Are Friends For?"

Frank and Joyce close in on buying a house, but the rug is pulled out from under them when they are denied mortgage insurance. An angry Furillo sets out to find out why and the resulting red tape causes them to lose the house.
While on their way to work, LaRue and Washington bust a baseball star for drunken driving and drug posession when cocaine is found in the trunk of his car during an impound search. The obnoxious slugger is resistant to the detectives and Davenport's advice to set up his friends, the true owners of the drugs. Buntz asks new khaki officer out. The "Warrior Review" taps Hunter as their "Urban Warrior of the Month." Several blues are out with the flu. A vicious parolee holds Buntz and Det. Rodriguez hostage with tragic results. Opportunity knocks for Buntz as the climax is witnessed by the "Warrior Review" reporter, nudging out Hunter as "Urban Warrior of the Month." Belker goes undercover at the pound and busts the shelter foreman for selling dogs to research labs. Belker and Tattaglia later have a scare with the baby.

guest stars: James Whitmore Jr. (Tony Catina), Will Nye (Tommy Joe Page), Steve Eastin (Harry Steel), Del Zamora (Rodriguez), Elizabeth Huddle (Prunella Ashton-Wilkes), Ernie Sabella (Pauli), Judith Hansen (Celeste Patterson), Richard Reicheg (Martin Sallow), Tom Tarpey (Ralph Eeley), Paul Sylvan (Unknown)
writer: Dick Wolf; director: John Patterson

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112. "The Virgin and the Turkey"

Goldblume takes command of the station as Frank and Joyce get a jump on the Christmas weekend. Joyce gets a somewhat cool reception when she and Frank make an effort to renew the relationship with his parents who are still upset over his divorce from Fay.
Buntz' use of "Officer Giblet," a turkey, to make a drug bust backfires. Coffey tries to mediate between an irate landlord and a tenant who insists the water stain on his wall is an image of the Virgin Mary. When the dispute flares up again, Buntz and Goldblume make a housecall. Bates bumps into the nice pottery teache while doing her Christmas shopping. The Hill Street officers compete in the police/firefighters olympics to benefit needy children: Renko's hernia acts up again and Sid locates a guest athlete for the blues. Belker and Tattaglia move up their wedding date.

guest stars: Daniel Faraldo (Pinzon), Penny Santon (Barbara Furillo), Michael Durrell (Joseph Furillo), Richard Bull (Mr. Furillo/Frank's dad), Eric Pierpoint (Tom Hopper), Sal Bisoglia (Landlord), Mickey Morton (Leonard), Judith Hansen (Celeste Patterson), Renny Roker (Attorney Brown), Catherine Paolone (Sophie Furillo), Tim Russ (Germaine Burton), Eloy Casados (Unknown)
story: Jeffrey Lewis, Walon Green& Robert Ward; teleplay: David Milch, Walon Green & Robert Ward; director: John Hancock

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113. "Two Easy Pieces"

Officer Ron Garfield finds himself in trouble again when he shoots a pimp fleeing a hooker sweep. When the rookie can't locate the perp's gun, his partner, veteran patrolman Jack Steger, sends him to call in the shooting and then plants a weapon at the scene. Goldblume's investigation turns up a second gun (the perp's gun) and questions abound.
LaRue's practical joke on Renko backfires. Hill, Renko and Buntz look like heroes when they retrieve a stolen heart needed for a transplant. LaRue acquires a wedding gift for Tattaglia and Belker from his brother-in-law who's branched out into appliances. Belker misses his wedding ceremony when his undercover as a cocaine cooker heats up. The hooker sweep nets Fabian's mother who's back to her old tricks. Bates is upset over her affair with the pottery instructor and calls Fabian.

guest stars: Mykel T. Williamson (Off. Ron Garfield), Sandy Ward (Jack Steger), Miguel Fernandez (Philip), Victor Mohica (Theodore Chato), Louis Giambalvo (Rob Nelson), Beverly Hope Atkinson (Vivian DeWitt), Arthur Taxier (IAD Shipman), Patti Johns (Off. Wiley), Judith Hansen (Celeste Patterson), Justin Lord (Gomez), Val de Varga (Suarez)
story: Jeffrey Lewis, Walon Green & David Milch; teleplay: Jacob Epstein, Dick Wolf & Robert Ward; director: Gabrielle Beaumont

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114. "Say It as It Plays"

IAD continues its investigation into the Garfield shooting. After listening to statements from Garfield and Steger, Furillo must convince the outside captain and the IAD investigator of Garfield's innocence. A statement from a delivery truck driver pushes into the spotlight Officer Riley, who witnessed Steger planting the gun, but omitted it in her report to hide the fact she didn't follow procedure.
The Health Department drivers go on strike and the blues have to pick up dead bodies and ferry them to the morgue. Hill and Renko get a few nasty surprises while delivering the corpses, including one of a personal nature. Bates confronts the pottery teacher and Fabian returns to cheer up the forlorn policewoman. Belker is kidnapped on the eve of his second scheduled wedding and Buntz, LaRue and Washington scramble to find him. Belker narrowly escapes harm when the two dealers try to rob a store.

guest stars: Mykel T. Williamson (Off. Ron Garfield), Sandy Ward (Jack Steger), Miguel Fernandez (Philip), Victor Mohica (Theodore Chato), Arthur Taxier (IAD Shipman), John Lehne (Captain Barry Gleason), Eric Pierpoint (Tom Hopper), Pat Corley (Wally Nydorf), Val de Varga (Suarez), James McEachin (Reggie Hill), Patti Johns (Wiley), Zero Hubbard (Fabian DeWitt)
story: Jeffrey Lewis, Dick Wolf & David Milch; teleplay: Walon Green, Dick Wolf, Walon Green & Robert Ward; director: Stan Lathan

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115. "Das Blues"

Furillo is confronted by a political power broker, Graham Wells, who wants to help him further his career - all the way to the mayor's office. Wells begins working by the scene and has Frank tapped to speak at a benefit dinner and a proud Joyce tags along.
After nearly sparking an international incident, Hunter has an accident in the station house boiler room and hallucinates that he's aboard a Russian submarine. His resulting hijinks wreack havoc on the upstairs climate and Ballentine and Sal the plumber fall become his prey. Belker and Tattaglia finally get married. Buntz' old partner comes asking for help with a loan shark. Bates decides to fight for custody of Fabian. Renko busts Bobby Angel again, but trouble ensues when he and Daryl Ann host the singer for dinner. Hill takes his daddy home to St. Louis for his burial. LaRue and Washington use a tatto artist/fence to help them find a guy robbing pharmacies.

guest stars: Billy Green Bush (Bobby Angel), Grace Zabriskie (Terry Sylvestri), Mykel T. Williamson (Off. Ron Garfield), Granville Van Dusen (Graham Wells), Anthony Holland (Tommy), Debi Richter (Daryl Ann), Jack Andreozzi (Sal Benaci), Beah Richards (Aunt Feeney), Zero Hubbard (Fabian DeWitt), Judith Hansen (Celeste Patterson), Alan Jordan (Ned Parsons), Carl Franklin (Unknown)
story: Jeffrey Lewis, David Milch & Robert Ward; teleplay: Jeffrey Lewis, David Milch, Jacob Epstein & Dick Wolf; director: Scott Brazil

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116. "Scales of Justice"

Chief Daniels shocks Furillo when he offers to endorse him as his successor. Frank discusses his career dilemma with Joyce.
Buntz gets a line on some synthetic heroin that is believed to have caused the death of several junkies, and cuts a few corners to get the drugs and dealers off the street. New smoking policy produces some friction among the blues, most notably khaki officer Patterson who gives Jablonski grief. Vivian DeWitt is busted in another hooker sweep and offers to sell Fabian to Bates for money to buy drugs. LaRue and Washington continue staking out a tattoo parlor to catch the pharmacy bandit who just upped the stakes by killing someone in his last heist. Hill meets someone special at his father's funeral.

guest stars: Fay Hauser (Renee Bethel), Billy Drago (Leo), Beverly Hope Atkinson (Vivian DeWitt), Mykel T. Williamson (Off. Ron Garfield), Byron Stewart (Otis Foster), Grace Zabriskie (Terry Sylvestri), Zero Hubbard (Fabian DeWitt), Beah Richards (Aunt Feeney), Judith Hansen (Celeste Patterson), Patricia Huston (Unknown)
story: Jeffrey Lewis & David Milch; teleplay: David Milch, Jacob Epstein, Dick Wolf & Robert Ward; director: Christian I. Nyby II

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117. "I Want My Hill Street Blues"

Goldblume tries to stop the demolition of some low-rent housing in the neighborhood where he just bought a building, producing friction between him and Furillo. A stubborn tenant is killed in a fall from the building and the contractor is suspected of pushing him out of the window. Furillo and Buntz chase down the facts and rule the tenant's death a suicide. The contractor is cleared, but in his desire to break ground by 4 p.m., he makes a substantial mistake: He tries to bribe Furillo.
Jablonski must cope with the chaos produced by a film crew shooting a rock video in the station house. LaRue tries to make some extra cash by renting out Hunter's dog for the video and Renko sets his sights on being in the production. Hill and Renko bust former gang leader Dudley Hicks for extorting money from people by sitting on them. Bates makes a deal with Vivian DeWitt to get custody of Fabian.

guest stars: Hal Williams (Ken Edwards), Joseph Mascolo (Melvin Jardino), Richard Bright (Stubby), Mark Withers (Roger), Liz Sheridan (Dorothy Miskin), Beverly Hope Atkinson (Vivian DeWitt), Zero Hubbard (Fabian DeWitt), Ellen Maxted (Tamara), Troy Curvey (Dudley Hicks)
story: John Mankiewicz; teleplay: John Mankiewicz & Russ Woody; director: Gabrielle Beaumont

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118. "Remembrance of Hits Past"

Flanked by Bernstein, Goldblume and Chief Daniels, Furillo is shot on the courthouse steps just prior to testifying against a recaptured gangster who fled prosecution seven years before. While Frank fights for his life, Joyce keeps vigil at his bedside and remembers back on how their relationship began.
The Hill Street officers try to cope with their fears and many line up to donate blood. Belker's supervisor at his meat packing plant undercover thwarts his attempts to obtain a report on the captain's condition. Hunter and Jablonski try to keep the station house running while Goldblume, Buntz, LaRue and Washington pull out all the stops to catch the man who shot their captain. The assailant and motive proves to be not what everyone first suspects.

guest stars: Kenneth Tigar (Randolph Scripps), Scott Stevenson (Evan), Michael P. Keenan (Dr. Mendelsohn), Al Israel (Al Biomonte), Marc Alaimo (Gene Scapizzi), Stanley Brock (Unknown)
story: Jeffrey Lewis, David Milch & Walon Green; teleplay: Walon Green; director: Ben Bolt

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119. "Larry of Arabia"

While making a pit stop, Renko discovers a dead courier handcuffed to a briefcase full of cash. Hill, Renko, LaRue and Washington decide to deal themselves into his action only to find they've stumbled into an FBI sting in search of an international arms dealer. Goldblume, who's in station command, and the four Hill Street cops try to cover their butts after the major snafu.
Only three weeks after being shot, Furillo considers returning to work and Daniels asks him for help in getting the consultancy job with the Crime Institute. Coffey persuades Bates to file guardianship papers for Fabian. Buntz appears on a TV small claims court. An impatient old woman messes up Belker's undercover at a pawn shop. Coffey interrupts a robbery in a smoke shop and is gunned down. With Joyce at his side, Frank pays respects to his dead officer and consoles the grief-stricken Bates.

guest stars: Frances Bay (Elizabeth Mies), Madison Arnold (Larry), Michael Pasternak (Lester Scherholtz), Beverly Hope Atkinson (Vivian DeWitt), Mark Lonow (Floor Manager), Ian Patrick Williams (William Hasselbach), Babette Props (Naomi Schipp), Stanley Grover (Jerry), Brent Jennings (Gupta), Jack Andreozzi (Sal), Tom Bower (Unknown)
story: Jeffrey Lewis, David Milch & Jerry Patrick Brown; teleplay: Jeffrey Lewis, David Milch, Jacob Epstein & John William Sel; director: Christian I. Nyby II

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120. "Iced Coffey"

With his blues in a funk over Coffey's death, Furillo returns to the Hill only three weeks after his own brush with death. Buntz, LaRue and Washington's investigation turns up several suspects. Bates agonizes over identifying her partner's killer and visits the department chaplain. Ballistics makes the case after the shooter wrecks a stolen car.
Davenport represents a prostitute who sells out Jesus and attorney Brown in a bribery scandal and Goldblume heads investigation. Brown and Jesus each blame the other and things look bad for Jesus after Brown turns up dead. Hunter uncovers an unexpected thief in the station - an over-the-edge Ballantine. Belker's harassed by an overzealous security guard at his grocery store undercover. Hill and Renko nearly shoot each other while looking for a burglar.

guest stars: Michael Strasser (Security Guard), Jeff Doucette (Chick Turner), Ian Patrick Williams (William Hasselbach), Renny Roker (Attorney Harold Brown), Zero Hubbard (Fabian DeWitt)
story: Jeffrey Lewis, David Milch & Duncan Smith; teleplay: Dick Wolf, Robert Ward, Robert Schlitt & Duncan Smith; director: Georg Stanford Brown

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121. "Jagga the Hunk"

Wanted for questioning in attorney Brown's death, a scared Jesus hides from the cops and recruits Davenport as his counsel. Joyce discusses Jesus' predicament with Frank who urges her to have him come in voluntarily. Things get tricky when LaRue and Washington overhear the conversation through the newly installed intercom system and flush Jesus out of hiding. Joyce negotiates a deal with Frank and Bernstein and Jesus wears a wire to get evidence on the corrupt Judge Hardin.
Buntz has a bizarre day as two familiar faces visit the Hill: His former partner, Tommy Donahue, asks another favor (things turn ugly after Buntz' help doesn't have the desired results), and khaki-blast-from-the-past Maureen Dolan asks him out. Renko has a humorous mishap with some stolen Army surplus gear, namely an inflatable raft. Bates gets to know Kate McBride, her temporary partner. Sal the plumber's brother, Vito the electrician, installs the new intercom system. Belker goes undercover in a roach coach and mixes it up with his competitor, who doubles as a loan shark. Tattaglia pays a visit to Belker just as things heat up. Hunter is somewhat distressed when Prunella's large Samoan husband comes to reclaim her. Goldblume squares off with a fast-talking developer, Lionel Styles, who wants to yuppify the neighborhood.

guest stars: Lindsay Crouse (Kathryn McBride), Manu Tupou (Jagawala), Michael Delano (Vito Benaci), David L. Crowley (Tommy Donahue), Elizabeth Huddle (Prunella Ashton-Wilkes), James A. Watson, Jr. (Lionel Styles), Jack O'Leary (Vince Delaberto), Joan Sweeney (Maureen Dolan), Zero Hubbard (Fabian DeWitt), Andrew Masset (Healy), Nora Heflin (Mary Franken)
story: Jeffrey Lewis, David Milch & Dick Wolf; teleplay: David Milch, Walon Green, Dick Wolf & Jacob Epstein; director: Gabrielle Beaumont

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122. "Look Homeward, Ninja"

Buntz takes a personal day and proceeds to build a case against his former parter, Donahue, whom he believes murdered another cop. A confrontation between the two ends in tragedy.
Furillo attends a lunch with the king makers and has an enlightening conversation with Mayor Cleveland's chief of staff, who tells the captain that Mayor Cleveland's being ousted by the group and that they call the shots. The Furillo Commission results torpedo Chief Daniels' hopes of getting a consultancy position with the Crime Institute. Bates defends her new partner, Kate McBride, against sexual harrassment charges made by a prostitute anxious to shield her pimp. Goldblume gets a lecture from Jablonski after he takes his frustrations out on a rookie who lost a jumper. Hunter is dealt another setback when Ballantine returns to duty dressed as a ninja. Belker is a bundle of nerves when Tattaglia has a bout with false labor.

guest stars: Lindsay Crouse (Kate McBride), Christopher Noth (Ron Lipsky), Granville Van Dusen (Graham Wells), Brian McNamara (Off. Michael Galva), Lawrence Fishburne (Maurice Haynes), Ren Woods (Jackie Lowrie), Nora Heflin (Mary Franken), David L. Crowley (Tommy Donahue), Richard Romanus (Robert Ajanian), Ron O'Neal (Stan Williams), J.C. Quinn (Unknown)
writers: Jeffrey Lewis, David Milch & Walon Green; director: John Patterson

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123. "Slum Enchanted Evening"

Graham Wells begins butting into precinct business in the wake of Buntz' shooting of his former partner. When the IAD investigation begins to look bad for him, Buntz heads straight to Furillo. Wells and Chief Daniels both warn Furillo that Mayor Cleveland stands to benefit from an investigation into Donahue's death. Furillo enters the investigation and masterfully interrogates Donahue's girlfriend Mary who finally gives up the evidence needed by Buntz. The captain kisses his mayoral bid goodbye when he refuses to use Buntz' situation as political fodder. Frank and Joyce get a surprise while watching the news: Cleveland is suspected of child molestation. Furillo believes it's a setup.
Furillo visits Chief Daniels at his new apartment and gets a surprise when Patsy Mayo shows up. Belker bumps into his old snitch Eddie Gregg who's dying of AIDS. Jablonski locks horns with an obnoxious peer when the Desk Sergeants' Rulebook Revision Committee convenes at the Hill. Humor and mayhem abound when Wachtel sentences slumlord Robert Dunlaw to time in one of his dilapidated units until it's brought up to code.

guest stars: Lindsay Crouse (Kate McBride), Christopher Noth (Off. Ron Lipsky), Granville Van Dusen (Graham Wells), Lawrence Tierney (Sgt. Jenkins), Charles Levin (Eddie Gregg), Nora Heflin (Mary Franken), Richard Romanus (Captain Bob Ajanian), Arthur Taxier (IAD Shipman), Ted Gehring (Sgt. Lou Martino), H. Richard Greene (Robert Dunlaw), Tony Frank (Sgt. Joe Hawkins), Hank Rolike (Unknown)
story: Jonahtan Lemkin & Michael Wagner; teleplay: Walon Green & Robert Ward; director: Michael Switzer

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124. "Come and Get It"

Tensions on the Hill are high when Hill and Renko rescue Albert Sawyer, a suspected mass murderer known as "The Creeper," from a vigilante mob in full view of the media. Chief Daniels creates another problem when he quickly moves to publicize the event before the media circus. Matters are made worse when citizens begin fighting over the reward money. An old pal of Jablonski's sets his sights on killing Sawyer. "The Creeper" wreaks havoc with Davenport: the usually dauntless PD is unnerved by her eerie client; a publicity agent eager to make money off the situation lures her to a meeting under false pretenses; and a high-dollar lawyer insinuates she won't do her best on the case because she's married to a police captain. Outraged, Davenport persuades Sawyer to keep her despite the fact he gives her the creeps. But Frank and Joyce ultimately breathe a sigh of relief when Sawyer suddenly decides to switch lawyers at his arraignment.
Belker can't stop being a cop even as he coaches Tattaglia through labor.

guest stars: Paul McCrane (Albert Sawyer), Christopher Noth (Off. Ron Lipsky), Eloy Casados (Manolo Sanchez), Ray Girardin (Jerry), W.K. Stratton (Frederick Spears), Jordan Charney (Marty Dignan), Elizabeth Pena (Alice), Earl Boen (Herb Elman), Brian McNamara (Michael Galva), Richard Coca (Paco Lopez)
writer: Robert Schlitt; director: Scott Brazil

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Episode Number and Title

  1. Suitcase
  2. A Case of Klapp
  3. The Best Defense
  4. Bald Ambition
  5. I Come on My Knees
  6. Say Uncle
  7. Amazing Grace
  8. Falling From Grace
  9. Fathers and Guns
  10. More Skinned Against Than
  11. She's So Fein
  12. A Wasted Weekend
  13. City of Refuse
  14. Der Roachenkavalier
  15. Norman Conquest
  16. Sorry Wrong Number
  17. The Cookie Crumbles
  18. Dogsbreath Afternoon
  19. Days of Swine and Roses
  20. The Runner Falls on His Kisser
  21. A Pound of Flesh
  22. It Ain't Over Till it's Over

125. "Suitcase"

A small plane crashes on the Hill and an enterprising looter tries to sell a suitcase full of drugs he pulled from the wreckage. Buntz and Sid get a line on the suitcase, but things get tricky when the thief decides to auction off the drugs to the highest bidder. Buntz has to do some fast talking and thinking to save himself and his snitch.
Goldblume gets some help from an FBI agent and a pharmaceutical company bean counter with his investigation into a suspected case of aspirin tampering that brings in all the nuts. LaRue attends his old girlfriend's wedding and is forced to negotiate with the groom who's distraught over her sexual past. Belker goes undercover to look into a hotel owner/manager who's scamming city housing chits from vagrants and gets some help from an INS agent in making the bust. Hunter plans a surprise EATer inspection. Swamped with cases, "The Ice Maiden," a k a Davenport, passes off one of her cases to a struggling attorney. When the subject is stabbed and killed at Michigan Avenue, she fears one of her other clients overheard her discuss his informant status.

guest stars: Jack Kehler (Bobby), Pepe Serna (Arthur), Reni Santoni (Danny Santana), Whitman Mayo (vagrant), Lenka Peterson (Marsha), Jason Wingreen (druggist), Mykel T. Williamson (Officer Ron Garfield), J.W. Smith (Arthur Baker), Cuba Gooding Jr. (Ethan Dillon), Raymond O'Connor (Nate Mornath), Alex Colon (Unknown), Richardson Morse (Unknown), Joel Fluellen (Unknown), Robert Benedetti (Unknown)
story: David Milch, John Romano & Darrell Vienna; teleplay: David Milch & John Romano; director: Stan Lathan

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126. "A Case of Klapp"

Davenport's woes continue as a public defenders strike looms. She and other PDs slow the judicial process by minding the exact letter of the law. Her antics anger Judge Wachtel who cites her for contempt and then resorts to personal remarks. She slaps him, landing herself in jail for battery. Furillo and the blues take up a collection and bail her out. Her courtroom tactics interfere with Belker's attempts to protect some senior citizens from a violent mugger. And when an elderly man dies in a mugging, Belker blames the already emotionally-strungout Davenport.
Hunter happens upon a robbery and is forced to shoot the young perpetrator in self defence. Briscoe smells blood when the kid's gun turns out to have malfunctioned and that Hunter's gun and load weren't department issue. In hopes of saving Hunter's career, Furillo advises him tell IAD he was off duty and puts Buntz on the case. After staking out a luscious young woman suspected of being a fence, LaRue and Washington get a big surprise.

guest stars: Andy Romano (Warren Briscoe), Arthur Taxier (IAD Lt. Jim Shipman), Reni Santoni (Danny Santana), Ernest Hardin (James Wingate), Lawrence Tierney (Sgt. Jenkins); Martha Hackett (Carole Green)
writer: Terry Curtis Fox; director: Scott Brazil

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127. "The Best Defense"

Belker and LaRue investigate the elderly mugging victim's death and bust a man fencing the stolen checks. The fence withholds the name of the mugger in hopes of cutting a deal. Meanwhile, Davenport tries to end the PD job action - a task made more difficult by her loud-mouthed compatriot Danny Santana - and walks a tightrope to unofficially help secure a deal for the fence and put away the mugger. The city makes an offer to settle with the PDs and Joyce's cool-headed, idealist approach sways them to accept the deal. With two wins in her column, Joyce and Frank celebrate with dinner and a night away from home.
Furillo recruits the newly demoted Hunter to take over as roll call sergeant. Jablonski undergoes bypass surgery and Belker and Tattaglia pay a visit. The cops cope with numerous bizarre incidents as the PD job action lets chaos reign in the precinct: While on foot patrol Hill and Renko encounter a man sticking bananas in his ears; Bates and newly transferred officers Flaherty and Russo try to defuse a man who promises to blow himself up for money; Buntz and Goldblume round up A-felons accidentally released due to overcrowding and have a little fun with some drug dealers. Goldblume gets the runaround from Chief Daniels as he tries to get money for a new task force.

guest stars: Reni Santoni (Danny Santana), Martha Hackett (Carol Green), Meshach Taylor (Calypso con man), William Edward Phipps (Unknown), Jeffrey Josephson (Unknown), David Sage (Unknown), Wally Taylor (Unknown), Ted Harris (Unknown)
story: Steven Bello, Robert Ward & Jonathan Lemkin; teleplay: Steve Bellow & Robert Ward; director: John Patterson

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128. "Bald Ambition"

With Calletano's station house on the edge of racial meltdown, Chief Daniels asks Furillo to help avert the crisis. Furillo is reluctant to do so, but a visit to his old friend at Polk Avenue produces enough physical evidence to convince him. Calletano doesn't react very well at first, but submits to Furillo's advice. The Hill Street captain later watches as the situation explodes when two white officers fail to back up a pair of black officers in a situation that turns deadly.
Hill is the hero of the hour after he catches a baby that falls out of third-floor window. Russo's undercover arrest is jeopardized and her conduct called into question when the subject's lawyer claims she slept with him. Goldblume is visited by an old friend, writer Steve Merkur, who is mugged and rejected by a publisher. Bernstein saves Davenport from an escaped prisoner and shocks her by confessing he has had a tremendous crush on her for years. A fire at the drycleaners decimates Furillo's wardrobe. Buntz sets out to allay IAD's suspicion after the homes of several of his collars are burglarized while they're in jail. During his investigation, Sid's informant status is revealed and he moves in with Buntz for protection.

guest stars: Ron O'Neal (Stan Williams), Scott Paulin (Steve Merkur), Don Hood (Phil Gresham), Alex Courtney (Weller), Nick Shields (Shanks)
writer: Jeffrey Lewis; director: Ben Bolt

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129. "I Come on My Knees"

In the wake of the racial meltdown, Stan Williams is put in command of Polk Avenue and Calletano is made an adviser to Chief Daniels. Calletano feels betrayed when he finds out Furillo voted to relieve him of command and threatens to take his story to the press. Daniels is aggravated with the high-strung latino and Furillo tries to help his friend by urging the paper not to print the story. Hill is wounded and officer James Sanders, just transfered from Polk Avenue, is killed by Goldblume's writer friend who freaks out when he is nearly mugged a second time.
Bernstein assuages Davenport's concerns about his confession of love for her. Jablonski wants to come back to work. LaRue, Washington, Belker and Russo's massage parlor busts are spoiled by a premature vice cop. Buntz uses Bates and Flaherty to try to scare off the guy threatening to kill Sid, but things don't go exactly as he planned. And Bates finds herself playing referee between Buntz and Flaherty. Renko is unsure what to do when his car is stolen as part of an insurance scam. His woes are compounded when his car returns after he has received the insurance check.

guest stars: Scott Paulin (Steve Merkur), James Keane (James Sanders), Nick Shields (Shanks), Harris Laskawsky (Unknown)
writer: David Milch; director: Don Weis

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130. "Say Uncle"

Buntz heads efforts to protect a convicted mobster John Petruzzi on his way to jail from a killer hired by his nephew. Bates and Flaherty work backup and Flaherty gets his jollies poking fun at the gangsters. Russo finds herself in another sexually fraught position as she poses as the nephew's girlfriend in hopes of getting specifics on the hit. Things are complicated when a nervous young man with a gun takes Petruzzi hostage.
An alleged gypsy puts a curse on Renko and the patrol officer is convinced it's real after he's stung on the nose by a bee. LaRue sees dollar signs after he and Washington bust a guy who confesses to several unsolved murders. Jablonski helps Belker nab a bus bandit. Calletano resigns from the force after consulting with Furillo. Goldblume discusses his old school pal on "The Don Chesler Show" and meets a nice lady. Frank and Joyce discuss Goldblume's apparent unhappiness.

guest stars: Jake Dengel (Max Emil), Joey Aresco (Dominick Donatelli), Art La Fleur (Mr. Schneider), Steve Vinovich (Hudson), Al Ruscio (John Petruzzi), Anne Curry (Dorothy Walker), Jonathan Caliri (Unknown)
writer: John Romano; director: Gabrielle Beaumont

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131. "Amazing Grace"

Furillo faces off with City Councilman William Wade in a session of the Committee on Drug Abuse. Wade later spends the day exposing and exploiting the crack problem on the Hill, foiling a meticulously planned weep in the process. Furillo is furious and butts heads with Chief Daniels. Things get even more interesting when Wade guns down a drug dealer and claims self defense in the shooting.
Grace Gardner returns to the Hill as Sister Chastity and recruits officer Flaherty. LaRue lets out his angst about the new restrictions on making copies and later mediates a dispute between his sister and brother-in-law. Jablonski makes the front page after helping nabbing a bus bandit, but later has another scare with his heart. Goldblume receives an offer to publish Steve Merkur's book and later embarks on a new relationship. Belker goes undercover at a seafood joint serving soul food to locate drug traffickers. The manpower shortage delays Buntz' arrest of a loan shark, costing him a digit.

guest stars: Louis Giambalvo (Rob Nelson), Janet Carroll (Peg), Walter Bobbie (Councilman William Wade), Anne Curry (Dorothy Walker), John Hancock (Cook), David Wohl (Robin Mars), CCH Pounder (Mrs. Jones), Phill Lewis (Parker Jones), F. William Parker (Unknown), Clarence Felder (Unknown), Don Calfa (Unknown), James Andronica (Unknown)
story: David Milch & Robert Ward; teleplay: Robert Ward; director: Don Weis

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132. "Falling From Grace"

Chief Daniels pushes Furillo to drop the investigation of Councilman Wade who's still claiming self-defense. As the probe progresses, Wade makes a big mistake when he tries to smear Furillo and Washington (exposes details from detective's personnel file). Furillo finds out who gave out personnel file and lays a trap for the cagey councilman and his assistant.
Hill and Renko have numerous run-ins with an obnoxious shirt salesman. Belker goes undercover to bust a chop shop. A literary agent offers Goldblume a chance to write his memoirs. After scouting facilities for an outreach center, Sister Chastity succumbs to "the lure of the flesh" and works her old magic on Flaherty - he beats a quick retreat. Buntz ties up his loan-sharking sting by busting the shylock who cut off his finger, but things don't go exactly planned. Grace, a k a Sister Chastity, bids goodbye to the Hill.

guest stars: Walter Bobbie (Councilman William Wade), David Wohl (Robin Mars), Art Metrano (Al), James Andronica (Unknown), Clarence Felder (Unknown), Terrance Ellis (Unknown), Victor Brandt (Unknown), Frances Conroy (Unknown)
writer: Terry Curtis Fox; director: Dale White

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133. "Fathers and Guns"

The day is full of nasty surprises for Furillo whose father was shot during a reported break-in. Frank and Joyce arrive at the hospital in time to learn of the elder Furillo's death. Frank goes from devastated to furious when he learns that everyone but him knew that his father was terminally ill. The downward spiral continues when the police investigation turns up no evidence to support the burglary story. And Frank must soon choose between family and the law after he deduces his father committed suicide and that his mother covered it up. Joyce seeks to comfort a careworn Frank after a day of emotional battering.
LaRue deposits sics the health department on a restaurant owner who had his car towed. Belker has nightmares about nuclear destruction and helps a father find his child. A cemetery plot salesman trys to drum up business on the Hill.

guest stars: Robin Gammell (Lt. Patterson), Penny Santon (Anna Furillo/Frank's mom), Hamilton Camp (Morton Keyes), David Harris (Darnell Karns), Michael Durrell (Joseph Furillo), Lee Kessler (Father Coughlin), Richard Bull (Mr. Furillo/Frank's dad), Raymond Ma (Mr. Chan), Al Fann (Unknown)
story: Jeffrey Lewis & Jerry Patrick Brown; teleplay: Jeffrey Lewis; director: Ed Sherin

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134. "More Skinned Against Than Skinning"

Racial tensions are high among the Hill Street blues when a white officer kills his black partner. Chief Daniles informs Furillo of a ring of corruption in which both cops were involved. Tensions worsen when Furillo temporarily removes LaRue and Washington from the case to keep from jeopardizing Division's impending bust. The Black Officers Coalition suspects a cover-up. Furillo and Washington loose face when the bust turns out to be, well, a bust. Furillo is further anger when he finds out the chief's actions may have been motivated by personal troubles. He pressures Daniels to apologize to his black officers.
A group of news photographers hang out at the precinct for special "Day In The Life Of" feature. A temporarily blind Buntz goes undercover as a beggar and Belker works backup. Hill and Renko find several skinned bodies of questionable origin. Davenport tries to defend a shopkeeper who displays Nazi paraphernalia in his store to deter robbers.

guest stars: Arthur Taxier (IAD Lt. Jim Shipman), Sam McMurray (Gann), James McDaniel (Mr. Mason), Bill Morey (Mr. Leonard), Frank Dent (Unknown), John Putch (Unknown)
writer: David Black; director: Dale White

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135. "She's So Fein"

Public defender Sharon Fein's first day on the Hill spells trouble. Davenport has Fein take over one of her cases when the client finds out Joyce is married to Frank and belives he's been betrayed. An error by the frightened PD allows the dissatisfied client to take Davenport hostage at gunpoint. After making it out of the station house, the young man and his hostage are cornered in a neighborhood shop. Goldblume negotiates for Joyce's safe return with an anxious Frank at his side. And, if that weren't enough, the undaunted Fein asks Washington out on a date to impress and shock her parents.
While taking a test drive, Belker wrecks a care belonging to LaRue's brother-in-law and Flaherty's stolen car radio turns up inside it. Hill and Renko find a child molester.

guest stars: Louis Giambalvo (Rob Nelson), Gela Jacobson (PD Sharon Fein), Jase Santana (Ricardo Diez), David Ralphe (Wilcox), Andy Romano (Warren Briscoe), David Selberg (Raymond), Christopher Cary (unknown)
writer: Marjorie David; director: Christian I. Nyby II

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136. "A Wasted Weekend"

A planned hunting trip by Jablonski, Hill, Renko and Goldblume appears doomed on all levels. Goldblume can't seem to get out of the station house - detered by Scouts and a nutty woman _ but when he finally does, he's taken hostage. The other three officers have their own troubles: First, they are pulled over by deputies for looking "suspicious;" next, they break into the wrong cabin; then, Hill steps on a nail while siting a deer.
Buntz reassures Officer McBride about her shooting of an armed robber.

guest stars: Lindsay Crouse (Kate McBride), Mark Arnott (kidnapper), James Gallery (proprieter), Ellen Barber (Unknown)
writer: David Mamet; director: John Patterson

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137. "City of Refuse"

A garbage workers strike raises a stink on the Hill as the cops are forced to take out the trash. Hill and Renko ride with hauler Earl Phillips, and trouble ensues when their collection route collides the the funeral procession of a drug kingpin. Hill nearly starts a riot, precipitating a death threat, displeasure from Furillo, a roust of the kingpin's gang and, ultimately, the murder of Phillips.
"Officer Gracie Allen," a cat, finds a home and work in the station house. Hunter gets back into EATer action when Ballantine takes a hostage. Russo and Flaherty try to deal with an angry old man who later meets a tragic end. LaRue and Washington's efforts to pass of Sid as a chemist to keep a cocaine case afloat are scuttled by Davenport. Russo and Flaherty's relationship takes a more intense turn.

guest stars: Moses Gunn (Sloan), Zero Hubbard (Fabian), Herbert Jefferson Jr. (Earl Phillips), Richard Zavaglia (Unknown)
writer: Peter Silverman; director: Don Weis

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138. "Der Roachenkavalier"

After listening to some gossip at the Public Defender's Office, Buntz believes Joyce is stepping out on Frank and takes efforts to help the "troubled" couple. Sal the plumber's loose tongue spills the beans on Buntz' suspicions and rumors fly on the Hill. The tales simultaneously shock and amuse the happy couple.
LaRue and Washington search city for a prize winning cockroach. Belker chases down a purse-snatching dog. The public is outraged when some pedestrians are run down by a felon who was just recently released by the police. Goldblume is suspended after an investigation reveals that he knowingly let the man go in direct violation of city council guidelines. Incensed by the unfair rules, Goldblume takes his opinions to the air.

guest stars: Marc Alaimo (Gene Scapizi), Eric Menyuk (reporter), Jorge Gil (Curtis Rivera), Anne Curry (Dorothy Walker), Jack Andreozzi (Sal Benaci)
writers: Christian Williams & Bob Woodward; director: Christian I. Nyby II

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139. "Norman Conquest"

Buntz' first day of station command has its ups and downs. He and the blues launch a campaign to seize $130,000 worth of illegal drugs in an effort to reinstate overtime pay. LaRue and Washington's antics create friction with a Division detective. The plethora of "hummer" busts prompt Davenport to seek an injuction against the operation. Sid comes to the rescue, along with a disowned snitch busted by Russo, Flaherty and Bates. And to top the day off, Buntz clashes with Scapizi's interior decorator girlfriend.
Furillo and Goldblume sit on an oral exam board for new lieutenants. Belker busts a tough kid who bites and runs drugs. Renko finds his stolen motorcycle. Flaherty and Russo's relationship heats up.

guest stars: Marc Alaimo (Gene Scapizi), Bernie White (Carmelo), Don Sparks (Osgood), Gracie Harrison (Lori Tuttle), Bobby Jacoby (Unknown), Harris Laskawsky (Unknown)
story: Steve Bello, Neil Eglash, Jonathan Lemkin & Michael Wagner; teleplay: Steve Bello; director: Dale White

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140. "Sorry Wrong Number"

A family is slaughtered in their sleep and a single witness implicates a gang. LaRue and Washington work the scene and canvas the neighborhood to no avail. Buntz and Goldblume tap a former gang member, Alfred Williams, to wear and wire to get evidence the gang leader. Meanwhile, Belker and Russo's bust leads the cops to the killers. Goldblume and Furillo clash over the use of Williams after the youth fears he's been exposed. The two friends later lament the separation in their friendship to their ladies. The evening is shattered as they learn Williams has killed the gang leader.
Russo "turns on" both Flaherty and a voice-activated vending machine. A lady has trouble with her Latin gigolo and Bates, Flaherty and Davenport try to help. Hill and Renko make a bust outside a methdone clinic, revive a choking drunk and deliver a baby.

guest stars: Joe Grifasi (Ronnie Delacroce), Eddie Velez (Ramon Mendez), Micole Mercurio (Sylvia Selsen), Anne Curry (Dorothy Walker), Keith Ames (Alfred Williams), Rudy Lowe (unknown), Joseph d'Angerio (unknown)
writer: Ron Koertge; director: Christian I. Nyby II

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141. "The Cookie Crumbles"

Calletano returns to the Hill as a representative of the Latin American Coalition after an innocent Spanish-speaking man is shot by a cop who couldn't understand him. He squares off with Chief Daniels and threatens a suit against the department, unaware Furillo would be on the rack, not Daniels. Joyce advises Frank to tell Calletano.
Flaherty's preoccupation with Russo results in Bates getting cut while trying to nab the Sutton Street Slasher. Kate McBride relives her father's death at an awards ceremony. Goldblume is forced to kill Alfred Williams. Belker copes with a smart-mouthed thief. LaRue makes a fool of himself with a group of cheerleaders who were shot at. Hill and Renko mediate a dispute between a restuarant owner and his neighbor over a noisy marketing gimmick. A jealous Renko believes Daryl Ann is having an affair and considers one of his own. Belker begins invesigating a stolen credit card racket and is shot.

guest stars: Andy Romano (Warren Briscoe), Arthur Taxier (IAD Lt. Jim Shipman), Debi Richter (Daryl Ann), Lindsay Crouse (Kate McBride), Loanne Bishop (Mrs. Metcalf), Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs (Crumley), Susan Cash (Billie Jo Maxwell), John Dewey-Carter (Pontchartrain), Lawrence Tierney (Sgt. Jenkins), Steven Williams (Sutton Street Slasher), Ren Woods (Unknown)
writer: Robert Ward; director: John Patterson

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142. "Dogsbreath Afternoon"

Jablonski and Robin keep a bedside vigil as Belker fights for his life. Buntz spearheads efforts to find the shooter, but his shakedown of a snitch nearly lands him in trouble. Davenport tries to help a young woman caught in the middle of the investigation. Furillo kicks himself over detective's shooting and gets a pep talk from Goldblume.
Russo and Flaherty stalk a reported lion with humorous results. After a blackmailing hooker forces Renko to be honest with Daryl Ann about his infidelity, he and Hill turn the tables on her. Hunter is nervous when the review board calls him in a day early - reinstates his lieutenancy.

guest stars: Debi Richter (Daryl Ann), Loanne Bishop (Billie Jo Maxwell)
story: George Goldsmith, Jeff Melvoin & Jerome Portman; teleplay: George Goldsmith & Jeff Melvoin; director: Christian I. Nyby II

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143. "Days of Swine and Roses"

LaRue, Washington and Davenport work on opposides to protect the rights of a mentally disturbed young man and his frightened mother and sister. Everyone is put through the emotional wringer when the family tiff turns tragic.
A radio contest brings out the nuts, including a man trying to fly with weather balloons, a trio of gang kids who loose a pig in the station house, and LaRue tries to enter an older couple who we're arrested for having sex in a public park. Buntz busts a Russian-born shylock for fencing stolen goods and later helps Sid get out of an arm-busting assignment. Hunter's return to action as the EATer leader fizzles when a hostage situation proves to be non-existant. On the mend, Belker returns to the Hill to do some paperwork. Renko and Hill test out a new computerized patrol car - their bad luck has not waned. Jablonski's badge turns up in a hooker sweep and Belker takes care of matters. Renko and Daryl Ann's marriage troubles persist. Hunter visits a friend who believes he's unearthed an Indian burial ground in his basement and the two are trapped in a cave-in.

guest stars: Debi Richter (Daryl Ann), Don Cheadle (Darius Milton), Beverly Todd (Mrs. Milton), James Saito (Mr. Ashida), Michael Flanagan (Mr. Dahlgren), Anne Haney (Mrs. Nathan Schecter), Terrance Evans (Nathan Schecter), Tim Russ (Ben Childers), Cuba Gooding Jr. (gang kid), Michael Shillo (Unknown)
story: John Litvack & David Black; teleplay: John Litvack; director: John Patterson

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144. "The Runner Falls on His Kisser"

A football star nearing the end of his career is caught in a hooker sweep after he solicits the undercover Russo. His big gun lawyer cuts a deal to control damage to the player's image and casts the department in a good light.
Prunella returns to the Hill to look for the still missing Hunter. Belker has a rocky return to duty in an undercover at LaScali's Bakery. LaRue forms a syndicate to back Buntz in the departmental firearms competition. Frank and Joyce help his brother, Joe, get a loan to bail out his troubled construction business. The brothers seemingly shore up their somewhat-distant relationship in the process.

guest stars: Keenan Ivory Wayans (Raymond Jackson), Richard Kline (Arnold Resnick), Elizabeth Huddle (Prunella Ashton-Wilkes), Michael Durrell (Joseph Furillo), Sheila John (Mrs. Tonya Jackson), Lawrence Tierney (Sgt. Jenkins), Marshall Bell (Mike Cataldo), Lillian Adams (Mrs. LaScali), Anthony Peck (shylock), Ken Lerner (Unknown), Jon St. Elwood (unknown)
writer: Jody Taylor-Worth; director: Ken Lavet

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145. "A Pound of Flesh"

The Hill faces renewed gang violence when Jesus' sister is believed kidnapped on the eve of her wedding to a Gypsy Boy. Furillo calls a gang summit and threatens a crackdown unless the girl is returned. The family saga takes an interesting turn when she shows up with a Shamrock, whom she professes to love. After some tearful persuading, the nuptials go on as planned - except for a groom change. Frank and Joyce attend the reception where more fireworks nearly occur.
IAD investigates Buntz over a kilo of cocaine missing from evidence. Furillo is informed of the probe, but is ordered to keep it under his hat. Buntz finds out anyway after Sid, who's threatening to take his trade elsewhere, sees the cops tossing Buntz' apartment and tells him. The search turns up a large sum of cash and the lieutenant is reluctant to reveal its origins. IAD suspends him. Buntz then rounds up Mary Franken (the girlfriend of Buntz' former partner, the late Tommy Donahue) to explain to Furillo where the money came from. Goldblume's first short story is published and recieves mixed reviews from his colleagues. LaRue rides an emotional rollercoaster after a perp's gun misfires three times in his face. After 11 days, Hunter is found, but the secret to his survival shocks Furillo, Chief Daniels and Prunella. Grace returns to the Hill, this time as a field rep for a condom manufacturing/distribution company. Before long, she and Flaherty succumb to their passions. Sal the plumber renovates the ladies room and continues to woo Bates.

guest stars: Arthur Taxier (IAD Lt. Jim Shipman), Elizabeth Huddle (Prunella Ashton-Wilkes), Nora Heflin (Mary Franken), Lawrence Tierney (Sgt. Jenkins), Jack Andreozzi (Sal Benaci), Kamala Lopez (Lola Martinez), Gerald Castillo (Det. Michael Benedict), Michael Flanagan (Tommy), Joseph R. Sicari (Unknown), Bryan Cranston (Unknown)
writer: Christian Williams; director: Don Weis

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146. "It Ain't Over Till it's Over"

The Hill Street blues attempt business as usual after an early-morning blaze damages the station house. Rumors fly about what will happen to the precinct.
While IAD continues its probe into Buntz, he persuades Furillo to do a little investigation of his own. Furillo and Sid's efforts reveal a conspiracy by IAD's Shipman and Det. Benedict to frame the Hill Street lieutenant. Buntz manages to complicate matters when he confronts Shipman and stops him from fleeing. Meanwhile, Chief Daniels publicly vilifies Buntz, who in turn decks the chief in front of the press corps. Joyce later consoles Frank who's kicking himself for not being able to save his officer's career. Hill encounters a face from his past and is confused when he can't remember from where. Belker has IRS troubles. Bernstein announces he's leaving the DA's office for private practice in California. Goldblume teams up with an odd detective to capture the Piano Wire Killer - Davenport gives their investigation a point in the right direction. LaRue decides to beat a TV crew doing a live broadcast from a gangster's cellar to the punch. Bates agrees to go out with Sal the plumber.

guest stars: Arthur Taxier (IAD Lt. Jim Shipman), Steven Keats (Det. Penzickis), Ernie Sabella (Pauli), Jack Andreozzi (Sal Benaci), Kelly Minter (Coho), Lawrence Tierney (Sgt. Jenkins), Marc Alaimo (Gene Scapizi), Mary Jackson (Kathy), Gerald Castillo (Det. Michael Benedict), Charles Brill (Sal DiNapoli), David Selberg (Raymond)
writers: Jeffrey Lewis, David Milch & John Romano; director: Stan Lathan

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Notes on this information: First of all we make no claim to its total accuracy, The information is here for the benefit of all HSB fans but it can only ever be a guide. If you spot anything you believe to be incorrect, please feel free to contact the Webmaster.

The Core information was published in 2001 on an anonymous GeoCities website and was used by many of us as the definitive episode guide. Over the next few years many attempts were made to contact the webmaster / mistress, without success. The assumption must be that they are no longer on line. With the closing of  GeoCities in 2010 I took the decision to preserve the core data and re-use it here. Although it has since been substantially modified, acknowledgment must be given to the person who initial collected all the information. 

Notes on this information: First of all we make no claim to its total accuracy, The information is here for the benefit of all HSB fans but it can only ever be a guide. If you spot anything you believe to be incorrect, please feel free to contact the Webmaster.

The Core information was published in 2001 on an anonymous GeoCities website and was used by many of us as the definitive episode guide. Over the next few years many attempts were made to contact the webmaster / mistress, without success. The assumption must be that they are no longer on line. With the closing of  GeoCities in 2010 I took the decision to preserve the core data and re-use it here. Although it has since been substantially modified, acknowledgment must be given to the person who initial collected all the information.