Contacting  the webmaster

Hi all my name is Andy Lambert I come from near Portsmouth in England. That's me on the right with my good one of my heroes Joe Spano.

Having been a fan since its earliest days, I am always keen to hear from people who were involved with HSB. I am especially happy to hear from people who can help me with the website. I have quite a lot of other websites to keep going and not enough hours in the day to do them all.

If you have time to do research, or own any pictures you hold the copyright to, please, please, please email me. If you see any mistakes (you would have to be blind not to!) also drop me a line.

However, if you only want information, although I am happy to try and help, I am not an HSB expert. The best place for this is by posting your request on the Our Forum

Regards Andy

Andy Lambert with Joe Spano LA 2013

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