Major Guests

Many of today's TV and Film regulars appeared in HSB, most as unknowns at the time!

Luis Avalos
Usually called in when a Mexican Doctor or Politician is required, Luis has been on our screens and performing for over forty years. He was born in Cuba in 1946 and first appeared on stage in 1968. Along with acting he has written a number of Screenplays and even directed one film 

He will be remember perhaps most, for the role of Dr. Doolats in the children's series The Electric Company in which he appeared in over 650 episodes, throughout the seventies.

Mr. Viatoro

He appeared in
two episodes.

Photo courtesy
Ron Blunket

Steven Bauer
Born Esteban Echevarriain in Cuba, he moved to Florida with his family in 1959.

Concerned he was being type cast as a Latino he eventually changed his name to Steven Bauer. It has been said that he was going to be a regular in HSB, but was offered a major big-screen role  as Manny in  the Film Scarface. 

Since Scarface Steven has appeared in a huge number of films and TV series and has even been Annie Lennox's motorcycling boyfriend, in a music video.

Officer Fuentes
Billed as Rocky Echevarria First two episodes.
Michael Biehn
Michael brilliantly played the part of a repugnant rookie cop called Buttman, who gets suspected of murdering a prostitute, after he embarrasses a fellow rookie (played by Tim Robbins) with her.

In a later career he would become a freedom fighter, who fathered John Connor (with Linda Hamilton see below) and sent 'Arnie back'!

Even later he would take Yul Brynner's part in the TV Magnificent Seven, star in Aliens and be nominated for best supporting actor for his role in the movie Abyss

Patrolman Randall Buttman

Three episodes in total.

Ellen Blake
Ellen brought a sparkle into the life of Leo Schnitz (the stations desk officer). It also brought a sparkle to the series, with viewers wondering if the bashful pair would get together. She went on to co-star series like LA Law, along with numerous Film and Theatre appearances.

She also has found time to help others working as a volunteer Family Skills Counselor, with Community Health Action of Staten Island.


Natalie Deroy
Desk officer

Photo courtesy
Ellen Blake


Dori Brenner
It sadness many Hill Street fans that the relationship between Belker, his sister and his mum, where not more fully explored. There must have been so much potential for that famous Hill Street sense of humour.

Dori appeared in the Episode 'Chipped Beef', but was hardly mentioned after that.

She was later nominated for an Emmy, for her performance in Seventh Avenue and appeared in some 50 films and TV shows. She died just 53 in 2000.

Luana Belker

One episode

Richard Bright
One of those faces you know, but do not always remember the name. He was a top character actor, always on call when a 'hard man' was needed and had appeared in numerous films. He played Stubby in the episode "I Want My Hill Street Blues", in 1986

Many were classics like The Gataway, Looking for Mr. Goodbar,  Marathon Man and all three Godfather films. He was tragically run over by a New York bus in 2006, aged 68


One episode

Merritt Butrick
He had a small part as a rapist in the second episode of the first series.

He went on to appear in various productions but he will now always be remembered in his role, as Dr. David Marcus the son of Capt James T Kirk.

He tragically died in 1989 aged just 29.

A Rapist
Julius Carry
Julius Carry is perhaps best known for his strong role as the bounty hunter, Lord Bowler, in the television series "The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr."

His small part in in the 1982 Episode A Hair of the Dog was just his third TV appearance He went on to have parts in JAG, Columbo, Cosby and Doctor, Doctor. He often was credited as Julius J. Carry III in his early years.

He sadly died in August 2008 aged just 56

Cab Customer
Don Cheadle
Don was a comparative unknown when he appeared as Darius in the HSB episode 'Days of Swine and Roses'. In his later acting life he was even considered for the role of Huggy Bear in the Starsky & Hutch film.

He appeared on TV as Sammy Davis Jr in The Rat Pack and was in the films Ocean's 11, 12,and 13. He is a highly respected actor who has won many awards and continues to act in television, movies, as well as in the theatre.

Darius Milton
Pat Corley
Pat Corley had portrayed around a hundred different roles, by the time he died in 2006. However, his favourite was as Coroner Wally Nydorf (a role he played with a slight smile).

He enjoyed smoking over the corpse and could sometimes be seen performing an autopsy, while happily tucking into a huge snack.

It is said that Laurence Olivier, phoned him about his portrayal of Wally Nydorf and told him, "that's the finest television acting I have ever witnessed

Coroner Wally Nydorf
6 episodes

Photo courtesy
Alan Light

James Cromwell
James appears as the official Police handler for a Bear called Officer McBear, which is used to teach school children that the police are 'cool'

He has appeared in many films and television programs, as well as theatre. Playing everyone from Princes Philip, to the President of the USA.

Trekkies however, know him as Dr. Zefram Cochrane, inventor of the Warp Drive and the first Human to make contact with the Vulcans

Police Bear Handler

Appears in just the one episode, the last one of series five.

Lindsay Crouse
Born in 1948 Lindsay played Kate McBride an Officer with lesbian tendencies, partnered with Lucy Bates after Joe's death (still a relatively daring idea in 1986).

She has several strong scenes including remorse after killing a 'perp' and being accused of sexual harassment by a prostitute

Later appeared in Bochco's L A Law and NYPD Blue as well as in Buffy, Law & Order and she Played Capt. Ruth Hagermann in Dragnet.

Officer Kate McBride

Guest appearances in around five episodes in the last two series

Gregory (Norman) Cruz
Gregory Cruz the popular Native American actor has a small part in two episodes from the first series.

Since HSB he has appeared in many TV series including X Files, Jag, NYPD and Saving Grace. He has also appeared in numerous films.

Timothy Daly
Timothy who for many years was TV's Superman, popped up in the first series of HSB in the episode called 'Gatorbait' as Dann
Robert Davi
From Colombian drug lord brave enough to take on 007, to helping Bruce Willis in Die Hard.. Robert has appeared many times on TV and Film as the tough guy, with a mean streak.

In episode Stan the Man, he plays special narcotics undercover cop Stan Mizell and succeeds in winding up LaRue and Washington, with his reckless methods.

Stan Mizell
George Dickerson
George portrayed Dave Swanson as Frank Furillo's friend as well as boss. His acting suggested it was his profession, however he was in fact a poet, editor and playwright, who wandered in to acting.

After HSB he had many minor parts in TV series like the Incredible Hulk, Little House on the Prairie, Miami Vice and LA Law. He will perhaps be remembered best for his role as detective John Williams in David Lynchís crime drama Blue Velvet. He died in January 2015.
Commander Dave Swanson. 
6 episodes
Dennis Dugan
The character of Captain Freedom in his improvised 'super hero' costume, was invented just to drive Belker insane. and the inevitable conclusion of this relationship made for excellent television.

Dennis had been on television since the early seventies and went on to Guest on Mash  LA Law and Moonlighting.  Today he is a successful Producer with numerous productions to his credit, including NYPD Blue.

Captain Freedom
4 episodes
Dominique Dunne
Although she only had a small part as an abused young mother, this promising young actress is remembered because she was murdered, soon after filming the scene.

It was noted during filming that she needed little make up for the role, having already been beaten by her boyfriend. A few days later he strangled her and after being in a coma for a few days, she sadly died.

Her father was the noted Author Filmmaker and Vanity Fair Columnist, Dominick Dunne


Abused Mum

The 1982 episode 'Requiem for a Hairbag'
 (in which she appeared) was dedicated to her memory.


Jill Eikenberry
The still incredibly lovely Jill featured in 2 episodes playing one half of a hapless couple, who gets robbed while visiting the big city.

Her husband was played by real life husband Michael Tucker (please see his entry below).



Sarah Fimpel

Photo courtesy


Michael Fairman
Michael played the drunken and obnoxious Councilmen Arnold Detweiler. Often protected by his political friends.

He is very much a Veteran Actor having been performing for over forty years on Stage, TV and in Films.

Other  guest appearance on TV included LA Law, The X Files and Cagney and Lacey

Arnold Detweiler


At least 6 episodes

Martin Ferrero
Martin played many different HSB characters, over the years, including a robber and a mental patient.
However, he is best remembered for his portrayal of a man who, thinks he is Duncan Renaldo (the actor who played Cisco Kid).. He even mistakes Ray Calletano for the the actor Leo Carrillo who played Pancho.

In later life he had a recurring role of Izzy Moreno, the informant on "Miami Vice. He also brilliantly played Donald Gennaro, the cowardly lawyer in the movie "Jurassic Park"

Alan Bradford
AKA The Cisco Kid
3 episodes

Mr. Sybert

A Robber

Laurence Fishburne
Not unsurprisingly, Larry plays the part of a pimp for his one and only appearance on the street back in 1986.

Since then he has appeared in countless moves and tv show, usually playing a tough but calm, militant but sensitive strong guy.

No matter what roles he takes, he will however always be remembered as Morpheus from the film The Matrix and its sequels

Maurice Haynes
Charles Fleischer
Today he is probably best know for his work in Cartoons, most noticeably as the voice of Roger the Rabbit and Benny the Cab. He also still appears 'on screen' in films as diverse as Carry on Columbus, Nightmare on Elm Street and Back to the Future.

Charles brilliant HSB appearance however is one that is remembered by many none fans, as well as the regulars.. He played a young car thief who can repairer just about anything and after being arrested, proceeds to fix all the faulty items in the precinct house.


William Forsythe
William played a killer in two Episodes during 1983, at which time he was still unknown.

After HSB he carried on with the tough guy image and is of course still doing it today.

He played Al Capone in The Untouchables as well as Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano in Gotti.

Richard Brady
Jonathan Frakes
The famous Number One of the Starship Enterprise only appeared as a drug dealer in an episode of HSB back in 1982

He was still a virtual unknown having had bit parts in Charlie's Angels, Dukes of Hazards etc. Soon after his HSB role he landed a more regular role in Bare Essence and then Paper Dolls and Falcon Crest.

It would be another four years before he would board the Enterprise

Eddie Simms
Andy Garcia
Andy had two independent roles, 3 years apart. In the first episode 'Hill Street Station' as street kid Andy and again in 'Hair Apparent' as Ernesto a Diablo who is killed by a a Blood and triggers a gang war..

Born in Cuba in the mid fifties his family moved to Miami a few years later. Here his parents started, and then built up a successful perfume company.

He has of course had many major roles since his humble beginnings as an unknown in the first ever HSB episode

Andy Arthur



Cuba Gooding Jr
Cuba appeared twice in HSB once as a un credited 'Gang Member' and once as Ethan Dillon
Second gang Member


Ethan Dillon

Danny Glover
Danny played the character Jesse John Hudson who is released from prison and attempts to establish himself on the Hill

He appeared in four episodes of the first series

Jesse John Hudson
4 episodes
Martha Hacket
Martha's first real break was when she landed the part of Carole Green for two episodes of HSB in 1986

After this she went on to play Tarellian in Star Trek Next Generation. This was followed by Sub commander TíRul in Deep Space Nine and the 1996 she became Seska in Star Trek: Voyager. When she is not in space, she has also had several other down to earth roles.  

Carole Green
2 episodes
Linda Hamilton
Linda was a guest in at least 3 episodes of series four. Interesting note: Linda and Michael Biehn (above) were the parents of John Connor who would save the world in Terminator

Belka meets Terminator now there's a thought for a great movie!

Sandy Valpariso
Hilly Hicks
Unlike so many guest that started their careers at Hill Street, Hilly ended his there after 15 years of acting.

He had many small parts in shows like Cosby, Mash and Cannon, but he is probably  best remembered for his role as Lewis Moore (the younger son of Chicken George) in the TV series Roots.

Hilly Hicks is today, the senior pastor at Crenshaw United Methodist Church in Los Angeles, California.

Lee Cleveland

(Mayor Cleveland's
Son, in two episodes)

Kene Holliday
Like many other guests Kene appeared as different people during the series. In three 1982 episodes, he played Vernon Lee a candidate for the Black Officers' Coalition.

Later he became famous for his role as Tyler Hudson in the series Matlock, he has also appeared in numerous TV programs and films.

Vernon Lee


Pablo Jackson

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Lauren Holly
Lauren first role was playing a very young hooker, in two episodes of HSB. She is first helped by Davenport and then Garibaldi. For the next ten years she would have various roles mostly on TV, until her big break came - staring in Dumb & Dumber opposite Jim Carrey (who she would later Marry)   

Back on TV she had a long run as Deputy Sheriff  Maxine Stewart in Picket Fences followed by a number of other good parts she is probably most recently remembered as Jenny Shepherd from NCIS

Carla Walick 
wo episode

Michael Ironside
Actor, Writer and Producer Michael Ironside appeared in 1983 in just the one episode playing the character Schrader. For this webmaster his later performance in V, was the highlight of that series 

One episode

Jane Kaczmarek
Jane got her first break by being cast as Officer Clara Pilsky and appeared in six episode during 1984 She went on to appear in numerous TV series.

She received some seven consecutive Emmy nominations for Best Actress in a Comedy Series  for her role in Malcolm in the Middle.

Clara Pilsky

In 6 episodes

Stanley Kamel,
Stanley Kamel acted for over three decades, before suffering a heart attack in 2008. He was a prolific player of character parts and they were not all 'good guys' (remember the repulsive Dr Graham Lester in Murder One)

Some of the many series he appeared in were, Monk,  Melrose Place, Cagney and Lacey, Star Trek, Quincy, Kojak, as well as Bochco's Murder One and L A Law.

Agent Ramsey

In at least 3 episodes

Yaphet Kotto
A black man with a classic thoughtful face and incredibly expressive eyes, Yaphet has appeared in a huge amount of films ranging from being a Bond Villain to playing  Othello. He appeared in the episode  'Blues in the Night' as Calvin Matthias.

Calvin Matthias
One episode

Charles Levin
Charles movies, including A Civil Action, Immediate Family, The Couch Trip, and The Man With One Red Shoe. He's more important TV roles have been on shows such as Law and Order, The Crew, Murphy Brown, Seinfeld, Designing Women, The Golden Girls and Night Court.

In HSB he played a Gay Male Prostitute who Belker befriends and who later becomes a 'snitch' with tragic consequences. A number of years later he returns to the series for just one episode and Belker finds out he (Eddie) is dying with AIDS.

Eddie Gregg
Six episodes

Lisa Lindgren
On Phil Esterhaus' Wedding Day, he faints at the Alter torn between his love for the beautiful and young Cindy played by Lisa and the older Erotic Grace! (what a choice webmaster!)

Lisa did get married for real in 1982 to Jono Farrer. She also supplied the voice of Tess in the cult Cartoon series Pole Position and had other small roles.

In the mid eighties she retired. to raise a family, but sadly died on July 15, 2005 in UCLA Medical Centre, aged just 45.

Cindy Spooner
Potentially Mrs Esterhaus

Kathleen Lloyd
Sometimes also credited as Kathy Lloyd she started acting in the early seventies Her role in Hill Street caused some memorable scenes and a great partnership with Howard Hunter when she nurses him and he falls in love with her.

She has appeared in many other shows including LA Law, but is possibly remembered best for her TV role of District Attorney Carol Baldwin in Magnum.

Linda Wulfawitz
Four episodes

Andrea Marcovicci
Andrea is today referred to as the Queen of Cabaret, having build a huge following.  Life Magazine calling her the most Sinatra-like cabaret performer. As well as appearing on Stage, Andrea has appeared in many film and TV productions since she started in the late sixties.

In HSB she played an attractive TV report who manipulates events to make for 'Good TV' LaRue takes her on a 'Stakeout' to try and impress her, with unexpected results!

 Cynthia Chase
Four episodes 1981/2.

Paul McCrane
Paul grow up in Pennsylvania and started to appear in Broadway shows around 1978. However he became a familiar face on our cinema screen, as the fresh faced Montgomery (with a mop of Ginger Hair) in the eighties hit film Fame.

In 1986 he appeared on HSB as a suspected mass murderer called The Creeper. His next big brake was a part in RoboCop, followed by a string of films like The Shawshank Redemption. He aslo found himself in regular TV spots, as Graem Bauerin in 24 and Dr. Robert Romano in ER

Albert Sawyer
(The Creeper) 
One episodes in 1986.

Frances McDormand
Public Defender Connie Chapman  exquisitely played by Oscar winner Frances McDormand, has several 'confrontations' with Joyce, before Joyce gets her fired for suspected drug abuse.

Since HSB she has had a successful career as an actress and has been nominated for several awards, taking an Oscar for best actress in 1996 (Fargo). She has been married to one of the legendary Coen Brothers, since 1984

PD Connie Chapman
Six episodes in 1985.

Mark Metcalf
Mark played brash, cocky Officer Harris, who was getting his partner Officer Fuentes, into scrapes. The role was cut shot however, when he is murdered character was murdered by a 'hooker' in the episode 'Up in Arms'.

After HSB Mark appeared in many other productions including the film Animal House as well as LA Law, Star Trek and Teen Angel. His is however probably most famous for his long running role as The Master in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 

Officer Bernard Harris
Four episodes in 1981.

Taylor Negron
Born in California in 1957 his first real part in what was to become a successful TV and Movie career, was in the 1982 Young Doctors in Love. 

Although he well of course be remembered  for playing Mr. Pizza Guy in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, his most acclaimed role must be as villain Milo in the film The Last Boy Scout.

He also had success with the Comedy Store Players, before his untimely death in 2015 aged just 57.     
Tommy Rodriguez
Christopher David Noth
Chris Noth is best know for being Detective. Mike Logan in Law & Order, and as Mr. Big on Sex and the City. He has also appeared in Films and even directed  two TV Moves.

He played Officer Ron Lipsky in three episodes of season six in 1986

Ron Lipsky
Edward James Olmos
Like so many other players Edward James Olmos played more than one character in HSB. He played Joe Bustamonte three times and Judge Cruz just the once.
Joe Bustamonte


Judge Cruz

Chazz Palminteri
It has been said that if an Italian gangster is needed and Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci are not available Chazz gets the gig!.

The star of Yonkers Joe and A Bronx Tale, did not even make the credits in his second and short TV appearance up on the Hill. It did not harm him though, because he went on to play countless other roles, became a writer then a Director and today also produces.

Sonny Cappelito
One episode
CCH Pounder
When Carol first appeared in HSB she was at the start of her extensive career. She appeared in three episodes each time as a different person.

She then went on to work with Bochco both in LA Law (as Judge Roseann Robin) and the ill fated Cop Rock. She also had parts in the X files, Cosby, Miami Vice and many others.

She is today most recognisable for the roles of Detective Claudette Wyms in the Shield and of course Dr. Angela Hicks in ER

Wilma Tucker
Mrs Jones
Three episode
Donnelly Rhodes 
When Donnelly first guested on HSB he was already a familiar face having appeared in some 40 Episodes of Soap (as as Dutch) and in several good westerns, including the gunfighter Macon, in the film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

He is best remembered in HSB for successfully dealing with Fay by laughing at her outburst in court, for a traffic violation.

He is still acting today, in his seventies 

Judge Paul Grogin
Three episodes
Michael Richards
Michael was still trying to make the move from stand-up comedian, to famous actor, when he secured a small part in HSB.

 It would be another four years until he found himself in the role of Jerry Seinfeld's neighbour in Seinfeld. This inspired piece of casting of course, earned him three Emmy awards and made him a cult hero.

Special Agent Dupre  
In the 1985 episode called "An Oy for an Oy"
Deborah Richter
She had many small parts before she joined the hill as a 'lady of the night' and then secured the a parts as Renko's   girlfriend and then wife.

In 1985 she married Charles Haid who played Renko in real life, but although the marriage produced 2 Children it ended in 88.

She carried on acting and also wrote and produced both in films and on TV. Popular Dutch indie band Daryll-Ann were named after her character. 
Daryl Ann    
Appeared in 13 Episodes in the part of Daryl, having impressed the crew when she first appeared as a hooker  in episode 32
Ron Rifkin
Actor and Director Ron Rifkin was born in 1939 in New York and has had a long and distinguished career in film, on the stage and of course many television programs.

He's perhaps best known for his long  role as Arvin Sloane in the television series 'Alias' and more recently as Saul Holden in 'Brothers & Sisters'

Monty DiMair 
In the 1984 episode called "Ratman and Bobbin"
Tim Robbins
Tim only appeared in one episode as a rookie cop Lawrence Swan who joins the same day as  Randall Buttman. (played by Michael Biehn).

Swann kills himself after an 'initiation' party with a 'hooker' at the Kubiak Lodge.

Lawrence Swan
Mimi Rogers
Before Mimi got Lost In Space, or became Mrs Tom Cruise she made two appearances on the Hill as Sandra Pauley in episodes 'Jungle Madness' and 'Rites of Spring'. Which were both broadcast as two part episodes.

Of course the one time Mrs Tom Cruise has appeared in at least fifty other big and small screen roles

In HSB she plays Andy Renko's stunning looking evening class Teacher, who he not surprisingly gets gets a crush on.

Sandra Pauley
Joanelle Romero
Joanelle was the first American Indian woman to carry a lead role in A Girl Called Hatter Fox (1977) and has appeared in many productions. She has also Directed and Produced programs

In 2006 she became CEO and the driving force behind the Red Nation Television Channel  the first American Indian TV Channel.

In an episode called Invasion of the Third World Body Snatchers
Joseph Ruskin
Known for his appearances in most of the different 'Star Treks' and their spin-offs, this in fact has only been part of his fifty year career as an actor.

He has also appeared in Starsky and Hutch, Quincy, Police Woman, Charlie's Angels, Mission Imposable to name just a few.

In the 1985 episode "You're in Alice's"
Tim Russ
Tim had only just started acting when he secured a small role in HSB.  He then tried for the part of Geordi LaForge in Star Trek, but lost out to 'Roots' Star LeVar Burton. He did however later get the part of Tuvok, as well as having parts in two other Star Trek series (one of only three actors to achieve this).

He is an actor with an extremely comprehensive list of  achievements. As well as acting on Stage, Big and Small Screen for 25 years he is an accomplished, Producer, Director and Writer

Ben Childers
Appeared in Days of Swine and Roses.
Helen Shaver
Helen plays an attractive socialite who is attacked, but then rescued by Renko, who starts dating her. After several arguments it becomes clear it is not going to work and eventually she goes off with Coffey.

Born in Canada she already had much experience acting by the time she appeared in HSB and continued to have many other roles both in film and TV. Then one day Martin Scorsese suggested she try directing, where she has found much success, directing over forty titles. Her production company is MAWD (Mother Actress Wife Director).,   

Appeared in
four episodes
Natasha Schneider
Born in Moscow in the fifties Natasha only appeared in one episode (the Russians are coming) in 1984

She had a few more roles (including Miami Vice), before starting a successful carrier as a Singer Songwriter performing with the rock band Eleven and Queens Of The Stone Age. She wrote and performed "Who's In Control" for the 2004 film Catwoman 

Sadly Natasha died of Cancer in 2008, aged just 52

Ludmilla Moros
Dwight Schultz
Yet another Star Trek member - although perhaps Reginald (Reg) Barclay was not your normal Trek Member. He was also Mung Daal in the children's cartoon Chowder, and perhaps most famously Mad Murdock in The A-Team.

His appearance on the Hill was only his second in a long career, that has seen him 'pop up' in many other films and TV Programs, always giving value for money performances.

Two episodes 1981
Franklyn Seales
Franklyn showed great potential through his short life a gifted painter from the age of six, he was awarded a full Julliard scholarship leading to the role of Henry Flipper, the fist black graduate of West Point, in The Trial of the Moke.

Shortly after that he was the Cop Killer in Joseph Wambaugh's film The Onion Field. Following HSB he played Dexter, in 89 episodes of Silver Spoons.

He sadly died aged just 38, in 1990

Rookie Patrolman
Nat Crawford
Four Episodes
Jeff Seymour
Played an Officer whose partner (Harris)  is murdered. He appeared in three episodes in total.

Jeff has been a Director, Producer and Writer as well as acting in both Films and TV (He did all four in his film Rave Review (1994).

In Europe and Canada he is perhaps best known for his role as Omar in The Grid and as Azizi in the Eleventh Hour. He has also appeared in Stargate and Smallville

Lou Santini

Ally Sheedy
The star of War Games joined the cast of Hill Street Blues for three episodes, in 1983. She once said in an interview "I loved Hill Street Blues. It was my first part on a TV series. I didn't know what the hell was going on, but that part was a lot of fun to play".

One of the 'Brat Pack' she has been 'popping up' on television since she was 13, when she wrote a best selling story "She Was Nice to Mice" while still at school.

Armin Shimerman
Like so many other Star Trek stars Armin's appearance on HSB was very early on in his acting career. His appearance in 1982 lead to so many other roles including his award winning Quark

Today he has turned his hand to screen writing and and is currently appearing on stage in San Diego.

Phone Repairman
Brent Spiner
The much underrated actor who stole so many scenes in Star Trek, made just one appearance in HSB as a somewhat immoral movie director.

He had by then been acting for around fifteen years, but it would be another two before he would become the most famous android of all time - Data

Larry Stein
The last person to speak a line, in Hill Street Blues Lawrence Tierney
A large than life New York born actor who started making films in 1943. His big break came when he played Dillinger in the film of the same name. Many other hard man roles followed, as well as supporting rolls on television.

He made several appearances on Hill Street and hold the distinction of being the last person to speak a line, when the series ended. He is seen answering the phone and saying just "Hill Street". He played Joe Cabot in Reservoir Dogs and one of his last roles was as Bruce Willis's father in Armageddon. He died in 2002
Sergeant Jenkins
The last Charactor


7 episode including
the last one.

Jennifer Tilly
Sexy' Jennifer is of Chinese American extraction and is the sister of actress Meg Tilly. She appeared in several episodes as Gina Srignoli, a mobster's widow who becomes romantically involved with Goldblume.

She subsequently appeared in many TV shows and movies, and was the voice of  killer doll Tiffany for the 'Child's Play' movies. More recently she is the voice of Bonnie Swanson in Family Guy.

She is also an avid Poker player, winning the 3rd World Poker Tour Ladies Invitational Tournament.

Gina Srignoli

Photo courtesy
Meg Tilly

Meg Tilly
One of the rare occurrence of the same family appearing in a tv series happened in HSB when Jennifer Tilly's sister appeared in one episode.

It was only as small part and the character did not even have a name. Meg never quite had (or seemed to want) the success her sister had, and stopped acting in 1995..She has now found a new carrier is a successful novelist


Photo courtesy
Meg Tilly


Michael Tucker
Michael first appeared in one episode in 1981, before returning 3 years later with his wife Jill Eikenberry (see above) Michael says "I have to credit Steven Bochco for us working together".

"He offered us a guest shot on 'Hill Street Blues' where we played a small-town couple in the big city. What we didn't realize was that Steven wanted to see if our off-screen chemistry clicked on-screen, too" This was because he was planning to use them in the legendary series L A Law.

Mr. Heidel


Gabe Fimpel

Photo courtesy

John Voldstad, John Voldstad,
Nicknamed the Viking because of his Norwegian name and  birth, John stared acting around in 1994. He had just the one appearance on the hill. but at least he got to be pushed through a window by Fay

Around this time he was also already playing the 2nd Darryl in Newhart although just a guest spot the public took to the 2 Darryls and they became permernant cast members. Although one of Johns closest friends is Linda Hamilton they missed each other with Linda's last appearance airing a fortnight before. Today Johns is involved with the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

The Creep 

In epesode The Count of Monty Tasco 1984

Alberta Watson
Alberat joined the long list of guest in 1984 when she played a prostitute who tries unsuccessfully to seduce Belker in the Desert Inn Las Vegas. This was followed by numerous TV roles including a regular spot as Dr. Rebecca Meyer in Buck James.

She of course made the TV big time with her role as Madeline on La Femme Nikita and then again as Jack Bauer's boss Erin Driscoll, the head of 24's counter-terrorist unit. Along the way she also managed many film roles and picked up numerous awards. She died in aged just 60 in 2015. 

Las Vegas

Lee weaver (Buck Naked)
Lee Wealer

Lee Wealer is one of those actors who keeps popping-up on the screen. Born in 1930 his first break came when he got several different roles in the TV series Sheena Queen of the Jungle.

Appearance in Soap, Quincy Kojak, Starsky and Hutch and many other films and TV shows followed, all leading to his brilliant portrayal as the 'Flasher' Buck Naked. He is still working (in 2016) aged 86

 Buck Naked

Forest Whitaker
Forest is an extremely talented and amusing actor, who had only just started his career when he played the dangerous teenage killer Floyd green in the episode blues for Mr. Green, in 1984

Although now famous for his role as Idi Amin in Last king of Scotland and hosting The Twilight Zone, he has numerous supporting roles and has both produced and directed several productions

Floyd Green

John Witherspoon
John Witherspoon is one of those lucky performers who doesn't need to say a thing, just standing there looking into camera, is enough to make most people smile

This Detroit-bred comic has proven that he is a Hollywood mainstay and continues to land coveted spots in some of Americaís favourite movies and television


Tries to buy a hotdog from an undercover Belker  and succeeds in winding him up.

Alfre Woodard
Alfre is one of those actresses that keeps turning up in the Movies and TV, giving great performances.

She has won many awards and been nominated for many more, very often in supporting roles where she has stolen the scene. As she did in HSB, winning an Emmy for her outstanding performance as a grieving mother whose child is killed by a police officer.

Currently one of the 'Desperate Housewives'

Doris Robson

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